[Comics]Akutare Giants

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Yoshihiro Takahashi
Japan Released:1976 Weekly Shonen Jump / End:1980
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2008/04/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I liked the soft fight until the middle stage.
Characters called Hiramatsu and Bunan were also shining,
A bad friend who wants to become a regular friend as a bad friend named Cabo,
I was also spoken to get Murase's pitching.
In the latter half of the junior development, many Mr. Murase and many elder brothers who do not seem to be the same age appeared too much,
Hiramatsu has also broken down and broken up as a sports manga,
I could not sympathize with black flow again.
Although the director's parent-child confrontation, etc. which was not so much at that time was interesting,
The last round was a closeup.

Anyway, it is a great naming that "somehow the husband league" ....

Rating: Good

2008/01/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Mr. Yoshihiro Takahashi's boys baseball manga serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 76-80 years. "Akira Murase" who was a substitute for the young boyfriend baseball team in the downtown, is expected to supervise one's strength shoulder and nature's athletic ability and becomes a member of the new team `Shinmachi Young Giant ', which has been completed. In a boy's baseball tournament there is a strong enemy such as the all-purpose left arm `Hiramatsu 'and the slugger` Eto', the team's `Riser 'etc, but Murase defeats the rivals with the nature's power and guts that were born, Fulfill. And it becomes a member of a newly formed hard juvenile baseball team "Junior giant".

This work was the first time serialized by Dr. Yoshihiro Takahashi, famous for dog cartoons such as "Ginga - Shion Star Silver -" and "White Warrior Yamato", this was the first time since the professional baseball was popular among boys at that time "Dokaben" It seems that it was drawn from the influence that the baseball cartoon of the year was in fashion. The theme of `giant 'was that it was a jump to finish a work dealing with giants such as" Fire Giants "and" Samurai Giants "until then to create a work with the name of a new giant and the giant It is thought that the army was to raise the giant resurrection as it was the year of humiliation named Nagashima's 1st administration at the bottom of the previous year.

The picture at the beginning was not complicated and I did not read it so much, but since about half a year the picture has become calm and readable, I began to read every time. Although the hero's "Murase Akira" does not have this technique, it is a strong shoulder, it shows that he will gradually bloom while fighting against other rivals of other teams with guts and guts and the natural ability of the nature such as Shoshoku And growing type, that is, 'Growth' which is the foundation of juvenile sports manga is faithfully advanced, it is finished as a work which is based on the basic. But the content of the game was very hot, the technician `Hiramatsu ', the power' Eto ', the battle against the American riser was pretty incandescent. Since Murase does not have detailed techniques, he always challenges with straight line play, and in that sense it is a form of ordinary boys baseball cartoon, but since Junior Giants were formed, it became a development like a professional baseball boy's edition . Was it `Boy '? I forgot the name, but the player who came from a foreign country to the Junior Giants did, and the junior Lotte remembered the three Taiwanese brothers.

Although this work is old, evaluation is [very good] because I think that it was interesting as a baseball manga, and it was content that would also serve as a model for youth baseball. Although it serialized for more than four years at the end, the Junior Giants and the Hanshin fight in the Japanese series format, and Murase and Zara are time to slip after a few years and end up as a pro fight again. I do not know the fate of other members, and it ended up in some form of brute force, but it is a good work if I look at the whole.

2006/02/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Taka is a young baseball player, but since I was in the same age, I was reading with a sense of closeness.
Personally I like the early days rather than the late stage.

The main character Mr. Akira Murase (Akira Murase) is a boy's baseball team's ace, but he is batting well and is assembling a battery with a weak child like Cabo (I do not know from the beginning).
The manager of the team with Murase was disliked by his son at Socon, but I remembered as a story that I want the boys to dream by supervising the juvenile baseball (which may not be overdone) ing.
Just around this time, I think that the juvenile jump was posting the "Giants' Story"? (Each story of the giant's athlete). In 1976 professional baseball which began serialization crawled from the bottom of humiliation of the previous year when the giants fell to the ground in the glory of the nine consecutive victories of the Japanese series, won a spectacular win. Director Nagashima declared the league championship in the second year (Hiroshima won the Red Hell Boo in 1975), but in the Japanese series it lost to Hankyu with 3 wins and 4 losses.

I liked Emi 's early opponent called Emoto who came out first. Is it because I felt the desire to win Murase purely in the foreground? I can not forget the confrontation between Murase and Eto at the first tournament (Eto's last batting is the beginning color and the batting disappeared where continued 〓〓〓It was a pitcher fly ... Eto feeling a sense of resistance and a home run It seems I thought ... It was a strange thing.

In the semi-finals of this competition, a team formed by a foreigner and a primary school student was a knuckle ball or a hop ball or a pitcher who threw a great ball, but in the end I think that Murase had hit the home run.
Other rivals felt that Hiramatsu was the first Hiramatsu, and in fact it felt that it would be more fun to make a guy a lifetime rival, but why did the catch with the same team as Murase for the finale of the tournament, that seat from Cabo? (This is something Hen. Even though Hiramatsu first appeared as a pitcher) ... I do not feel beautiful as a story.

After that, I made something like a professional baseball reserve army, Murase was a young giant, but a new rival, Zara, joined Young Hanshin ?, the last round joined the giants Murase joined the Hanshin Region It ended where we fight in the professional world.

It was a very wasteful story. It is a pity that I could not make the same pitcher Hiramatsu the final competitor because the hero is a pitcher.
This guy is an eldest guy with his eyes hidden with hair (and it seems that both eyes were ... .... Hen), there was an impact.
Although I am an elementary school student, I throw a fork ball but the king of the giant came and hit his ball quickly (I can not say it is a home run because it is not a match).
However, I feel like I was a pitcher. Would you mind letting Murase appear as a batter?
Well his dubious character is for a pitcher and I can not complain because my confrontation with Eto and throwing things were also good.

Personally I think that how to show pictures is good.
Writing again, although it is a boy's baseball game, it was brilliant to make the composition of the character a powerful thing and make his presence stand out. A confrontation between the pitcher and the batter was a good example, and the last round was up and showed impressive .... Although it is a usual means, I think that it is a thing with writing strength. Is not it inherited also to "white warrior Yamato" etc. serialized in the monthly juvenile jump.
Especially the first one is a work I'd like to read again.

On 20th April 2007, I bought a comic at a secondhand bookstore of my travel destination, but Eto is ... ... It was not the last bat.
Ara ... ... Murase is also supplementary at the beginning, but it is not very interesting at first. The picture is also not good.
I especially like comics 3 to 5 volumes.