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Motoki Monma
Japan Released:1983 Weekly Shonen Jump / End:1983
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2009/01/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The original series serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1983: Golf cartoon by Professor Maemon Motonari by Makoto Nakahara. Ohara Kazuo is a driver, Iron Putter only three grabs can not be used, but a junior high school student with hidden power not to be able to skip 200 yards. On the day I decided to participate in the All Japan Junior Championship, I will meet again with my old friend Kuramoto Ken, but Ken was supposed to be a postcard group hosting a junior tournament and was trained in the United States and was a player with professional skill. One step that I decided to compete at the Junior Championship and the way of the match of Ken are.

This work is a boy's golf cartoon that Professor Kadoma cooperated with Professor Nakahara, since the "Hall in one" (Kanai Tatsuo) since it was the original author who sports comic books. The main character `Ohara Kazuo 'has the same talent as the intriguing type which is interdigitated with pure affection and evil quietness etc. And this area is the same as` Togashi Yaichi' of "Hole in one". Also developing in various ways to create various skills and putting the ball with unexpected shots is similar. But because Professor Kadoma's picture is easier to understand characters and background, the development of golf game was better seen here and there was a feeling that a bright atmosphere was drifting as a whole, and one step and the game of Ken was also in hand I think that it was good for the content because it was a tense deployment as I grasp the sweat, but I can not bring out as much power as "Kinnikuman" "Captain Tsubasa", which also ends in 11 weeks. It was a pure genuine golf game, but was it difficult to get on the wave of jumping heyday?

I think that this work was well done with characters and backgrounds well in the story, but it was regrettable that it ended only with rival showdown. That's why my evaluation is [good]. Professor Maoma was the fourth in the jump in this work, but each was short lived as long as 10 weeks. I could not get popularity for some reason though I could have a picture. Professor Kadoma moves this work to the monthly Shonen Jump away from the weekly publication and finally breaks up with "Katotsubuto One", but I think that the work in the weekly publication never deteriorates in content as well.

2006/09/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The main character of this work is rather the image of the sky wing of [Captain Tsubasa].

He is a well-educated and genius talented owner, but somewhere natural, he tends to make enemies without malice. In addition, the hero of this work is a bad gaki style halfway and it is a setting of rich or it is a mobile character, or rather, it is still interesting that readers buy antipathy rather than empathy [~ Wings] that was suppressed to suppress this rich setting and the setting of the mouth (Because the wings were thoroughly football idiots, before being transferred, it was a floating existence and after the transfer The scene where you are playing football was overwhelming) was not in this work, but unfortunately there is the impression that they worked minus and ceased. Whether or not that is the case, a rival of a childhood friend who was trying to overtake the hero by repeatedly striving for effort to look like a genius style that is also excellent in the physique for his side also seems to be a somewhat bad impression character , How about this neighborhood makes me think "Oh, it is a censoring".

However, whether it is a hero or a rival, it is clearly understood that it is not a bad person, and the hero has a weakness of being struck because of growing nature, as opposed to it, a gardener's grandmother as a comforter, I got a lot of balance and I thought that I could draw a bit better about golf. Regarding the game, the place where hero absoluteism is not well acted.

Although the last was just a draw, I think that the area of 〓〓〓〓〓hildhood friend who accepted each other's power and could become a good rival was well organized.

2006/07/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Although this work is a golf cartoon which was once a work which is located in the middle between the kendo manga of the former honor student's main character and Mr. Maoma with the original author but in the middle of the football manga of the evil main character of the later.
(Although the hero is a little child is still the same as before and now)
The spoil manga drawn by this author is quite satisfactory, because the leading role always has no guarantee of winning.
Unfortunately it was closed but I closed it with my rival with my childhood friend and I think that it was a good work.