[Comics]Ao no Rokugou

Other media: Anime:Blue submarine No.6
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Satoru Ozawa
Japan Released:1967 Weekly Shonen Sunday / End:1967
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2013/05/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Although the work of the same name title was animated afterwards, except for submarine work, there are no things in common at all, and here the original was a submarine battle work.

Although it is an old manga, I think that if you have submarine knowledge and naval knowledge, you can enjoy it as it is. Such submarine works include the same authors' submarine 707 ", Fujiko manga's" Ocean Prince ", Matsumoto's work" Submarine Super 99 ", Toho special effects movie" Submarine Warship ", but this work is like that peace A militant organization and enemies that appeared in the postwar sea, the submarines on which the main characters ride challenged the battle was a theater act.

The main characters were two boys riding in a small boat mounted in the blue No. 6 and challenging the mysterious organization Max aiming for world conquest while assembling a combination, but many of Max's released There are submarines and submarine weapons, among them creatures like the ancient prime dragon and the battleship Yamato have been rolled out. While struggling in front of such enemy 's powerful weapons, the blue No. 6 will fight with the crew. Not only mechanics but also the crew personality and struggle were abstractly abstracted.

On the way, the blue No. 6 will be destroyed in the fight with Yamato who became a huge submarine battleship, but before the decisive battle with Max, a blue No. 6 No. 2 appeared as a new type submarine, I will sortie. And, it ends with hitting Max's home base, but at the time there are impressions that these war topic cartoons ended with censoring, probably because somewhat getting rid of it.

Although it is good to hit the headquarters of Max to finish the fight, it is a slight minus point that it was not settled with Yamato. I wanted Yamato to follow blue No. 6 after going to the headquarters defense, and at the end of the fierce battle with Yamato ... I wanted it to feel like. It seems that I wanted a battle ship Yamato to appear as a villainer as in this work, and it was unusual that I decided to settle that kind of thing.

However, the battle scenes between Max Overwork and Yamato had exciting things. Although there is a feeling of indigestion somewhat in the last that Yamato was over after defeating Max, such a way of raising was able to successfully draw things such as a big boat giant vs. a submarine, and there is not much other than this work to taste such a fun It is also a fact.

It was fairly epochal that the second generation Blue No. 6 appears. Anyway, at that time, it is a comic medium though it is a translation of the leading role mechanics which is now rarely lost, it is a translation that I practiced. It seems to be a bit more attention and appreciation for such places.

However, since the "Blue Sixth" like the prototype at the end of the book was not a submarine action, it was a spy action, so the author's thing might have started from such a leader's end, but it does not matter other than the name ... Because there is nothing I can not imagine that it became the source of animation of later years.