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Shinichiro Takada
This description has the part which was created by referencing Wikipedia, so the licence of GFDL is applied to this description.
Japan Released:2008/04/09(Wed) / End:2009/02/18
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2015/09/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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As a Japanese battle fantasy set in a world similar to reality Japan is unsatisfactory. From the conclusion.

There was a special forces against terrorism who was active in Kyushu, and the members were few and all of them were odysan. While the heroine first fought as evil as an apprentice, first of all It was a character of this heroine. Although I was an accident from the beginning I lost the letter of introduction, although there are places I have a daughter, but I was a moderate girl and it was shallow as a sort of healthy girl. Sometimes I got angry at one hesitating a little bit of an old man, but I could have seemed to be trying to climb the roof without fixing the ladder that was broken and unusable enough Right.
It seemed like I was promoting the painting power which could not be said to be high by drawing or mediocrity in a bad meaning.

Another sister of a German who was related to a father heroin whose father was such a subtle character appeared, and she seemed to be able to draw more interestingly, but after all, such a relationship of relationship and so on ... .... It was useless that the villains were all halfway up to the half way down. That ogysan that seemed to originated from the back mountain in Saga Prefecture was eventually turned into a rasp boss, but it was unrelated to the rogue dignity like a rogue. After all, a direct confrontation with a bigger masterpiece has stayed in a reference like "excuses" of "chewed-out story" or "it is a different story" (it is another story). The hint that ended in uncollected is noticeably "If all is well, all is good"
I could not complain about flattery.

Whether it is a character development, a drawing skill or a world view, there are good food materials, but I can not deny that I could not handle it after all. Evaluation is "bad".

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