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Takanori Yasaka
Weekly Young Jump SHUEISHA
Japan Released:2006/02/02(Thu) Weekly Young Jump / End:2007/04/12
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2015/07/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4835 Host:4656 Browser: 5151
[good point]
Although it is a work before the Great East Japan Earthquake the fear of the book of prophecy The existence value of manga handling the earthquake
The character deza is a bit old, but the style I liked.
Especially the hedge which can be likable for the characters Although it is a hero who works hard, but the cute of the heroine who becomes that motif was drawn
Because the original author is a science intelligence novelist so various reality verification. Together with the commentary at the end of the book I will learn quite a bit more I have not read it but I think it is the best manga in this hand
Story development that worries the continuation, no matter what happens next. Collection of hints of the title is brilliant
Total volume of 4 volumes of 3 volumes, 4 volumes of Gaiden and a later talk but it is a beautiful summary. The sweet and sour relationship between the hero who is less than romance and the distance approaches the heroin was just a couple, although there was a part I thought was good at seeing it when I felt the passage of time, but I could not draw it with the main part I think that it was good as other people and disaster knowledge, as a future consultation
[Bad point]
You can not deny that the surroundings are miserable but the circumstances around the hero are convenient.
Almost everything you did at the bet level goes well, such as being lucky and saved (especially the level at which the last part of the main content is laughing) If you make it miserable here, it will be just a depression
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Works that were probably despicable but were good to read. When the Great East Japan Earthquake happens, the importance of learning knowledge and attitude in the medium of manga with the time when it is next is great. There is something to read properly as a talk, and it is briefly summarized. Evaluation is "very good"

2007/04/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14300 Host:14035 Browser: 6205
[good point]
It is full of meaningful information on earthquake disaster.
The title "anim.- animate" is a musical symbol meaning "lively so as to feel the dynamics of life", but it is exactly the title appropriate for this work.

[Bad point]
There are many developments too convenient, but let's say it's not an entertainment work, so it's good.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I do not say it is the best but it is a work I want to read over and over again for many years.

2006/04/28 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 4314
Well, I heard that the Kanto Earthquake-class earthquake again came in the metropolitan area, and there was the danger that Tokyo would be literally destroyed. But it is different whether it is meaningful to put the possibility of visiting the crisis situation on it as a work in a commercial comic magazine, is not it?
Well I know that both the hero and the heroine, the boys who are mums are trying hard to survive. But after all, I do not feel interesting as entertainment work. In that emergency, looking for eyeglasses and memo pads, it is unfortunate to see a crazy businessman.

I am reading comics for enjoying dreams if they say it in a more stinky way to enjoy, so I'd like to have a speech like this kind of intriguing coming.

2006/04/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5422 Host:5242 Browser: 5234
Somehow I am reading from one episode, but it is strangely attracted.
A young boy who leads school life lethargically and daily life.
That day he spent a fulfilling time with the girl he met from a little thing. At the time I tried to get to the house while riding in the car, suddenly a big tremor attacked Tokyo and they are trapped in darkness.
A big earthquake in Kanto said to happen someday. Although it seems to be a survival manga which is often found when listening to the story of the two persons who were released during that period, the point that this work differs from others is that many people act selfishly in the city "Tokyo" I will draw two lonelines inside.
There are a lot of people who survived. However, most people are running around self-interest only. It is a row of convenience stores and public phones, a piece of plastic bags.
From the point of view of such two people and a lonely boy who has deviated from her mother, he expresses the ugliness that the person encloses well.
The series has only just begun, only 13 episodes have been advanced at the moment, but I am concerned about the next one.