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Yumi Unita
Japan Released:2009/08/27(Thu) MONTHLY BIG COMIC SPIRITS / End:2014/01/27
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2017/01/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11532 Host:11426 Browser: 8595
Love of Chinese students and Japanese women who came to Japan. Having a name of Setsu of a Chinese international student (Setsu) and Yukiko (Setsuko) of a Japanese college student who is a romantic thing to talk about
The relationship between the two was the main

Setsu sometimes will not be able to read Japanese even though she can speak Japanese, but because it is not only that word but also Chinese, because it is Japanese, we will continue to keep drinking while feeling the wall but transmitted It is a good thing to try to convey words directly to your opponent because it is hard to do. And it is not the meaning of the word to it but it is the same regardless of the country regardless of the country of trying to tell the feelings and feelings of it to the other, so it is obedient to express the neighborhood I feel good.

Just as I mentioned above, what I'm trying to do is exactly the same in any human relationship so blue is exaggerated in Chinese, Yukiko in Japanese is exaggeratingly easy to understand the theme by saying the words of rural Akita Is it obedient to say that it was not so interested so much, can you make it interesting?
It is like content that will have a question mark around

So that's something I did not like, and the evaluation is also bad ,,, Well, let's make it [Normal]

2014/11/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17207 Host:17348 Browser: 7416
It is well organized.
However, it is a work that is troubled if it is told that there is something more than that ...

If you try to convey each other's love and intentions, there are things more important than words.
I think that I can express it, but I do not have anything to do with my heart.
Speaking of why, the character has no thickness.
I want you to draw it a little more so that you can see what the character's way of life is.

The blue of Chinese students seems not to be rich parents home.
I like Japan's subculture, the reason is weak in order to study abroad in Japan alone, there should be some kind of ruthless reasons.
Even if it is snowing, I have poor and underlying brothers, but I am learning something at the university.
Even if you are in need of economic hardship, what is the desire that you can not throw away?

People do not live only in romance, is.
A character image that can be experienced emerges only by tying romance on such a face.
In the comic 2 volumes, it may be that there was not enough room to draw, but the character is too thin.

Also, the cutting picture scene that blue made to convey that thought is impotent.
Since this is a mountain area, I want a dream of using about 2 pages spread apart.

Evaluation is "normal" in the sense that it is collective, but does not remain in the impression.