[Comics]Anoko wa Yariman

Comics total pnts rank Rank 8,490in 9,238 titlesTotal -3 / Deviation 47.71
Comics rank of 2015 Rank 226in 245 titles
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Japan Released:2015/07/08(Wed) Shounen jump plus
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1. http://rookie.shonenjump.com/series/FlR8CfEAjXs (Translation)
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2016/12/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26856 Host:27001 Browser: 4693
[good point]
Mr. Hentai 's competition that I have seen somewhere. Tenchu 〓〓〓〓〓chiichi metamorphosis chaos.
The painting power is too fancy, you can read the lower neta vulgar gag without resistance ... do you compliment this?

[Bad point]
Crazy little gag. I want a little more destructive power and undulations.
The drawing power is too faint, the punch of the lower neta vulgar gag is weak.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Bad +". Although it is a nonsense gag manga, after the title fraud of episode 1, gags sharply drop.
After that, though it is a celestial transformation competition that Ano people (Tatsuya) appears as such a character, gag is unstable and power shortage until this line is solidified. The lightness of drawing power works both for disadvantages and for strengths,
For a foolish comic, how to unite too much. To recommend to a person, it is a delicate finish.

2016/12/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36912 Host:36972 Browser: 8633
Ultimate title fraud cartoon. Rumor in class, she was Jamiman without sincerity, but it is not what I imagine from that dubious title

Although the outcome of the title fraud of the first episode is a peak ,,, Well, I feel like I can not explain this.
Because I will explain the most interesting (eventually the only one) funny place ..., Anyway, I only mention that the episode is the peak and the rest is snake foot, but keep that line up Even because it is too silly, I smiled somehow and had read it, so it is strange that I am in trouble

Although it is a vulgar gag, since it does not have any erotic spirit from a picture, it really seems to be purely stupid and if it has been thoroughly done so far (even in the title-like meaning), as it is a work Weapons (even in the title meaning) maybe it was also becoming

Well after reading it, why is she reading such a thing, wrapped in sorrow, but I think that if you can tolerate stupidity or foolishness you can read as a bad fool comic