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Seimaru Amagi Fumiya Sato
Yuuki Satou
Japan Released:2014/05/20(Tue) Magazine SPECIAL / End:2016/08/20
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2016/12/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The extra edition of "Kindaichi juvenile's case book" you know. I wanted to take the aki Akechi as the main character, and spin off the past episode when Akechi was still a police officer

Although Mr. Akechi's brain, who does not take over as much as Hajime chan, was paying attention to how the esoteric case was solved, there were no strange incidents or tricks after the unfaithful as imagined It was designed to be able to read as an ordinary criminal matter by combining Kobayashi and Kobayashi, and as usual it was a pretty good one as a criminal monster

But the character nature of Akechi's police department is not shaky, but even if it is not as good as it is, the divergence from the original is felt, expressive rich enough to imagine from the original ,,,,, or something like a smile on the victim to care for the victim's heart I was striving for my duties as a criminal just like a messenger of justice who went through

I love how to connect the last one as a production, but I wanted you to connect better if you do this.
If so it is consistent with the character nature in the above, I think that it became a better work

2016/09/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is like a legitimate spin-off of Kindaichi juvenile case book.
It is a work that Kengo Akechi who returned from Roth 's study abroad depicts the activity in Japan until it becomes a policeman, initially it is too different from the original work of the picture, and the early days of Iyami itself I think that Akechi police observation where the image greatly departed from the Akechi police observation image or the same mystery but the criminal drama style which is incompatible with the fans of "Kanedaichi", which is a real thing, is also a form of criticism.
Nonetheless, the episode can be done far beyond the current headquarters "Kanedaichi", and if you are a real fan, you will not lose any damage.

Well, this is the translation that came the last round in this issue, but this final round has been touched all the time, "Akechi of high school age and college days clearly, Akechi who has challenged the reasoning match against Yukiya and personality It was quite unexpected that it was in a form that would contradict the contradiction that it will not be connected in any way.
That Kenpachi police department also appeared early Kaneda-ichi pattern, Akechi police also appeared properly in the clothing and atmosphere of that time. The characters of this case Mari Ayatsuji also appeared. Well, Sumoha smash etc. came out, it is strange that it will lead to a case where "1993 is the stage (depicted as 10 years after the plane crash in 1983)" in the last round of the last event, Since Kenta Kazuhiro Akechi and Takatoshi are too much at the time when contemporary technology comes out in the past episode (laugh)
Akechi remembered strong remorse for "relying on others" and was interpreted with the feeling that "I was taking the attitude that deliberately released my talent to keep others from getting involved." It is probably a bluff if you comply with this with swordship and police notebooks. (It seems that Kobayashi relied on Akechi to see Akechi relying on Kobayashi in the way that swordsman relies on Kinodachi.
I think that it was a bit abrupt, but I think it was quite good that I did not spin off just a name, but to make it properly connected to the main part. Based on the setting that appears in the wax figurine castle etc. "My father was a police officer", my father's acquaintances have come out frequently, but my father's name was Kengo Akechi for the first time this time It is quite fun fact.

Even though there are a lot of good episodes on the whole, bullied, this jumping murder story is pretty wonderful, it was as good as crying when reading the last. No, there are not any good stories that could be done well at home.
Episodes that resolve to "Laughable episodes" and "Before the incident occurs" (There is a KinDiichi "episode to stop before a certain incident occurs" in the short story of the official guidebook even at home only) somewhere, I guess that it was rich in variety, or something like 'the unexpectedness that all forms of truth is discovered' was not in the current home.

Although the depiction which doubt sense, such as the orchestral tactics, was the one that was seen at the beginning, it was stably and interesting in any case itself, the strange man called Akechi warrior and the tie of the policeman who supports it through episode as well It was nice being drawn well.
After that, although it is a characteristic from the character's name of Akitoshi, it is likely that he incorporates "thinking" into "justice". Anyway, in this work, I was emphasized that "Because I am smart, I can try to stop sacrifice to the minimum with unthinkable behavior". It is a good stopper that Kobayashi-kun acts without thinking, always stopping it with "intelligence" when there is a possibility of secondary damage, and it is too good to be personal and it seems like a head home rather than it I'm a bit sorry that 'Iyami' does not come out.
However, it was good that it was growing with Kobayashi-kun in such circumstances, but it was good that there were many descriptions that were definitely influenced by Kobayashi-kun though perfectly (rather it was received from the swordsman police inspector of a partner at the head house It is a shame that it seems like there are not many things.

Evaluation is "very good".
I felt like spinning off the case book of Kanedaichi juvenile Kanedaichi fan made and reproduced the fine parts well and enjoyed it.
It is occasionally unfolding or suddenly popular when sudden deployment is interrupted, it really is unnecessary as a subject matter. Even though it was a work that was an explosive boom at a time.
I would like to see the next expansion without finishing with the completion of this work.