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Shinji Imaizumi
Japan Released:2007/06/15(Fri) Weekly Comic Bunch
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2011/05/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Although it may be referred to as an original, the description is detailed.
In the scene where it gets infiltrated by enemy's hall for several days in order to obtain necessary information.
In the TV dramatic plays etc, it was washed away carelessly, but there was wonder.

[Bad point]
I also feel too overstated.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Mr. Imaizumi may have better drawn works of a dramatic style with original work.
Although it is a coming-out ninja manga, the image of the stoic school like Kamui was strong, so Kato Toryari's dirty hero for the first time is fresh.
It is also interesting that resentment to the fact that the cause of the unfortunate love of Kikyo was in the closed society of Shinobu has become a character stand.
On the other hand, the words of Yoshitobu Hattori who commanded in a scene where four people of Iga challenged Human Sea Tactics as a throwaway,
"You can not live without a shinobi, you do not understand the feelings of crazy guys!" It remained in the impression as an antithesis against the hero.

In addition, the Benten sisters who had been accompanied by the cologne was behaving like a man dressed like a girlfriend because he was not made a Kunoichi of abandonment pieces,
Waki kyara was also a good impression, such as a small villainous seatless Xiaoyuan surviving to the end.

2008/01/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Anything seems to be posted for the sixth consecutive week from this week ... ......

[good point]


Kato Osamu It seems that the creator of Ushio and Tatsura were taken up before, but if it seems that it seems to be a ninja seemingly, when infiltrating into ninjutsu and enemy hideouts,
Prepare for defecation etc so as not to interfere with work It is a high point that polite explanations are given to those who do not know ninja well.

In the heavyweight of Mr. Asakura who is such a ninja and loser in Japanese history,
The entanglement with Asakura Yuzuru etc. that seemed highly appreciated by Oda Nobunaga on a young age seems to be interesting, is not it?


It is a distinctive picture that is influenced by Mr. Terao Hara of the teacher,
I can feel impression as it is. Either way is fine,
I do not know that Osassun of Kazuaki Ikky膃〓of Soichi Kaga, who knows that it is peeked at the cold store, it is not something that can be worn as it is originally, wearing an exquisite robe and wearing it gently as I thought it was unexpectedly such a gap I got bitter smile unexpectedly together.

[Bad point]

Especially not.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Kato Kozo is one of the many people in the Warring States period, I think that it is rather minor one, but there is something that is attracted as much as that, and the difference in fairly well off is large, the bunch serial I think that it is those who can read in the team. In historical fact, Takeda Shingen who came to serve after Uesugi Kenshin was wary of the high level of his ability, he seems to have been killed by being surprised at the place in the toilet, but in this story ... .. Well, the evaluation is "good" at the moment
Can I turn on it?

2007/06/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Although it is original, it is not the first time that Mr. Imaizumi draws a historical drama. The story is a lone wolf shinobi which Iga and Koka turned to the enemy, so it seems to draw Kodo Kurano's success as Kato.

However, to sell fight fiercely at a gambling place etc. in order to get back those who aim at their own life ... Maeda Keijiro is a frustrating fellow !!! Well, I do not dislike it But.