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Miyabi Fujieda
Monthly comic ZERO-SUM Zoukan WARD Comic Yurihime
Nana Mizuki
Yu Asakawa
Kimiko Koyama
Yukari Tamura
Yui Horie
Minako Kotobuki
Yuuki Aoi
Japan Released:2003 Monthly comic ZERO-SUM Zoukan WARD / End:2011
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2012/10/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a work that triggered me to know Mr. Masashi Fujieda's name.
In addition, the outline is the one of the outline version, and in the main part of the series "Comic Yurihime" I draw a story after the edition version.

[good point]

〓〓〓weet atmosphere At a tea specialty shop "Candy black tea pavilion", the owner of black tea is certain but the other shop owner is unreliable shop owner Chiho and a firm part-time job clerk who can not leave her alone.The exposition deepens the thought deeply ,
I like the sweet atmosphere that is the real thrill of Fujieda's work.
Chiho said "I want you to be next to 50 years later", the exposure decided to become a patissier to respond to her wish, one Chiho also "love" the feelings towards the exposure Be aware,
Although it is the content saying that the exposure going by cool lady easily dyes the cheeks with a casual word of Chiho, and Chiho who is ordinarily getting on occasion shows a somewhat bewildering action, and is swayed by such a serpent Especially the appearance does not seem to be full of feeling, the cheeks loosen without thinking of the exchange between the two people.
Also, friends who are exposed to watching two people (mainly exposing) while watching.The hull and the summer also have good characters, and in the reading edition, these two people are hobby.Taking advantage of the special skill raising the candy tea pavilion It is.


〓〓〓imited Edition included drama CD
In Mr. Fujieda 's comic, it is almost an annual event that the drama CD is attached to the limited edition.
One of the reasons for this work is that I can not miss that example, that I bought one volume was attracted to the limited edition included drama CD and its casting. In that drama CD,
Volume 1: Mannequin tea house regulars cartoonist Aihua and her editor.
Volume 2: Friends of the exposure Saki and Pearl Li who visited the brown tea pavilion at the "pilgrimage to the sacred place" is the main, and Chiho is in a position to support them aside.
Although exposition and Chiho are showing off good merits even if it is not main, the style that Hull and Nichinoshi cool down it is still the same.


"Good" from the good points above.
Although attracted to the limited edition included drama CD, I got a hand, but it gave me a chance to increase my favorite authors in unexpected places.