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Izumi Takemoto
Japan Released:1983 Nakayosi / End:1984
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2007/09/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34275 Host:34017 Browser: 4184
Although it was serialized over 20 years ago, it is still a masterpiece of Izumi Takemoto.
Speaking of "a comic who is not a simple person, troubles related to cosmic living things and aliens, and hero and friends are caught in unavoidable involvement", it can not be denied that the impression of Urusei Yatsura is strong.
It is regrettable that it was not made an animation whether the unique roundness and pretty picture did not receive in general by the much relaxed style than "Sudaruga" because there was no exposure of sexy woman characters.
Especially the last trouble maker "Kippi-kippi", I felt the perception of the author around to bring out Article 25 of the Constitution to claim their right to live.

Teacher Toraori and Bisho Toto who scratched a peaceful place without thinking about the circumstances of Aoi who are living quietly on earth are honestly messed up,
Mameimim (Aoi's cousin) who appeared in the confusion of the noise was carrying a solid element, and if the hero of the comedy part was Aoi chan Mamimim was finished as a charming character that can be said as the hero of the romance part.

Ikemen Rich with a bad guy with a bad guy Nobody depends on what he has escaped from marriage, rolling into the family Yamazaki with vigor,
While acquiring communication in Japanese in one-shoulder Japanese, acquiring the lifestyle of the earth, while enjoying living a pleasant life of Yamazaki's parents who are pleased, it will not be possible for the Yamazaki family to stay in love forever Go home ... ... calmly looking at the reality, of course I am not amazed by the people of the Yamazaki family and do not appeal too much misfortune. (Although I lied a solid lie after being bullied by a bad stepmother, it is tolerable because it is Barebare.) Recently, he only appreciates misfortune overly and plays with the reader, while only the character which the circumference sympathizes and follows high hi There are too many cartoonists I can not draw ....)

Mr. Yamazaki who was inspired by it or "Temple character of Garijiku Maru glasses not very interested in others" also said Park's words to remember Mamesim, with an alien detective pair who has pursued Mame Mim with the usual fuss In the kiss scene when Momimim returns to his parents' house with a confrontation, at the beginning Mime Mim kissed lightly and answered that it said "This is not a greeting", in the second time everyone watching from Yamazaki's direction It was a pleasant memory that I was excited about the active attitude to kiss Mame Mim in the middle.

2004/05/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4969 Host:4870 Browser: 3646
I think that it is the most major in Izumi Takemoto's work.
It is a pitiful story that not many artists have been blessed with animation.
(It may have been animated if it was drawn after the Kinpyo warning)
Bright and fun maniac SF comedy (not a gag or an author).
Thanks to a lot of fans in the industry, Aoi-chan only knows that it appeared in the stuff's play on cartoons such as Creamy Mami and Truly Sarutobi, Nanako SOS.

2004/05/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40569 Host:40530 Browser: 4960
This is the first time I learned about the work of Professor Ikumi Takemoto, a cartoonist.
I already forgot the printed magazine. Was it truly 'Nakayoshi'?

This work, it was very heart-warming and it was good (I feel like Mr. Takemoto's natural style).
"After all, was your medicine old?"
I remember the lines of Aoi's mother somehow.
I think that some people listen to the way at UFO when moving, but those who answer properly are also great.

Even so, Professor Takemoto, the artistry does not change at all. Also a picture. Even now and past.
To be sure, when I was subscribed to a very minor comic magazine (although it was abandoned while reading), Mr. Takemoto's comic was posted suddenly "Wow. I was wondering if I was still active! Doctor!
Thereafter, there is an image of Mr. Takemoto's picture game coming out in Saturn's game, something resurrected somewhat.

Aoi-chan panic! And also, the memory that suddenly became major ....

2004/05/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19261 Host:19077 Browser: 4925
I have it in the paperback version. As expected the picture is old, but it is quite interesting because it is a gakuen comedy style.
Transfer student Aoi-chan is a half-father whose father is an alien and whose mother is an earthling. With the relationship of the born star, the body is strong and is strong with (it is OK to be hit by the truck). It was interesting incident that she and her friends (some girls who knew she is an alien) will raise up.