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Shuuzou Oshimi
Japan Released:2009/09/09(Wed) Bessatsu Shonen Magazine / End:2014/05/09
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2017/01/21 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1539 Host:1534 Browser: 10294
[good point]

[Bad point]
I have a preference

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Even if it is two dishes, it is because it is because it is puberty already.
I repeat life and death in absurdity Why I am alive without finding a satisfactory answer as to why I am alive.
From the time of birth society is wearing all human beings and it is said to be a society nonconforming person if it shifts even a little. The community is suffering. Nakamura who exited it and Kasuga way doing so even if I am sick I'm saying that I'm talking about it

2017/01/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5828 Host:5847 Browser: 10294
I am the writer of this creator and you should read in the middle of the ark and the flower of evil

2016/06/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45751 Host:45614 Browser: 9936
[good point]
[Bad point]
Mr. Saeki disappointed from the middle

2016/02/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23997 Host:24245 Browser: 7920
[good point]
Psychological description is amazing
Feeling that one frame can not be overlooked

[Bad point]
I think that the psychological depiction seems to be shallow a little from high school student education It seems that the story development was good even though Nakamura san who had a lot of tranquilistic flow was good, but I was wondering if salvation was too too good I wanted to draw afterwards There will also be

I felt like I felt that I was struggling to strike my skin and struggled and I did not peel off at all and I felt that the lost impulse moved in the self-destructive direction. I also experienced a similar experience several times So I interpreted it so

I met a woman like Mr. Nakamura and I am going to visit a psychiatric department if I am real Nakamura of the last Mr. Nakamura of Mr. Nakamura of Mr. Nakamura of Mr. Nakamura,

Well, it was a work that tightened my chest It might have been a spitting work if I was watching at the time of the parties

2015/09/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45204 Host:45253 Browser: 10122
This manga may choose a person, but I think that it is a work that affects life if you read it.

[good point]
A fine portrayal that the reader will realize that the living of the main character family will be turned spiritually and economically, the feeling of blockage of a rural town, the way of stalemation unique to adolescence,
Nakamura's humanity, the emotion and way of thinking against Nakamura of the hero, mostly the first person of the main character to the last, all excellence. There is a confident full scene in places that makes me think that there is only this depiction! Rather than carefully writing up. Especially remarkable in the middle and last part. I imagine that the author would have made this work with very strong adherence.
[Bad point]
The point that introduction part can also take comedy,
However, because there is a head from there, it is hard to say as a bad point, but if you dare to raise a bad point ... something like that ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the relationship between the protagonist of middle school age and Nakamura is sympathy of strangers if it says.
A hero who loves decadent poets in foreign countries as junior high school students,
Mr. Nakamura who is placed at a distance from his classmate by spitting one's meaningless rant.
When I was forced to choose between Nakamura and Saeki, the main character (Saeki-san is a person who can become happy even if I do not have one, but Nakamura-san is going to live in the future ...) There is such a scene. I felt that the speech was not just a feeling for the opposite sex of adolescents, but as a comrade love coming from empathy.
However, as the two people are in sync, the escape is lost in the real world, and we try to commit suicide at the local festival venue.
The scene caught my eyes tears for some reason.
In the scene of reunion with Nakamura of the end of the story, the hero knows that Mr. Nakamura is still in the mental condition of middle school age. Nakamura who seemed calmly at first glance, but one picture that pointed to Nakamura san that evil flower existed was still very good.
The depiction that the illustration of the original work evil flower which is also the motif of the whole work and the expression of Nakamura's face are united is very terribly sad but at the same time, the goose bumps felt the terrible feeling of this work.
Immediately after that, you can see Nakamura's fresh smile at the scene where the hero, the main character's lover, and Nakamura play with the sea.
Do not come anymore Ordinary people,
Nakamura says that Nakamura's words are a breakup and a tribute to his companion who had been synchronized in the past, and it means that the meaning of the termination of the relationship of contracts that each other repeatedly talked from the beginning to the middle I felt that.
Then we will move on to the final story called Naramura-san's point of view, epilogue that walks along each of the characters.
The hero of Nakamura's point of view is depicted as the only person with expressions in this world. Others are drawn as Nakamura-san's black bull (female insect), even a real father is one of them. Nakamura who was interested was tightening how to talk to the hero.
I think that the way of drawing Nakamura's viewpoint of the final story and the depiction linked by Mr. Nakamura of Evil Flower and Mr. Nakamura at the time of reunion mentioned above are beyond the framework of comic books as a commercial entertainment.
It was a sense that I associate with paintings where the exhibition was held and when I read the first-class net literature work.
It is not a moving scene, but it was very good.

I can not remember whether the author's posting was an interview article after the Internet,
There was a word that I wanted to make work that was enough to mistake that this work is writing about myself!
Although it is a belief, it is a famous story that it fits in enough to mislead himself as reading the first person's net literary novel and writing about himself.

Although I am not mindful of the medium of cartoons, I think that this work is powerful enough to affect life. It is a work that can be a treasure by some people, like the protagonist of the early stage.
It is a very good youth comic.

2015/02/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18887 Host:19100 Browser: 7901
Well, I do not know well, it is an honest impression.

By the way, I have poor compatibility with this kind of literature or manga.
That is because the thought that I wanted to go to Higan on the other side "from the end of puberty to now, was thin.

This "measles" that he wants to go to Higan is quite likely to have a lot of adolescents.
When listening to a person who seems to be smart, the prevalence rate is quite high.
In the old days, the trigger for the onset may be Osamu Dazai, it may be Evangelion in the 1990s.

However, for some reason I have never suffered from this measles.
The reason is that I was stupid is the biggest reason.

I have felt that "this side" is stuffy and boring, but I have never thought of going to Higan in order to get out of there.
I think that all interesting things are "on this side", not on the beach.
In other words, the sensitivity to receiving the charm of Higan is missing.

I feel stupid living and stupid I do not know what I want to go to Higan sharply.
Even if it is an illusion peculiar to adolescents, for example.
If you do not have the ability to sense it, you may not understand the fun of this story.

However, the character Nakamura is interested in the character.
Her father reviews her as "her mother looks alike."
So what kind of existence existed with Nakamura's mother?
Whether there is a cause that Nakamura's affected measles worsened, it is not finished without being told there.

I feel that I wanted to paint there rather than to paginate a later story or reminiscence.

Becoming an adult, becoming measurable when it suffers from measles, no, no, maybe I am also suffering Oh, I am afraid scared, thinking that evaluation is "normal".

2015/01/01 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 978 Host:1067 Browser: 10352
[good point]
No matter how much I search, I can not find it.
[Bad point]
A person who has no personality or charm.
I do not have a favorable feeling for Nakamura.
This is just a violent spell that does not seem like a girl. I do not have any favorable feeling for this guy.
A story with four beats that is difficult, dark, heavy, and muffled and unpleasant.
I want to tell all the characters that appear in this comic. "What did you want to do?"
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Ragfish with no contents at all with just bad feelings. Therefore, the evaluation I make is worst.

2014/12/28 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36919 Host:36912 Browser: 5716
[good point]
Things that showed the heroine 's Bloomers in the early story.
It was a work that I want to read back many times after a long absence.
Nakamura also took the hero to the Tokiwa after Tokiwa sentence of the new Kano emerging in the latter half of the story of a country town and was shaken by Tokiwa

[Bad point]
After the middle of the story there was no service like a heroine 's bloomer shown early in the middle of the story There are not a number of pages without a main character' s main line dialogue The treatment of Saeki is too severe, she is too stupid to be shaken by the hero Things that did not have to remove Saeki from the regular on the way It was only Saiki with Saiki that did not solve anything I let him jump into the age in the last and showed that Saeki was married to a guy other than the hero and that How to end the burning of the first episode and the second episode of the final story.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the hero of the Kasuga at first I liked Saeki, it will be referred to as soon as the inner being with Nakamura and her went he attracted to her continue to empathy.
When I read this manga and raise the place I thought that this failed, first thing that I was overwhelmed with Sawaka Nakamura of heroine, Nakamura, Nakamura was honest ugly! I thought that I could only say that . I think that the original author was too overwhelmed in Nakamura. I do not know anything because it is a character based on my wife, but I wanted Saeki to handle it more equally. Nakamura is overwhelmingly advantageous, unlike the Macross series, although it is a translation that became a triangle relationship around Nakamura and the hero from the time when Saeki knew that it was Kasuga that he stolen his gymnastics, Saeki Nanaka Neither was Kasuga an opponent at all, it was not fun to be disadvantageously overwhelming. So I could not cheer for Nakamura, I was cheering for the disadvantageous Saeki.

Among those who were said to be the hero of the story so far, I have never seen a selfish person as much as this Kasuga Takao! So I thought about him as a man, It was the most dislike in the hero of the animation! Especially when you told Saeki 's thing "Donkey! I like Nakamura-san !!" and say it, what is it! What's wrong with this guy! Anger I thought to you !!! At this time, if Nakamura was good, anything else was okay!

The junior high school student was an ugly romantic fight of crushing around Kasuga of Nakamura and Saeki. Saeki who was swayed by Kasuga at the end of the fight caused an arson incident on the belly that was given as if he could not become his own thing anyway and tried to let Nakamura taste the same suffering as myself but Nakamura Saeki will not succumb to it and will be defeated by Kasuga fight with Nakamura. However, even if she loses, she will not collapse at any moment, after which he will self-suffocate to the police and, as a result, it will be stuck with Kasuga and Nakamura, and three people will have to leave the city where they each lived. No I think that women's obsession is a terrible thing. But at the price she was to be removed from the regular afterwards.

I think Kasuga should have visited Saeki once more. It seems that he will not go to see Saeki from him unless he / she says, "When I meet Saeki I would like you to say that I apologized" when I met with Nakamura. No matter how self in that even he, whereabouts of Nakamura, because I think I will return is about borrowing to Kinoshita told me, I think I went to see after that. Then, as I thought to Nakamura in Saeki, "As I said rightly, you wanted to touch something you like from that day you burned a secret base of riverbed !!! Even for classmates! For relatives! Dad as well! Mother! It is persecuted by the people around us that I have to leave that town! And then I became apart from Nakamura-san !! Everyone It is because of it !! "I wanted her to also have her emotions bumped. If I grudge her for a long time from that incident, I wanted you to say clearly in front of her if so so !!! I think that the one who got it so was refreshing as the reader !!! Then he said "Nakamura says I felt the same way to you, but I told you that I want to apologize to you from her! That is what I can not imagine from that time! From then on She even told you that she wanted to apologize to you for her death to you, but she said that she wanted to apologize to you !!! Besides, I borrowed from Kinoshita who taught her whereabouts! She is yours Although I should have been grudging with Nakamura-san's thing, she taught me whereabouts of Nakamura !!! So, if I stayed with you as it is, it is a waste of my mind It will be to you !!! Because you are a grudge against me and Nakamura-san from me Although such should came out, I think that when you resume and in Omiya I, said that the meet !!! to me to say that I was happy with. "
Then Saeki said, "I have to thank Nakamura-san and Ai-chan for that, since Kasuga you do not want to see me already made me the opportunity to visit me from myself" I guess. No, I wanted to see such a tangle of the two places to say so!

The author of this cartoon is he a younger than me, but when you know it is, human younger than me I this cartoon has been the one! And surprised wrote. The "sweet poolside" of short stories, including I got in to read the other works of this people, which work was also Omowasa and never seen everyone cartoon that such a thing to its contents until now. It is a special thing to say that the part of this person's work is strange is heterogeneous that is not found in cartoons so far. It is a merit that Mr. Oshimi has its own personality, including that the heroine and Nakamura who came by coming in this "flower of evil", even though the heroine like Saeki broke down and destroyed the image I think that it was. But I will not let him recognize him as a manga artist. I think that this "wonderful flower" was almost entirely original of the original author. Well, I think that there was also an idea that the work could not be succeeded by telling only beautiful things, but if you let me say from the position of the older, it is different from buying a hatred and tossing irresponsibly I would like to tell Mr. Oshimi to say that it is.

It was a cartoon that will want to read over and over again after a long time, but it is only Unfortunately work I think I After completion in the form convincing when I followed after another comic Volume 1 minute. If there is a place where this work can be saved, I think that Nakamura was also shaken by the hero.

Do not go to the readers side with stories, dislikes, dislikes and stories as a story only
* I was able to overwhelm my favorite character (Saeki) with a romance rival over the hero with another heroine.
* Remember to treat your favorite character severely, from the regular.
* The story ends with leaving behind what the reader is not convinced, what is not solved, including what you like, including what you like.
* There is a period jump, after that, favorite characters are taken by those other than the hero

If there are no more dirty, everyone seems to be involved with Saeki ... As you can see, this work is a cartoon that most of the things our readers disliked.
As long as you read and look at things like cartoons and animation from now on, if you meet a bad aftertaste like this "flower of evil," I think that I will stop reading comics anymore and lose confidence. It makes me think about media called cartoons. I think that this work will be engraved forever in my heart as a work that became a chance that I stopped reading manga.
Finally, I would like to divide this cartoon's thing by the writing in here by now.

2014/12/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21687 Host:21863 Browser: 11449
[good point]
There is not such a thing.
[Bad point]
Characteristic characters like paper that has no individuality or charm.
I feel aversion to Nakamura.
I do not like spitting offensive annoyances despite being a girl.
Difficult, heavy, dark, and a muddy and disgusting worldview.
What on earth did people who come out in this manga want to do?
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is more expressive to say that you are watching melodrama than reading manga. There is no evaluation other than the worst.

2014/09/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42826 Host:42735 Browser: 10118
I can draw a lot of human muddy.
I am afraid that I did not know well enough.

Understanding the literature,
I can not understand the science.

People on the "side" can not be evaluated,
People who are not "on the other side" can get evaluation.

Personally, I wanted Nakamura to become more clearly happy.

Such a manga.

2014/07/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13548 Host:13403 Browser: 3749
I tried reading it without anything, I was talking about with animation.
The hero who was reading at the beginning with the composition of hero who is eroded by eccentric character Nakamura san but was removed at the end.

High school students who live while feeling the answer of what?
It seems that it is coming back here,
It was a time when I could not return,
In the end, the thing "returning to this world of the world" with the feet was a reunion with Mr. Nakamura,
And as the flower fades, there was a feeling that it came to peace.

If Nakamura san was always there, the hero was still doing with fluffy in that world, but it seems like nostalgic sort of birthday that is brought about in such adolescence, happy but lonesome, it ends epicially in my mind I think that was the direction.

2014/07/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19940 Host:19957 Browser: 5947
Is Oshimi sorry about regret or grudden too much at puberty? I spent the puberty period repeated in the work of the author as a dark period (spent)
I thought that the story of self conflict that depicted the poison of the childhood heart was already full !,,, but the content that spews the dirty part of the bottom of my heart is nothing more than a shocking thing. What a hentai.

But I do not care about such things! Although I draw angry thoughts and broken hearts, I have to draw more attention than anything But it has been so far Unlike anything I've never seen before, It is to step in

If it is similar to the work so far, the story of the revival and reconstruction of the mind brought about by meetings with Tokiwa and reunions with Mr. Nakamura, which is completed in junior high school studies.
It seems to me that the theme that I want to tell readers is included in the new premises Although junior high school students with a big impact tend to attract attention by all means I want to say that the high school student edition is the main one!

That's why I thought that I wanted Saeki-san and Nakamura-san to provide even more clear salvation, but I will assume it is a very good story of the rebirth of a wild bird, but it is [very good]

2013/06/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9105 Host:8976 Browser: 7455
I sympathized with Mr. Saeki deeply.
Thinking of Kasuga who confessed to me firstly as a special and wonderful human being realized that Kasuga is incompatible with Saeki and he does not know the boys other than Kasuga when he separates, Saeki relentlessly approaches him .
This is a sign of confidence in my own idiity and I think that it is "in love with love" state that was also in the middle of work.
Attachment to the first opponent when young enough to destroy Saeki-san who seemed to be serious was blind and ferocious.
I thought that it is both a storm and a real because it is something I remember.
Although there are a lot of characters that are broken due to excessive inclusion in love, Mr. Saeki was good that the process up to that was drawn clearly in an accurate language.

For Nakamura-san, there are certainly that everyone lives hiding their real intention,
Moreover, it is very frustrating that just wanting to act like sexual intercourse, like who you like or dislikes,
I understand that it leads to the conclusion that I do what I want to do without worrying about the surroundings but I want to ask Kasuga to "see the muddy in Kasuga" by pretending to violence or threatening threatening things I can not stand it.
If Kasuga really is a man who can sympathize with Mr. Nakamura's thinking, Kasuga would have gone to Mr. Nakamura, even if it would take more time without going there.
However, Mr. Kasuga often hesitates to Nakamura's instruction,
I have left a certain degree of rethinking in the world of "this side"
I feel I am not completely monolithic with Mr. Nakamura.
So, rather than not accepting violence, threats as antisocial acts,
Even if Kasuga turns into fellows with fear, is it really for two people?
The question arises that.

But perhaps it may be the theme of the work.
Saeki and Nakamura are obviously incompatible with each other,
Kasuga is incompatible with both of them,
After all, it may seem impossible to perfectly understand even people who seem like people at first sight.
I felt such a sadness.
Because Nakamura also noticed it at the end it may have tried to go Kasuga by himself at the time of the festival and go alone.

2013/04/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32965 Host:33027 Browser: 4895
dirty. It is very dirty. The character is very dirty. The story that such characters woven can not be beautiful, naturally the story is dirty.
To begin with, we will not accept this work for all.
It is not unusual to have physiological disgust by someone who reads it if it is only it. So please take this information carefully and collect information more than usual if you take it in hand.
Even if you make a mistake, if you touch your hands with a sense of "It looks like something interesting" you will see hell rather than painful eyes.

......, maybe it's overwhelming to say so far. But it seems that I have to say about this. This work, it is different from various works; it is popular, but it is never a work that I can recommend to others at a moment.
As this work, authors' comments also have the theme of adolescence, the drawing adolescent is too raw.
The characters that come out are premature and irrational, disgusting, hateful, cheeky, weak, miserable, emotional instability, difficult to see directly.

But that is why adolescence. This is adolescence. Perhaps there are those who think that 'it is just equals puberty if it is drawn as a pervert or the author thinks that it hurts the pain.' This is definitely an adolescent.
That's right. As a girl I like, I would like to have a session without stealing gym clothes. Even if you do not talk mouthfully like a female bug, you irritate around himself.
Kasuga and Nakamura, the main characters of this work, totally embody such adolescence. It is misrepresented by declining others 'minds in others' mindlessness, weakness which vaguely feels. I contravene things that are nothing special but anything, I do not make efforts to do that because I want to think that I am a valuable entity.
There is no intention to change myself, there is no power to change around. A pinch of myself that is unchanged and reality that can not be changed, a sensitive spirit seeks freedom. What a fresh look on the spring days after the rampage in the classroom. It looks like a nice smile of Nakamura who witnessed raw emotions freed from disgusting bondage such as common sense and reconstruction.

The mutual relationship of such characters is also interesting. In the case of Kasuga Nakamura or Saeki everyone, everyone is seeking elimination of dissatisfaction by others. Kasuga is trying to affirm himself who is dwarfed by transformation to take out Nakamura, "Nakamura-san is ordered," and Nakamura is seeking evasion from reality on Kasuga and Saeki We are seeking establishment of ourselves on Kasuga. This is also weakness peculiar to adolescence, is not it?

I'm reading this work, I suddenly think. I think envious for the hero's ecstasy.
I do not want to do, do not want to do, do not want to do it. That's for granted. But, however, it is not possible before that. Then, what can you do?
If I think about it, I am completely tied to society, publicity and common sense, and I do not even think that it is dissatisfied.
That is probably because I got accustomed to such things as compromise or pretending. But, adolescents will not do it well. Always have dissatisfaction. Perhaps they are living far more straight than theirs?

It is a very dangerous work that makes me think like that. If you read, be careful ^ ^;

2012/12/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44111 Host:43937 Browser: 11698
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I thought that this manga only gives discomfort to those who hate those who can not sympathize with the characters.

Not so much, the hero of this manga is disgusting, heroine will also like that, so I can not understand myself for a moment.

The story of the main story is as seen by the summary of this site, it is seen by the girl named Nakamura of character who has twisted the hero who had taken the Saeki gym uniform on the way it was not realized, so that Nakamura says what Nakamura says It is going to run,
The bad feeling of the action of the hero is an interesting work.

I think that this is a perfect choice of people, so I do not think it will be very helpful, but the evaluation is good.

2012/08/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15971 Host:16033 Browser: 3473(Mobile)
[good point]
Bad feeling
[Bad point]
Bad feeling

This manga picks people.
I have a keyword [perverted] well in adolescence.

Honestly this cartoon ...
It is very disgusting.
I have caught puberty too realistically.
On the contrary it's too real to feel real.
But this bad feeling is a good point and it is also a bad point.
Fun for this comic is that it is a bad feeling.

If you are interested in this manga you should absolutely read it.
Perhaps I understand the meaning of bad feeling I am saying.

However, it is better to stop reading one volume only.
Every time you roll this manga the painting power rises and the interest (discomfort) also rises.

It is a mangle breaking comic who reconsidered a certain transformation.

2012/08/23 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15963 Host:15943 Browser: 7294
This manga can withstand a person who does not regard a person as a person, it is not a minimum requirement to read empathy to be able to transfer, and it must definitely be uncomfortable if it is not a person who can tolerate a story that just pierces on ruin It is a story.
Regarding the above points, I do not mind being particularly concerned and it is easy to read whether it is just a matter of deployment or not.
Well, it is healthy to be received teacherly, on the other hand, that it will be this kind of thing if you can understand the second medicine of the literature deeply. It is a work that I can not do without recommendation.

2012/04/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25147 Host:25179 Browser: 5829
[good point]
Pictures are pictures that can be seen, not bad.
Something like human ugliness can be felt in good or bad, and it is understandable that it is the subject.

[Bad point]
Even considering the above things, there are many lines of "insulting" and "vulgar" lines in the middle of the line, and it attaches considerably to the nose.
That's why I feel bad when reading.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A man named Mr. Kasuga Takao, a junior high school student, steals gymnasts clothes from Saeki Nana who had been thinking about it from his reform,
It is a story of a feeling that it is bald to a woman with a cold, feeling and bad image of Nakamura Sawa, and that weakness is taken as a story and accompanies him and makes him act strangely, as easily as it is seen Speaking.

I do not want the part that uses the weakness of a woman named Nakamura, but this woman always looks down on people and has repeatedly made remarks with no character such as "~ Mushi" or "~ Yarrow" so this part He was quite uncomfortable. I do not want to be close to such a guy.
I dislike those who do not consider Matmo like this.

Also, it is zero positivity at the time that a man is also a man, or a person called Kasuga Takao steals a person's stuff. While also mentioning the part which character seems dark somehow.

Also, another face heroine, Saeki Nanaeko was a beautiful girl of honor, but in fact it is pretty dangerous ... or something pretty dangerous, a place that is trying to cuddle this Kasuga Takao with a tremendous obsession Only felt personally, it was not a woman who can have favorable feeling at all. In a sense there was something reminiscent of the homicide heroin of a certain muddy love comedy.
I was able to laugh at a strange sense that this guy was stolen gym clothes on Kasuga and was delighted to say "I'm happy with gym wearing" or something.

I understand that this cartoon is the subject of such a dark part, but, as a line with no character, or as I mentioned above, a remark that seemed to be a person is very nose.

When such lines are repeated, it is completely out in me, so I will assume the evaluation to be "worst".

2011/04/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12817 Host:12610 Browser: 12809
[good point]
Especially nothing

[Bad point]
I hate the characters of glasses girls.
The story is childish

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Because I had good reputation, I tried to read it but I tried it out with 2 volumes.

2011/04/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27699 Host:27752 Browser: 2914(Mobile)
A manga pioneering a pervert. Deployment that makes you feel a sense of virtue is the main.
The heroine goes out of base and comes unlucky.
I can not leave it alone, but I can not like it.
I am good at drawing actions based on psychological depiction.
Also noteworthy is that the atmosphere is a bit dark in the dusk color. There are also reasons for the content.

I arrived from other writers' work and read it, but the trend is similar, but the others are interesting to me.
Basics Each depicts a romantic emotion and a dominant ruler to the heroine.