[Comics]Akumakun Fukkatsu Sennen oukoku

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Mizuki Shigeru
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Japan Released:1970 Weekly Shonen Jump / End:1970
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2015/02/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I first read Mizuki Shigeru's manga, but it seems to be a legitimate remake work of "devil kun".
The original "devil kun" is actually not finished so beautifully and it is completed here.
However, it was surprising that it was a surreal story set in contemporary society unlike demon kun who plays an active role together with Mephisto, which somehow imagined, "Eroim Essaim ~".

The hero's devil kun was a big company's coward and a genius elementary school student.
It is difficult to grasp easily because my head is too bad. Clearly, I look down on the world and my personality is bad. However, despite its bad character, the objective is rework.
It is the current work to steadily advance the piece steadily towards ambition, using the divine intelligence which can not be thought of as a human being, but it is not exciting with a battle or the like, but rather a development that crowned the battle development was rather crowded It was fun.
It made me think that it was a battle and it ended quite a while, a big money negotiation ... that kind of feeling.
Without making me feel like a pinch or sadness, just watching the appearance of a selfish demonic kun was funny.
However, the story that the conversation whose composition does not change continually lasts has been difficult to read because there is no cartoonist movement.

Speaking of the main character is not only devil kun but another person.
He is a man named Sato who got his assignment as a tutor, and in the end he is involved heavily in the consequences.
In short, speaking of the work of this work, it is an ideal of devil who collapses by his last action.
The first one was hurt by pride because of devil kun, I embraced sympathy for him who makes me life a mess, but the last action is still unacceptable after all.
It is kind of human being at some cost, but it may have been a representative of an adult who will succumb to failing to confront the "unchanged Japanese contemporary society" to be revenged by being an enemy .

Well, it was one of the interesting manga which was different from what I thought.
I do not know any other series at all, I think that this unique feeling of air and the end of the story were not bad either.
Evaluation is "good".