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Akira Miyashita
Super Jump
Japan Released:2001/06/13(Wed) Super Jump / End:2010/04/28
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2012/08/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13094 Host:13059 Browser: 3414(Mobile)
[good point]
More dramatic characters than the previous work Shishimaru, Andong, Hayashi, Nobunaga, Zhang Jing, Benzait Temple etc.
Gendou Really envious enchantment (lol)
Talk of big eating competitions
[Bad point]
It is nothing!
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is "highest"!

2012/05/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17063 Host:16894 Browser: 9929
Since the journal has been changed from a juvenile to a youth magazine, the stupid being demonstrated by male cram school specialty and the like become loose and powerfully up.
This is the first thing I have seen through this work.

The story begins with the peach 's son, Shishimaru and Ando' s cram school.

Watching foreigners criticize customs in Japan, crush TV,
Nobuyuki Kurozawa who became an inflammation of the conflict with foreigners led by Bruiser by entering into the ring of professional wrestling and half-killing foreign wrestler,
In the vicinity where the number of heads became uniform as evil spirits of the bearded beard whose son was killed by Akashi Zura developed into a confrontation between Shishimaru and Juzo,
The story changed naturally to collective conflicts genre changed, after a full confrontation with World Cup, Sodom etc.,
Stop collective conflict lines as soon as possible, and Lion Maru graduates and talks are stopped.

The work itself is a content which can safely say that it is reworking of the previous work, even though it looks the same but it is similar to the predecessor Hayan it does not resemble flying,
Todo Hyde who can be said to be the enemy of male cram school,
It was rich in unexpectedness in a good sense or a bad meaning.

However, since the second-generation character made a great advantage, such as turning the character of the work drawn by the author,
Evaluation is "bad".

2011/02/14 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15848 Host:15867 Browser: 3434(Mobile)
Last year I finished serializing .. It has already been erased all the advantages of Sakigake and it has become a work that fills everything with a bad part.
A battle with Todo.Eatashima Heihachi's cursed painful figure.Afro Sennin.Brahmin's family and Sakigake! Recycle of the characters of the era.It lives pretending that the peach is dead (This pattern is from Sakigake! I felt very bruised this time.) Fogashi of Nobunaga Nobunaga (laughs) From the fans who like old works, deploying tired of being the son of the president's appearance was ???
Although I liked the story about the initial return point originally, hey .. It has become a work that makes Mr. Miyashita's work feel more painful to expect it already.

As I am drawn to an ordinary position, if I dare to give a good point of the middle stage or the final stage, it is something that Kumada of the lecturer's rival came out first, so it was not bad for the World Cup. After finishing the last round also finished in a safe place finished.

2010/11/05 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36185 Host:35984 Browser: 1959(Mobile)
The author's limit was revealed.

I brought the bad part of "Sakiga" as it is, and scraped off a nice part (although it did not exist), nobody style.
Drawing is getting worse day by day.

I am anxious and fun to see what happens when men's juku goes back to the world again in the future.

2010/04/21 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15848 Host:15869 Browser: 3028(Mobile)
The early stage was fun and I was hoping for Nobunaga's character to be interesting, but honestly I am disappointed at places such as Todo's becoming a small villain and other than the second decoction of the previous work.
Well it is still very bad, but it is still very bad, but after Tomomaru Ya comes out it painted mud on the name of Tamiaki Shobo and a funny character such as Afro Sennin got out ~ Enemy character is a second generation character of the previous work and Brahmin By using the characters of .. When the runaway comes so far.

I was surprised that Kumada came out .. I beg you, so it is a wishful desire to say that you do not paint the previous work with more mud.
Needless to say evaluation is "worst"

2010/01/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53383 Host:53213 Browser: 6770
[good point]
Although the momentum itself is not bad ... ...

[Bad point]
I feel quite unreasonable in deployment.
It is painful that I can not deny the feeling of using the previous work.
(Ie lacks freshness)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

In short, although it is a sequel of the previous work.
The part where the enemy's neck got so long like a neck or somehow the enemy transformed into an animal, too much that is too crowded comes out quickly twisted the neck a bit ...
Even though it is in cartoons, I can not deny the feeling of overdoing, although it is good that the new character is coming out, there are not a few people who are the son of the character of the previous work and so even if it contains it, It is quite severe that it is only felt to be used around.
Given these reasons, I'm sorry for the good points, but I could not have thought that I could not give up.

2008/12/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 54175 Host:53964 Browser: 8934
It is a sequel to "Sakigake! Men Juku" by a coward battle manga by Professor Miyashita Akira serialized in super jump from 2001. More than ten years after the sword peach Taro graduated. Men 's school had a lot of inferiorities and falling - downs as usual, under the president of Hirati Etajima, but one day Momotaro' s only son, Shishimaru entered the school. A new whirlwind winds up in a male cram school.

Weekly Shonen Jump The son of Sword Momotaro, the son of Sword Momotaro, who is the main character of the previous work, "Shakigo !! Men Juku", a rigid manga of the golden age "Shakigo !! Men Juku." Like all fathers, Shishimaru makes various struggle. Around this time the sequel to the central piece of the jump at the time such as "Kinnikuman II" and "Ginga Densetsu WEED" was popular, it may have been piggybacked as a defeat, and now it has started to connect the tradition of crooked manga that was exhausted now Taka is not sure, but I will start again ten years from the end of the previous work.
Originally, like the previous work, I will be the main character such as specialty (such as some kind of snoring), but since I liked the master craft specialty from the previous work, I was looking as interesting as it was, but the momentum as the previous work I did not get it. `Shishimaru 'and' Akashi Juzo 'are cool but the first novelty' Nobunaga 'was also a gag maker after partying with` Goku', and `Andoy Hiroaki 'was not as much as Shuina Lu And the first `climb day 'is also an ordinary character and it may be that it was not able to excite the work that there was no character like Togashi before. Also the president was as strong as the previous work, it was feeling that the majesty ceased to exist.
From the "World Cup of the World" edition will change into a battle format. This may be a matter of course, in order to succeed the tradition of the previous work that has surfaced as a fancy manga. In this way, the corner of `Miyashita Shobo 'who is good at Professor Miyashita appears again, but as you can see, the textual explanation is good as ever and the strange idea is interesting, so even if you know that it is fantasy, I will read it. In the previous work there was a grappling model based on golf, but this time Mr. Miyashita thinks that there are table tennis and umbrella turning, too. However, from the point where the tongue and neck stretched abnormally or the transsexuality became a fighting way, I felt something awesome from a pure man manga and it began to draw. But I could not convince something that the trump card of the global dark organization "Sodom" is `seven gods of gods'. After that the fight against the three-faced fist glowed up, but the character of the three-fisted fist had changed a lot. Especially Hayan at the previous work was very dignified and cool, but the successor hurt Miyashita sensei when it made it a character he lost so much. After this "Huang Luo" edition was a decent story. However, I'm thinking myself I wonder if I like this work as I read it even though it says somewhat.

This work has fewer characters with more individuality than the previous work, the momentum of fighting and power is not as high as the previous work, and it became a calm feeling picture, and the quality of the work is lost as much as the previous work, but still The evaluation is [very good] as the last corner of the struggle battle drama which is almost gone now. However, although there are many scenes that seem to be a gag or a scraping recently, I would like you to recognize the awareness as a crooked work and continue it in the future.

2007/08/13 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9818 Host:10088 Browser: 6520
Well, after all the story of that woman's only temple is not good. What on earth did you put such a story? Professor Miyashita may have put such a story aiming at surprises, but that is counterproductive. The key battle scenes are quite nice, but .... For example, the fight scenes themselves with the new three-faced fists have plenty of sights, but it is a mystery whether they need to do with three fists. In that case, the fans of the three sides fist of the previous work will cry. Especially Hayan is changing too much. There is a difference of muddy in terms of human nature. (Of course the work is now more muddy)

2007/07/28 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25985 Host:25854 Browser: 3875
I thought that Momotaro was dead "I'm alive" but I was disappointed that I was alive.
It would be too unnatural to be played with a small fish if you want Mislead to do it.
It also withered that you loved Karasumaru as much as you could while using the scales for obtaining Han soul swords.

2007/01/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1535 Host:1501 Browser: 3646
"Akatsuki" seems to have a lot of harsh evaluation.
I love myself, but ....

"Men's Cup" of 4 to 6 volumes was not good,
Heat up again with a large household battle from 7 volumes!
Much ability compared to "Saki" Although there is an overall gag feeling,
The episode battle of "Nobunaga vs. Moonlight" was impressed,
I think that the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he author is shining and it is still an interesting work.

Currently there are no cartoons that only "Steel Ball Run" and "Akatsuki! Men Juku" are purchasing, so I will keep expecting! Maximum 〓〓〓〓〓

2006/08/04 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12954 Host:12783 Browser: 7395
Manga 's sequel? Cartoon.
Not only the main character, but also sub-character (Akaishi, Great Australia ...) is drawn by the father's blood.
Is not too much tricky?

2006/06/01 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 4314
Next time is the appearance of forgetting of the Great Australia's evil spirit? Indeed, if you add more characters, you will feel better. Even though Nobunaga and Goku changed over to the old Togashi & Tiger Maru status, it has been a while.
Mr. Miyashita's "higher than heaven (Sora)", the evil spirit should have been the director of the Defense Agency, but this work is supposed to be dead. Come on.

However, it is unlikely that you are wearing a white run worn by Taro Momo Taro! This must be dressed in Shishimaru.

2006/05/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9257 Host:9387 Browser: 4184
Tekken king CV of a certain famous 3D fighting game was definitely a setting conscious of this Etajima principal, but the president remains in the episode or the impression fitted in the spell killing technique. It was funny to see himself appearing in front of the hero while becoming a hulaful in Singapore. Well, not only he but characters in this manga seem to have many characters doing "not killing even if killed" in the ground,
Recently there was a chance to see it as a chillar, but this time it seems that the typical big-faced big guy and the useless fighter are fighting ...........
Or rather, I do not feel the seriousness taste. As usual.

I do not know the previous work "Sakigake! Men Juku" and the evaluation here is not all, but the successor does not succeed anyway.
Oh well, I do not feel such discomfort, so will we do "normal" evaluation .........

2006/04/17 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19519 Host:19270 Browser: 4184
It is quite a matter to draw a man just because it is said to be a male cram school and I do not expect anything to draw a good woman to Mr. Akira Miyashita, but it is not a feminist to take out the woman and to bother me even if I am tremendously It was unpleasant. Although it is bad for fans, I feel that women can only be seen as things to the author. Very.

Members of the cram school also seemed to be richly varied at first glance through the W Male Cup, but after all the stamen had completely settled, I felt that my individuality was not fully utilized.
No matter how many mysteries in the world appeared, even though it could be convinced (unreasonable) as a taste of a male cram school around where everything is done with "the place to say in Chinese Kempei ...", it is also stating that it is a Chinese Kenpo comic I feel like I'm going to be clearer.
And above all, in the recent developments, the predestination that the hero of the previous work, father Momotaro will sharpen. In any sense it is strongly attached to the spell of the previous work anymore. It is such a work.

2006/02/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52685 Host:52713 Browser: 6812
Were you told that "Is it a gag or a different one, an incomprehensible manga?"

that's all!

2006/02/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20409 Host:20227 Browser: 5234
Something like somehow, watching a strange puppet show from a little far away.

In the Sakai era, although it was originally a gag manga, after that it was a manga that does not need a story to say that there is no story or a fucking fight that continues to fight (death).
Furthermore, it completely ignores the setting of high school students for the time being,
It seems only to be a fight between youkai or supernatural man who separated from humans.
However, that style has received tremendous support from some people (to the end)
Until today the name of "Men Juku" has been handed down.

A typical example of a failure that loses its color trying to point the masses shining in heresy to the masses.

2006/01/11 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40935 Host:41100 Browser: 3650
I bought 13 volumes of the latest volume, but I read about the comment after reading "It's already patience limit ...".
The last moment of the female warriors of the 13 volumes of the temple and the afro hermit, no longer have the energy to gather the continuation.

As for the story of a female fighter, when Taimomaru became a monster-like monster as a medicine grain somehow, as a monster-like monster, leaving a junior-high school student and rampantly arrogant,
I already knew that this could not be a masterpiece episode,
Nobunaga and Goku are mourning Umen orchido, they confess their love to each of the female fighters without reading the air,
On the other hand, despite refusing the female warriors, they are sticking to the beautiful child of the trainer temple,
It is a feeling that if it is normal it dropped further evaluation which can not be dropped further.

As for Goku anyway, Nobunaga is not like a character like "anyone if it's a woman".
It seems to me that the coolness which puts a life on a woman, shown at the time of an umbrella umbrella, was what it was.
And it is natural that the beautiful boys of the train bridge temple apologize for the outrage so far, but it is meaningless to confess to them at the same time.
And when I saw scenes where all the female fighters answered "OK"
I could not help remembering the students at Saint Sei Women's College who attacked the peach with Sakigake!

The story of the Ogre Temple was nothing I could not watch with Momiaki Shobo, which was getting ridiculous from laughing, and I could not watch it naming it was too sensey, but I used the word "Saki" lightly afterwards When,
By impressing Afro Sennin 's heat with no coolness and no character, the impression got worse again.
Well, Afro Sennin recently saw the ending with a super jump, so I know a little bit about the content,
Even though Afro Sennin's work is the same genjutsu as king adults, there is too much difference in the charm's charm.

Etajima Heihachi Den 1 volumes I bought at the same time was much more fun and I felt it was impossible to expect from Akatsuki!
If it is such a thing, do not do it as a battle route, like a white rabbit in Inaba,
I wanted you to make it a perfect gag cartoon ignoring the route of Sakigake !!

2005/11/15 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 841 Host:868 Browser: 5234
I liked the first man cram school so I read but stopped reading right away.
What is wrong with the picture? The painting of Professor Akira Miyashita is not like a cool guy character at the time of the first man cram school. Why did it change so much when I first saw Writing properly by the author himself?
I thought. Akaishi 's son did not resemble his father at all (rather than his father' s age) and lost expectations.
No, the first man cram school was the character the character was cool and the story was also the best.

2005/10/07 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33021 Host:33021 Browser: 5978
Dubious enemies appeared again when I thought that I had reconciled with Water Boys. Well I guess Lion Maru will beat him.

Even so, the principal is suffering from continuation. It is overly miserable in the wisdom of the Musou.

2005/10/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37478 Host:37485 Browser: 3875
You can laugh as ever.
However, I am very sorry that the technique became a hypothesis.
The story is still like no progress.

2005/09/23 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40935 Host:41100 Browser: 3650
Recently SJ who has lost interest in reading in real time, so I am only making comics,
I think the 12th volume of the latest volume was the lowest level ever.

As I wrote before, as I thought that the confrontation between Akaishi and Song Kiku got excited all the time,
For some reason Song Kim is trying to shake hands, then beaten by the panda and then go off when you leave.
From that flow, if the sword breaks, I think that it is the hottest development to play a fight against the weapon without relying on a weapon ....
Also, I personally wanted Mr. Song Kim to come over rather than follow the male institute.

And, following Song Qi, it is awkward because there is a blunder of Nobunaga who is deleted after hearing about big flatus and "woman training shrine only".
In the first place, big torch flame hell is the roots of the Tora - maru, and it seems that it is not secret mystery of infinite flow even if it thinks.
Also, considering Nobunaga at the time of the rainy evening umbrella, there is no way that you will be delegated when you hear "Only a woman trainee."

When finally thinking that the battle at the Liangshan night that ended up dying was over, Komi Mimaru will fight for some reason this time ....
That beer Nikomi Maru whose body is like being overweight is merely intensified by doping with medicine,
I think that doping and fighting is not a thing to do by humans trying to get evil righteous hammer ....
Besides, I would like to see a figure of a male cram school fighting with my pride rather than the activity of Minomaru.

At the same time, Miyake Ming Shobo also forcibly applied kanji to loved words, although there is no twist, on parade.
Even this was funny enough at the beginning, but if similar things come this many times I will get bored.
In the earlier Akatsuki !! saying, "The display around the barber's shoulder mimics the movement of the needle rind's hair"
"I want a permanent clattering" permanent practice of lightening strikes and the hair of the failed trainees become fashionable ".
Personally the strongest Mingei Shobo 's unchiku, I think that "the place of birth of golf is China" at the time of Sakigake !!

Professor Miyashita may also be trying to find it on the new route, which could not be done at the time of Sakigake !!, but,
To be honest, I'd like you to have a gag if it's a gag or a battle if it's a battle.
Even the current Akatsuki! Is either gag or battle, it is inferior to Sakigake !!

2005/09/22 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33021 Host:33021 Browser: 5978
Oh yeah, it seems she was amazed that the faces of the women of the Shakusei Temple just for girls gathered together and it was a very bad group. Those guys who murdered your teacher, you abused like you slaves,
I guess I've been humiliated.
To forgive it as soon as I apologized and apologize, and to acknowledge my association !!!

Oh .... Shishimaru came all the way to helping such a fool. Tomomaru's tragic episode is a whole body,
What was that ....! ??

The next week the water boys are becoming strange. How far will Miyashita Akira's runaway continue?

2005/07/29 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40935 Host:41100 Browser: 3650
Since I am reading at the center of comics, I do not yet know what kind of expansion it is with SJ,
As far as reading the opinion of Mr. Jean Gavin and Destroyer of the Space Detective, it seems to be pretty tough ....
Personally Okochi Komi-maru punctuated because I wanted you to stop most,
It seems that the possibility that it is the worst result is high in the range that you can imagine.

> The significance of Okochi Tomomaru's existence It is the reason why it is useless to have a waste because he is the founder of 'Tamiaki Shobo' since his previous work.
Perhaps there is an intention to try to unravel the mystery of Minami Mifutosho by putting out Minomi Maru.
However, it is good that Minei Shobo has many mysteries,
I think that increasing the turn of Miyomaru will cause Miyakei Shobo 's mysterious nature to be lost, it is rather negative.

Besides, as far as reading "Tamiaki Shobo Sentence" which was released in the past, Kamiakimaru is not even a man who has extraordinary fighting skills separately,
It is only a human being who just conveyed the truth of mystery martial arts through the book.
Moreover, characters that can only be thought of as being depicted in play are defeating enemies of male cram school,
It will not be a depiction of a man 's soul centering on the principal.
Even though Tomomaru appeared, I think that it was a presence that should have come out at the time of the gag cartoon before the World Cup.

Why is not Mr. Miyashita trying to draw a normal battle ...?
If you are seriously drawing a serious contest, even if it says "degraded copy of the previous work", you will not receive such a criticism.
Immediately after the start of the confrontation between Akaishi and Song-kil, I was hoping that "a bit will regain the glow ..."
I think that there is no existence worth in a male cram school that does not even have a match with a man.
〓〓〓〓〓〓 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 When it was rainy evening umbrella, there was also heat and freshness, why did it become like this ...?

2005/07/28 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33021 Host:33021 Browser: 4314
I was amazed at the novelty of Ogaki Kimiemaru this week. When I first saw it, I remembered the bowl of Boo Bao Tang (I forgot his / her letter) .... I do strengthen the body by doing doping.
Then, after a vulgar depiction, sudden power ups .... Well done.

2005/07/28 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8533 Host:8564 Browser: 4184
... I'm sorry, Okochi Tomomaru and Yara do not know recent Mr. Miyashita's favorite,
(It seems that it is also on Etajima Heihachi Den, and would you like to be a walking dictionary for Miyashita World?
It is a miscarriage character whose meaning of existence can not be understood at all.
Regardless of the reason for struggling for the woman I love, I do not know anything about Chinese herbal medicine.
There is no way to save those enemies and those whose factions are neither appealing nor destroyed as they are like girls.

"Is Men Juku such a cartoon?"

... I guess I have to say I'm tired of bad style.

2005/06/11 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3380 Host:3093 Browser: 4487
There will be work of a more severe completion than this, and there will be more disastrous work than this.

However, it is "worst" for repeating works that only abandon past heritage and expose abomination
I have no choice but to strike. Characters without charm, story development that wilted due to wilting settings.
The only thing that seems to be torture to read is nothing but anything other than blasphemy to a man cram school where the past was interesting.

Even so. This is also the previous work of this and this, and it is feeling sadness to break down past heritage ....

2005/05/22 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40935 Host:41100 Browser: 3650
Nobunaga vs. Panda no way Nobunaga attacks with farts ....
Akaishi VS Sung Ki still allowed me, but the fart of Nobunaga planted a negative image that was enough to make the series contemplate the future that would be at the same level as Sodom.

When Nobunaga appeared for the first time, it was a pattern character that did not exist at all at the male cram school which prioritizes the spirit of Yusui,
The character has completely broken from around the World Cup Sichuan style man pot.
Even if the fire of Yeh-Hui oil stall collapsed Tarai continued to support the rod,
Even though I was practicing rainy evening umbrellas in the story of love with a nurse and feeling full of men and it was cool.
It is now too much sad that he has settled in Togashi, Tiger Maru in line with Goku.

Although I thought that it was released from the story made Sodom 's mannellissee, even though it is the same level as Sodom ... again.
When I was the World Cup, I felt that it was pretty straightforward as I did not develop a cloudy situation like a panda.
I chose Akatsuki's fist and Akatsuki !! I wondered which of the boys' school to leave, or Akatsuki with my love for the previous work !! However,
Apparently it seems I have to regret it.

I do not want to say "return at the time of Sakigake !!" is not good, but at the very least I would like it to be a work that feels masculinity.
Regarding laughter, although Sakigake !! was fun to do seriously seriously,
The intention of trying to make laugh by force is transmitted to this work, I can not laugh at all clearly.
And I would like Mr. Miyashita to understand that the panda whose meaning is unknown merely makes the place of serious fight between men cluttered.

2005/04/27 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27497 Host:27248 Browser: 3875
Akashi VS Sung Ki thought that each other's sword broke where the game will be in the future,
Sung Ki admits Akaishi Appearing a child When a child appeared, a mother-in-law got into the enemy, and the house got angry and his pet's panda blew away Sung Ki with a clinging handsome puffing .. .
To be honest I never meant it was a touch.

I did not see Nobunaga Nobunaga using flatus technique against panda at the end of this story.
By the way, we have used only the Tora - maru and Sora until the flight technique so far.

2005/04/20 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8533 Host:8564 Browser: 4184
In the old work, the principal was kidnapped by anesthesia bullets, but this time it is a bit too cruel ...
With this we say that it was at the last minute and dare to be seen in the secret of king adults, most readers will hurt angry sky if resurrection is done in a cheerful figure.

Classical school guys have also been pointed out, but now Jura VS Sung Kil will depend on the setting of the previous work eventually and it is nothing funny anyway.
Among them, it seems that Noguchi who became the leader of Liangyang stay and that assistant role are supposed to be (Indeed the grandfather has passed away?
Since Soujo will appear and will spend pages, it is something you want me to talk about quickly.
Even though Sung Ki enters the boys' school, except for the first time, it seems that the current author hides behind the shadows of Goku and Yuan, easy to move and seems to be backdroping.

However, I did not expect to recycle the Sera Gate family as an enemy of a cram school.
Among them, the daughter of Takayori Dajiko (can you get married ...?) And Bakdan II will give out (laughter)?