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Comics rank of 2009 Rank 7in 322 titles
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Shed tears8%2/25
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Kazue Katoh SHUEISHA
Japan Released:2009/04/04(Sat) JUMP SQUARE
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2017/03/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6422 Host:6188 Browser: 5819
[Good point] Pictures are fine buildings I like pretty paintings

[Bad point] If you notice that the development of the story is fast and understanding can not catch up, you can not feel attractive to each person whose characters are increasing rapidly First you got tired

[Comprehensive evaluation] I tried reading with influence of acquaintance, but it was a feeling like "What?" Because of the topic.
It's a royal fantasy, nothing interesting is not interesting and the more it goes, the more boring it gets.
I think that there are also things that my understanding ability is insufficient. Even so, it is hard to understand and it is long.
Term explanation is heavy. I do not want to read that far.

2016/01/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44294 Host:44117 Browser: 9346
[good point]
Overwhelming drawing power and careful drawing
Setting the appearance character of characters
A unique and clean world view

[Bad point]
Deployment is always the same
A well - chosen setting is not working
Distorted sense of speed

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I am attracted by the wonderfulness of the picture on the cover and a strange and beautiful world view, I am buying a book from around 3 volumes, but it gets worse and worse ...
Anyway the development is lightly thin one incident is long!
Since the story progresses with a feeling such as one incident of 2 to 3 volumes of paperbook (2 days a day in the production time) 〓〓〓the development moves greatly 〓〓〓the story progresses with a feeling like a long incident, as the reader does not progress very hard Work time and urgent I feel a sense of incompatibility like watching the two time axes in the development going forward.

Naturally the characters are only immersed in 15 volumes, so the characters are naturally immature, and in particular the classmate of the hero can not fight the most decently, and the crucial scene is determined by whether or not the hero will motivate.
However, the story goes on and on in proportion to the number of volumes, and it already has a big mountain.

Even in the scene where the hero's secret is bald, "It looks like it seemed to hide it for a long time, but it was only a few days in production ..." At the scene where the fellows betrayed, "No, I feel like I have been together for a long time, It is still months after you and the main character met "You will leave the stress with the gap between time and development in various scenes.
I'd like you to deal with it at least by skipping time but what is your intention ...?

How to use the setting is a waste.
The secret of the hero, betrayed, betrayal, big tribes coming out also are cut too cheaply to excite the development of the place and it is unavoidably tasteless.

After gradually increasing the story gradually more gradually I wanted you to bring along the development with the Dawn ~ ~.

2014/11/08 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13113 Host:12813 Browser: 10024
[good point]
The boy 's manga! It is hot blood as much as saying that! (Better or bad ......)
As others say, the cover is beautiful. (But manga looks sloppy with more black)

[Bad point]
Ignoring mother's killing setting, setting is difficult to understand.
The behavior of the characters is annoying.
There is a cheapness in setting a royal road boys' manga 'aim too much'.
I am irritated late to expand. Something is also aimed at the royal road too much, I can expand it!
It seems like shouting that the hero and the surrounding people get burned (fierce) and fight without running away! But that battle scene has no power at all ,,,

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well ...
I think that it is lifted too much.
I do not know why it sold. There may be no one saying that I am interesting around me.
It may be preference.
Maybe if you do not read manga so much?
I can read the setting up to 5 volumes sooner or later, from where I do not know well.

2014/01/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22865 Host:23049 Browser: 5870
[good point]
Drawing power that shines in color Differentiation and representation method of correlation diagram character kneaded while talking monthly

[Bad point]
The monochrome does not convey the painting power This is a large minus and a sense of deceitfulness Flow of the story Especially the character of the position of not understanding whether it is an enemy or a friend or a big flow of "defeating the devil" is similar to a certain D ash man Is not it the same as Shueisha's thing I do not feel fresh as a character who has distinctively differentiated and distinctively distinctive character as if it is somehow having characteristics and specialty fields that seemed to have seen somewhere like this again

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is difficult although the series continues, but the point is that the feeling that made a good place (setting character) of a boys' manga in the Makunouchi box lunch.
The hero who is a hot-blooded but born and raised bothering troubles ... D Daigo? Or a swirl Kamaboko is a ninja in Hoppe? Ah, is there a code breaker something similar?
Excellent handling of guns in honor studies and suffering from distance with brothers ... Just added a brief addition to a nearby rival image drawn in many different manga?
It is a manga that is concerned about "original neta" called "somehow" with only the main 2 characters.

However, it is easy to read and clear and easy to read such as chanting and simplifying the point like Booch which arranges frigid complaints with the second and the last illness, calm place, the point where the correlation of human relation is easy to understand.

However, this is a major difficulty for female writers, but anyway if it comes to a battle "boring" It is something somehow to let this point completely disappear ...

For example, it is easier to explain the confrontation with "unclean king" and the part leading up to the end

Despite the fact that although the exaggeration of the "horrible thing" which is said to be the largest size etc. was still arranged as a speech even though "speech of Astaroth" "a victim of over 40,000 people" "a secret transmitted only over the priesthood place" It grows up and covers a single mountain and is excited to be "seriously problematic" and it is purified in "one great game" and finished w

I already thought of other popular manga 'Magi', but I'd like to tell you about how to tighten up the fight and the reader as if I had a tense feeling like fighting to make it excitement or a black and deep desperation sense Do not make me feel it at all, how about the main character doing it and bone alone?
Before the battle, "dialogue" or "inheritance" or something like exciting things are dancing and "Daiko" is finished, ending ...
Is it a condition of popular female writers? It is very boring
Two or three people will kill like a piece of paper, and completely "fear" and "despair" will be transmitted unless there is no way to kill a dog.

After all, as a plot in popular work in recent manga seems to be prevailing that "Born and blooded" is spreading, even if there is a sole, as a manga "devil" cartoon, "Ushio to Tora" There is no severity.

Although it may be possible to change the evaluation again when it is completed, it is regrettable and I think that there is still to be done yet, but as a manga artist who can not produce "Yamaba" at the branch point of the story without originality, a high evaluation can not be obtained very much I think.

Even if it is too boring, I'd rather keep the evaluation moderate, including the desire to "do something a bit more"

2013/03/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21168 Host:21084 Browser: 7451
[good point]
Beauty of the picture (beautiful line from the first time, color is also nice)
Character setting, clarity of character (refreshed and friendly)
Sense of taste of the dialogue (a lingering finish)

[Bad point]
There is a sense of deceitfulness in the world view (it seems that it was a result of dividing D gray with steel smelting)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
very good.
Although the original is also wonderful, the animated version (aside from the original ending aside) Aside from voice members and soundtrack music,

2013/03/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35983 Host:35906 Browser: 1955(Mobile)
Suddenly suddenly before Satoshi Okumura succeeding the blood of the devil, Satan who calls on his father appears and is going to take him to the emptinessless world where the devil lives. A foster who is also an exorcist preserves phosphorus and dies ... Phosphorus becomes an exorcist, decides to defeat Satan, and enters school of exorcist.

I think that it is quite a royal road like a story, but all the characters are strong in characters and there are many elements of comedy.
But seriously, seriously.
That is good.

Just a decisive drawback.
There are times when the serial magazines are monthly publications, and I feel that it is strange to go forward. I think that this is inevitable, but the long film of Kyoto was long till the end of time ~

If it is excluded it is an interesting work!

2013/03/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18589 Host:18685 Browser: 5345
I think that the flow of the story is no problem.
In addition, I think that each character is also clear.

Early, I may be the only one, but there was a time when I thought that this cartoon is an imitation work or not. (Sumimasen)
However, since much originality came out much later, I think that it improved a lot.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
We are looking forward to future developments.
Alright, show me strong demons ~ (lol)

2013/01/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19115 Host:18984 Browser: 5378
The drawing power is perfect, and it is drawn very carefully.
If you see the cover also at the bookstore, it's so beautiful that you can see it for your hands unexpectedly and the way you use the color is also good.

Each character has a different charm and can be likable.
In anime it is a place where you are concerned about the existence of the character of mother of phosphorus and snow men who has already appeared and the treasure of classmate.
Although hero's Phosphorus has unreasonable places, brother and friends One side of feeling is strong, and since it is a gentle character, I want to watch and support.

It is very easy to read, as the story evolves quickly and the tempo is good so the story progresses crispy.
It will not be strange to stretch the story or gira, so I want to read more and more.
Although the content of the story is a royal road feeling that tends to be in boys' comics, it is not worrisome because the composition is good.
Also, it is favorable that there are few protagonists Massee and seniority that are often seen in boys' manga.

It is regrettable that there was a part of depiction insufficiency. For example, the scenes below are particularly difficult to understand.
There are scenes that jumped greatly when Phosphorus crawled up from the insect lake in four volumes, and four people in the coming season with a question mark "?" In the coming scene.
Is it surprising at the height of the jump or it is hard to see if you are surprised against the tentacles extending from behind, just as in the coming piece.
In 7 volumes Emi arrives to help phosphorus, Shimima 's behavior, the scene where phosphorus that recovered by words suddenly broke the door with the next frame suddenly suddenly becomes "?"
It is good to go forward crisply but it is regrettable that there are places like these depiction insufficient in places.

Evaluation is "very good" I will.

2012/12/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44111 Host:43931 Browser: 11698
Although I do not feel much newness in the story of the royal road, I felt that we accept everyone in the development of the royal road.
However, the impact is also small.

The picture is beautiful and conversation and calm scenes are good. When it comes to the scene of the battle it will be impaired but will be expected in the future.

Although there are few bad places, evaluation is good because there is little goodness as the original feature of this manga

2012/12/22 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9783 Host:9949 Browser: 4895
[good point]
First of all I can think of a good picture. It is easy for a reader to read it by this alone. It seems to be a work that accepts relatively universal people coupled with a story with no habit and character when the light blur & tsukkom enters here. The style which tried to advance royal road as rare as this time is personally good impression.

[Bad point]
However, on the other hand, it is a difficulty to lack the strength of only this work. Although the picture is good, it is an expression applied only to the conversation part where the character does not move, and the picture of this author is bad in its bad meaning when it comes to the battle scene. Early stories, battle scenes are not impressive. Is it okay to say that it is too much? ....

Also, the slow progress of the story. This is also a drawback that I can not miss. The pace is somewhat uneasy with the monthly magazine. I felt that I drew too carefully in bad meaning.
Also, the main character - Okumura Rin 's way of drawing also got a little caught. This work is drawn with conscious of the royal road, and phosphorus touches the problem even in the work, and the depiction which overcomes it is drawn to be exactly like it.
However, in fact it seems to be drawn according to the royal road, so I can not draw it.

As for what it usually means, the hero who hit the problem is whether to reconsider his faults or to face it by being scolded by others, mostly goes to the next step by following either of these processes .
However, this work has no such thing. While painting obvious disadvantages of phosphorus, when I hit the problem, this work has not made phosphorus think. Especially with almost no scenes such as worrying about something, suddenly returning the answer and solving the problem is becoming a trend, so I will tilt my head tightly. It makes me feel uncomfortable because the person who presented the problem to Phosphor easily pulled down or affirms the answer of Phosphorus.

After all, this work is a growing story of phosphorus, it is true that I want you to draw in the process of hurting him, hitting the wall and overcoming it.
Because the picture is good, if you devise another way else, it seems that you can enjoy it as a royal manga.

2012/12/06 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52947 Host:52997 Browser: 10239
[good point]
Drawing skill. The color illustration is beautiful just as I am using a personal computer.
[Bad point]
Honesty There is no good except for the above.
The use of fine lines becomes enemy, the battle scene is hard to see. Well I am not good at seeing the point of movement.
Although the devil idea itself is nice, the setting of the stage is mediocre regrettable.
There is no excitement at all. There is not any development that seems to be fun even though it is already ten volumes

[Comprehensive evaluation]
When animation began, buy it at once with a ride. When it got cool down it cooled down considerably.
I also thought that the story is not advanced so I do not feel excited, but it is already around 10 volumes. You cut it down. I can evaluate just about drawing power. That's it.

2012/10/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44293 Host:44173 Browser: 10208
[good point]
The picture is good, the story is interesting

[Bad point]
A little grotesque (it is a good point or w)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Highest (〓〓〓#39;〓〓`〓〓〓

2012/09/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44111 Host:43945 Browser: 10309
[good point]
As you all say, the picture is very beautiful.
You can read the tempo well. However, although I read it from 1 to 8 volumes at once, if you follow up one episode one story (save it and read it in one stroke) it might be sagging.
My brother actually suffered a long time ago than phosphorus, I saw the devil, I like the setting that my brother has worked hard in an invisible place forever.
Bonds and trusts with fathers who can not connect with blood are valued.

[Bad point]
Impression that phosphorus depends too much on flames. I also have a strong impression. Also, although my completion is complete, the flame of the part of the horn has appeared a little disgusting ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is a cartoon with a strong atmosphere of a boy 's cartoon written by a woman. Atmosphere slightly resembling Hagaren. The picture was beautiful, Mephisto's clothes reminded me of the picture of the author of Black Butler. I like the hero who has a little shadow and weight, so I thought whether the hero could be a little more dark idea personality. But is it good that phosphorus is bright so my younger brother is doing fine. I am looking forward to the continuation.

2012/07/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2097 Host:2186 Browser: 5345
[good point]
Illustration (cover picture) is beautiful. The color sense is excellent.
It was a unique world view halfway.
It is made up as a manga (obviously?
[Bad point]
I am bored with difficulty grasping the flow of the story.
Character is not unique. Characters that seem to have collected characters of something from various places.
A borrowed story, a scene. There is no necessity.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
As for character design, character personality was left, and the view of the world (the first one) I liked.
Although I was concerned with the ordinary and ordinary development from the beginning, the world view and the touch of the picture were good.
Although I was not satisfied with the development at the time I went to school, I expected a variety of events from the appearance of the school, but I can not feel the part that was utilized as of now. On the contrary, my horizons are getting smaller and narrower.
The goodness of the view of the world is also not being utilized because the story, the development is interrupted and the connection is not felt.
Although it is selfish imagination from this point, this manga seems to be made by interwoving scenes, stories and characters that I want to capture into my world, among the admiration that the author has read since my childhood. However, it is miscellaneous in usage, there is no continuity, individuality and necessity, and it seems like a series of things just listing what you want to do.
I do not know why people are being evaluated like this in the world, but it is the same pattern that is being evaluated only by "momentum", which tends to be recent in music and creative systems. Just not just momentum, I want to think again about what I am worthy of evaluation compared to what.

2012/06/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5596 Host:5550 Browser: 5345
[good point]
The picture is beautiful. It is really cool that phosphorus wears a demonic sword.
There is neither Kyoto edits nor impossible ... Kinda is funny.
Where Mephisto is too mysterious and so on.

[Bad point]
Expansion is slow. For example, if it is ONEPIECE, I talk about 10 stories in one story but it is good at talking and it does not feel long, but I feel it is a little long though Kyoto edition is a few volumes.
Also, it is a bit too strong for phosphorus, or if I win Amymon ... Amymon is the king of the earth?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I have all the volumes but it is interesting but I thought that it was normal in the whole manga so I did it normally.

2012/06/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16700 Browser: 3447(Mobile)
[good point]
A beautiful painting.
It is quite fun to enter Kyoto edition.
[Bad point]
A character aimed at a rotten woman.
Suspension of the story of Kyoto edition is slow.
The story is too rough.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it got tired of being uninterested, the initial was very interesting, so "good"

2012/06/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8808 Host:8663 Browser: 5345
Since manga finished Kyoto edition finally, I will try to write.

[good point]
Strong sense of solid but fun of simple cartoons.
Character setting and the world view are super - royal manga, the world view is undoubtedly full of charm.
Personally I like the world view whatever the charm is.
The part that makes a story about killing the father - in - law at the beginning. I personally like this kind.
How to put hints

[Bad point]
There is no use in compare with certain alchemy manga.
The series has been finished and I am wearing it because it is a brother setting, but it is not that there is no other originality extremely. The things that are awful are described below.
Deployment is too slow.
It was surprising that the development of Kyoto edition was slow as it laughed. It is quite a problem if you spend time with long time in this every time.
I do not have a feeling of speed or tempo though it is not even expanding the story finely. I remembered baseball cartoon Dreams.
The character obviously female too.
There is a strong feeling of pushing a certain advertising agency electricity.
It's so popular that I want to read it for my hands.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I have possession of the whole volume at the present moment.
Although it complains, it is quite likable work.
However, it feels too bitten for people who are a little rotten.

Although it seems awful, I think that compared with steel alchemist, monthly magazines, brothers, development.
Again, I am irritated by the slowness of deployment.
I made a break in a series in a monthly magazine, but it should be a serial in a weekly publication.
I think that it is why it makes me feel uncomfortable overall.

Evaluation changes greatly depending on the future development,
At the moment it is "bad" and I think that overvaluation can not be helped.
It was strong feeling.
I went down in Kyoto edition at a stroke.
Until Mr. Katsuro got a fairy tale, it was nice.

2012/05/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8605 Host:8498 Browser: 7757
[good point]
The picture is fine and there is a sense of design. Cover is beautiful.

[Bad point]
There are many hero corrections. There is no charm in the hero, the heroine. The character 's feelings are short - circuited, and anything is settled immediately.
I do not agree that the hero and the heroine are put at first though I have not said much.
If the central figure is DQN
There is a story, setting.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It seemed interesting and interesting and there was also popularity so it was disappointing when I bought it

2012/03/22 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1804 Host:1873 Browser: 9942
[Good point] drawing power. One piece of color is beautiful.

[Bad point]
It looks like pacry. A promised manga of ordinary.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well, I can not understand it clearly. I do not know why this cartoon is being evaluated by people. Or, simply, the nucleus of the story of brotherly love can not be held pacrile of steel alchemist. The world view looks just like Harry Potter. Although it is said that it is a royal road, where is such interesting comics that can not be called pakuri as well as such a promised promise?
I feel it. It is rude to Shimimi fans, but I can not accept Masumi Kisen. Evaluation is the worst. Blue Ekfan, please forgive me rude punishment.

2012/02/06 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18669 Host:18771 Browser: 7263
[good point]
The picture is easy to see
.Character Design

[Bad point]
Something that we looked somewhere and diluted and assembled
There is too much with it

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is good to have pictures and a character deza so much I expected so much, so I bought it all together but I was disappointed

2011/12/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27102 Host:27289 Browser: 4647
What is the causal factor, the fallen seed born between a human and the devil (and, of course, the highest-ranked devil among them) will kill the same kind in the world of Exorcist (Exorcist), "brother" "Son "Dark fantasy royal road school drawn a" friend ".
And the reputation of the royal road. It was also a story of a straightball 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓o a human being who scooped fiction faintly, even this.
Even if it is a character or setting, it is such a thing that the handwriting is attached to nothing to do, and it can say that it is quite funny depending on the person.
However, even if you do not think that you want twist, even though you are challenging with the straightness so far, it is buried in the setting that seems to be interesting, but the relationship between lilies and devils and phosphorus And the origin of Snow Man's Okumura surname, and also the director of Okamura Tenshi, an animated version, I was concerned about the serious foreshadowing prepared by the organization of the exorcist, I am looking forward to the continuation I began to do.

However, a subtle distortion was seen in the behavior of a fine character.
For example, the adoptive father Fujimoto Shiro exchanged till the Okumura phosphorus was sent to Mephisto was in the narrow two of them, and it was not exciting at all. Regarding the suspicion of demon possessions in Suyama Shimei, the behavior of Phosphorus to confirm that it was insensitivity to step into the sleeping daughter sleeping dignity without permission. It was rather shallow that the summoned magic circle was disappeared briefly in the confrontation between Phosphorus & Snow Man and Neigaus (This is defense and it is a defense and it is a trap and it is necessary to prepare measures in a double prime by trap). Despite Arthur's suppression of phosphorus put on trial as a devil, despite saying all you want on the way, despite the condition, thought that it was too sweet to be a ruling to measure the usefulness of phosphorus It was.

And, in Kyoto which is a branch with animation.In the unclean king edition, it starts from the place where the groove got formed with other candidates (exier) because the true identity was cleared in the forest training camp. Even the bullet train bound for Kyoto, except for Kamiki Izumo (although treasure is not understood), there are still a lot of people elsewhere, especially if you look at Katsuura Ryuushi, Phosphorus is a child of a prisoner who stuck with a family line Even so, from the conversation after Phosphorus released the place which was obsessed with "the prime spot with the highest defense power", Ryuusho's "Rin 's own problems are carried by himself and everyone around you The reason that the attitude that others were dealing with was not allowed to pass, "the reason does not pass in the accumulation until that time. Certainly, because that comes from irritation to the attitude of Phosphorus trying to stand play even in the forest training camp, it can be understood, but it was rejected as soon as I knew the true identity of phosphorus, when phosphorus came afterwards Even continuing it, saying "You can not trust the Lord of the Blue Flame," even if you reach the scenes of the case, do not apologize for the attitude that pursued Phosphorus so as to isolate it, it is a heartless story to say that line.
Shima Ryuzo avoided the relationship with phosphorus, Miwa kitty maru was talking about the dangers when Phosphorus was present at the prison of 〓〓〓〓〓〓(〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓, at the time of these two people "Listen There is not a thought which tells such a phrase as to treat phosphorus as a beast, not only the problem of person's inquiry (hurt if phosphorus is heard) but also the danger of being in phosphorus (phosphorus tasting caused In other words, it seems that the author did not care about the possibility of rampage (in other words, the author pretended that "the phosphorus never rampages" pretty well, they liked themselves as they liked), and the action seemed to fail .
It was too shallow and blatant as a representation of the groove between the trio and phosphorus in Kyoto, which was a decisive decision as this disappointing.

However, at the same time, Yukio Okumura created a situation that tried his thoughts on his brother, showed to Satoshi Todo 's whispers of devils that he is "honest" but resists Snowman' s answer I think that was good.
On the side of phosphorus it was shown only that it did not understand, but Snow Man side is now let me expect it.

Author Kazuhiro Kato frequently said in an interview that "I will dare to go through the royal road", and it was worth it and it hit and it probably went up as a sign of a magazine.
However, the consciousness of the royal road is distinguished from "steadiness" rather than "solidity", the communication in the process of "restoration of phosphorus and friends' groove" which is said to be important as "royal road" is distorted, I could not understand the stubborn reason for it. I thought so much about it as a bargain for it, "Three or so reason!", Which is different from him.
Nonetheless, we have expectations for Yuzu, Izumo, Mephisto etc, so I would like to watch over the future.

In the same author's short edition "TIME KILLERS", the author says "I'm doing something I like at random", but the sense is demonstrated without regret and it is not all of the recorded works, but also the drawing There was power (or rather heat) more than "Blue Exorcist".
Although it was a solid royal road as well as "Origami of Blue Exorcist" (correctly borrowed version borrowed version) "Fukayama Yousuiya Incident", it was also a very good sense overall I was able to feel. At the same time, it is regrettable that the sense of the author seemed inferior in the series.

2011/12/14 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26852 Host:26967 Browser: 11966
[good point]
High drawing power, easy-to-see screen

[Bad point]
There is no impression, the main character.I can not emotionally transfer to other characters, the development is unrelenting feeling

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Because the drawing power is high, when you see for the first time take it unintentionally in your hand.
However, being frankly saying it is not fun.
The content is shallow. I can not swallow the world view. I feel like I am convinced by the pleasantness of the picture.
Do you draw in the position of the reader?
Although it may be gathered up in the head of the author, I feel like I am alone.

I admit the skill of the picture, but I do not have impossibility.
It's just beautiful.
Evaluation is high if one picture, but the talk is different when it becomes a battle.
The line is thin. This feature which can be said to be merit according to the scene is weak in the battle scene.
Depending on the scene, it may be good to try using thick lines as well.

What I was concerned about reading, all the characters are similar in shape, parts, body shape etc of face.
There is no feature.
It is said that the character resembles the author, is the author also like this feeling?
Whether it is important to draw character parts and make characters.

And the most unpleasant thing is that you can not sympathize with characters.
It is said that the character is shallow ...
Does your father die so much?
The fear of the father does not come.
If you killed your parents, you should not be able to be more normal. Not only the hero, others around ....
Everyone is too shocked.
Is human blood flowing to these people?
I was tired from reading sympathy, I felt sorry for the first time in a very strange talk.

This comic has only a known feeling. Feelings read somewhere.
The world view, which is supposed to be a fight involving all living creatures living in this world,
It seems only to be making a noise in "Neighborhood".
Well, the author who draws may be fun.

I do not know the meaning of this comic being evaluated by the world.

People whose eyes are increasingly reading manga share the same opinion as myself in common.

Is not it interesting for those who have not read so much?

2011/12/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
High drawing power.
Unique and attractive character. Especially Mr. Fujimoto Shiro and Mephisto, Kuro.
Early story.
[Bad point]
I can not deny the impression of somewhere anyway.
Slightly sagging from Kyoto edition.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I can understand the popularity of this work because it is 3rd overall in this year's comic sales ranking. It's one example of a piece that gradually became popular rather than push.
The character is ingenious and attractive. Mephisto thought that I was the best. The gap between a funny face and an unbelievably creepy face is funny.
But it is also a fact that it feels like something is similar to another work or a setting due to old worn out.
Concretely, "steel alchemist" "Harry Potter" etc.?
It is certain that it is fun, so I would like more of a detailed depiction of the school and cram school. I wanted you to pinch it a bit more before entering Kyoto edition if possible ...
Evaluation is [very good].

2011/10/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Overall, the level is high, but there is no prominent element, and there is no prominent element, a story, a worldview, setting, drawing ability, composition, commentary, characters, etc., feeling more than a known feeling anywhere I can not.
Such a work of impression such as "solid" or "ordinary" rather than "royal road".
It's not bad, but it's not even a special fun.
Therefore, I keep the evaluation "good".

2011/08/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
High drawing power.

The adopted father who suddenly dies.When Fujimoto Shiro is later, is it good as a child man teacher of "magician offense" around knowing that it is a wonderful person?

[Bad point]
Lack of power of the battle scene.
The best thing was that it was time to sweep away the demonic sword to protect our friends from amymon who wields mighty power,
The period until the confiscated sword is returned from Shula is short, during the meantime there is no growth and Satan's power can not be controlled and the catharsis is insufficient,
Moreover, the shoulder watermark that mediation is mediated by Mephisto in less than ten pages within a large sesame seems not to be drawn such as a deadly death battle ....

There is setting.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Since I am watching animation a little while ago, I also tried to look through the original work.
I think that it is not a bad work, but if you are familiar with the past "devils fighting demons" series work you can divert the setting.Tsugihagi feeling stands out,
The characters are as it is, but poisons are weak for this lineage work.
Especially the main character should have been supposed to be killed when known to the surroundings knowing that he draws blood of Satan gradually become public The repetition of holding and the feeling of lack of sense of dexterity is poor and the surroundings are sweet Now.
It is "ordinary" from "good".

2011/07/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]

Because the picture is beautiful it is pulled in

It is cool that weapons are Japanese swords!

Characters are also nice!

Where the story personally loves
[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Since I received animation from I, I bought a book for it afterwards.
I like the cover very beautifully and I like it very much.
In my opinion, I love the school fantasy thing or that kind of thing like that and I got into the talk soon.
The manga I read recently is already No. 1 of Dantotsu !!!
I also recommend it to everyone.

2011/07/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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There are certainly many good points, but to be honest it is my opinion that the evaluation of the street is overvalued.
[good point]
The picture is fine.
Backgrounds are very detailed, I think that the amount of writing is quite a thing. A piece is a spectacular level. Also the design sense is nice.
Structure of the Story I set a purpose early in the structure, it is very good that it is not blurred. The story is smart and easy to understand. My brother's teacher setting is also quite fresh.

[Bad point]
There was no impression that the painting was fine as above but the painting did not make it a painful force.
It is impressive to draw with a kind of Kaburapen or a circular pen, but there is no force on each line and the push is weak.
Personally this is quite fatal. Although drawing a really good story, the picture seen in the head is hard to be projected, so the situation remains only vaguely.
Probably (although very fine) I think that the evaluation changed if only serifs were a little thicker.
Story of the story Somehow, the atmosphere called "shallow Harry Potter". But I do not know exactly what I am doing at the magic school.
It was like a textbook in cartoons.
As for the manga, the author stated that "I tried various works to make it interesting," but it is remarkable in a good sense or a bad meaning.
Although it seems that a person not familiar with the work surely feels that there are lots of interesting elements if it is from people who touched various works, it is not to deny the feeling of the past and the interest is past "points" There is no depth because it is not becoming a "line" connecting the stories.
Regrettable despite such a grand setting of the world view, it was not transmitted.

[Overall rating]
I changed part of evaluation.

It is a deep story that all the works got tangled up, it may be necessary manga in an exclusive and unfamiliar person, so it may be necessary manga in that sense, but nodding if asked if it is funny or recommended I can not do it.
I downgraded the evaluation by a notch, it is very bad.

2011/07/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
〓〓〓It is the best good point of this work that cherishes characters which characters are living.
Because the human background and emotional depiction are solid, it is well conveyed why the character took such action, why it was thought, and as a result, the reader is successfully pulling the reader into the world of the work .
Things such as human interaction are far from rationality, such as mistakes and bumping happens. It is fluffy that I can express it with creation with no discomfort.

〓〓〓High design ability The flame at the time of demonification of phosphorus is also elaborate, and the design of other tools and devils is also unique.
I list the small items list of the cover of the cover, which is rolled in the book for each book, and it will spill a little grin.

〓〓〓Drawing beautifully and beautifully Men and women are drawing just good balance and the basic drawing power is high and the picture is very suitable for manga.
The background is also finished carefully, it fits the world view and it looks good.
Battle scenes also have a feeling of dynamism. Directing the flame is also good.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓The fact that there is no flashy, as you can see from the place which has become popular with the quaint wrinkle and has reached animation, as you can see, it is called star property, the power enough to make it explode with one shot is not in this work.
Being polite and stable is one advantage in manga, but it is not suitable for those who want strange things.

〓〓〓The settings are relatively diverse in other manga such as shallow exorcism, so the setting is mostly occupied, so those who read the genre like the core one or this work can not be satisfied with the setting aspect.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It sounds like a model of a manga. I think that it is a stable ryosaku, thought to be steadily popular.
Evaluation is better, so I'm pretty much enjoying it!

As of now it is approaching the first feature film. If this is successful, you will be able to solidify the more popular ground.

2011/06/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Good at drawing
I am concerned about the continuation
Setting is fine

[Bad point]
I do not understand,,,

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I love this manga !!

2011/05/09 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
I felt that the character did not move due to circumstances, and I was impressed with the place where the movements and reactions suited to each individuality are properly done.
If such a personality has such a good side, it is made exactly that there are such disadvantages if you return the back side.
The story which grows in battle is also interesting, but as in this cartoon each one deepens friendship and trust properly in conformity with each,
The manga drawing carefully and carefully how it grows humanly is precious indeed.
Also, adults coming out are attractive and have a sense of security.

[Bad point]
It is unavoidable to carefully pursue, but the progress of the talk is a little late.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it seems that a place that is not a royal way to proceed though it is a royal road manga, I think that it separates evaluation by people, but there is a particular attention to detail, it is a manga that can be read carefully, for me it is funniest to the highest.