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Katsuyuki Toda
Month Shonen MAGAZINE
Japan Released:1989/07/06(Thu) Month Shonen MAGAZINE / End:1995/12
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2008/12/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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As Mr. Kentaro Uchihara explained, pure boys are comics that will win and win in baseball with strength. In baseball manga I think that it is a work that is easy for beginners to stick to. The thing that the hero's appearance can not be seen very much by junior high school students, but considering the character of the hero who is pure, simple and not twisted, I think that it is just a good character deza. It is good that the story advanced without stalling to the end. Personally it is a very favorite work.

Evaluation is "highest"

2008/02/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Mr. Katsuyuki BADE baseball cartoon serialized at the monthly boys magazine in 89 ~ 96 years. "Setojima junior high school baseball club" in Seto Island, southeast of Hiroshima prefecture had only eight members including "Akira" and "Hayashi", but "Niimura Takashi" from a certain state came to school and finally came Nine people gather. The first match against which the member got complete was the prefectural tournament second-place school, but the success of Akira's individuality fighter and wins victory with baseball. The advance of the Seto Island middle baseball club starts from here.

The popularity of the movie "Setouchi boys baseball team" has been the basis, and since Professor Tada was also from Hiroshima and had been driven into baseball as a boyhood, it was the work that was drawn taking advantage of those experiences is there. The place where pure boys put into baseball was very good.

The protagonist is always a vigorous and bright character with a strong shoulder and powerful protagonist "Akira Shimashima" Technically flying pitcher Kim Hayao who is cool and calm "Serious brain fighter" Shinmura Takashi "Shinkyu player of the United States Half" Suizenji " Shoulder short "Sun Nagata". Hot blood group 3rd "Onigaki" Players with full of individuality such as "Stone duck" like the invention are taking advantage of the various challenges and enjoying while enjoying hot blood and overflowing with baseball Especially it is good to see Akira always reading with goodness and it was nice feeling.Therefore the game also glowed hot and I could not take my eyes off as it was a development that I could not breathe.
There were various players of the opponent team. Pawn is a big powerful hitter 's heavy tank hitter' s heavy tank hitter '(such a surname!), St. Sesame' s speeding players `Wes' pitcher` pitcher `Dave '. 3 persons of power hitter` Dennis' These players were indeed amazing as they fell apart as they were `Kawabane brothers 'in the contemporary house,` Sugahara' in black confrontation. Sugahara of the final game, although the game against the black confrontation led by Uki was also nice, as for me, the semi - final game with the middle school led by Kawabe brothers is rather the most impressive.

Since I won the junior high school tournament I moved from soft to hard, after having become a junior club League I wonder if he made a leap a little bit. Some players who appeared apart from human beings came out like 'Noda' or 'Hanpa', which somehow seemed to be a development like boyfriend baseball. In addition, although the characters have changed since the Naka Gakka baseball era, the game was still quite incandescent and fun.

This work has no fence of Koshien or school honor like other works, draws a boy drama that loves baseball with innocent feeling, there was a sense of exhilaration to read. There was also a leap in the junior league, but I think that it is a masterpiece as a baseball manga, so the evaluation in this work is [highest!]. Characters that Professor Tado draws quite emotionally, and in addition to that, when I look at the appearance of hot-blooded and purely baseball tackling girls, I felt like a "captain wing" baseball version. Compared with other baseball cartoons such as "Dokaben", there was no twisted place, I thought that it was a real baseball manga that represented straight innocence, I thought that it was good.