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Japan Released:2015/10/07(Wed) Weekly Shonen Sunday / End:2016/09/14
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1. http://websunday.net/rensai/akatuki/ (Translation)
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2016/09/30 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]

Expression power

〓〓〓ifferent settings

[Bad point]

〓〓〓ttractiveness of setting

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Iori Iori known for "Kinti" is a different color judo manga that was serialized by Weekly Shonen Sunday.
Since it was completed through a series of about one year, I would like to evaluate it focusing on the main points.

Expressive power ... 〓〓〓

It is a relatively magical judo, striking with the previous work that was selling an absurd setting (an alien betting a star and soccer).
Sports things need to attract attention of the theme of the theme of the theme of the theme and its interest, but there was convincing power to describe depiction because the author is an experienced person from the reward of technique to the disorder of the trouble.

It would be clever to change the way of expression for each scene.

When drawing a dynamic throwing technique, I thoroughly draw the action of throwing and make it easy to understand what is happening, and I feel a lively feeling with a momentous line, but in a scene such as association or bargaining it is like a comic like a picture Using a metaphorical expression, I supplemented the flow that tends to be plain.
Personally I think that Judo is a contest with remarkable movement of movement, but I think that there was sufficient expressive power in making a work.

〓〓〓ifferent setting ... 〓〓〓

At first glance, it is a judo manga by hot fellows, but one point is distinct from ordinary sports things, and it is making it a different color making of this work.
That is, the main character that things that are not mind-boggling to support Kazushin Kanji are things.

If you lose one loss, you will be able to hear the judo world corrupted under the conditions of retirement and dogeza for all citizens, and the high school students judo house who tries to kill the lecturers' hall responsible for it ... Although it sounds good to hear it 〓〓〓___ ___ ___ Performance is also high (for the first time etc. to provoke the opponent "literally good for good and for one's own prosperity" literally dirty)
〓〓〓The parents' house is a character who can make a man say "I can not empathize" with the tone like strong rich, Ikemen who makes a maid cheerful, overwhelmingly overwhelmingly strong and undefeated ... and so on.
Normally, mysterious features will be revealed at some stage, but in his case there was never a description of the inner surface until the end.

On the other hand, the supporting role is drawn in detail from the background to the motives, and in a sense they are the leading characters.
Everyone can not win the hero at the end, but some people revenge on humiliation as springs, others rejuvenate in old-fashioned bodies ... and they crawl backwards as they lose It is expanded.
Their group image drama can also be said to be the sights of this work, and it came together with the declaration that "the judo is crushed" by the hero, and it was well integrated as a whole.

〓〓〓ttractiveness of setting ... 〓〓〓〓〓

It can be said that the hero is the strongest and the spot strikes a supporting role as a judo version "Ah Harima-nada", but that attempt has not necessarily worked in a good direction.

Especially cited are depictions of supporting characters and rival characters that should lead the story.
A struggle of the royal road.The old cooker with a fire once again, Genius caught by revenge etc ... and the characters were plentiful but the appearance was only reminiscent or depiction of specialties and it was a one pattern.

It also sounds like a game with the hero who will be a mountain.
Even if it says "to defeat" a bite, such as analyzing the opponent's habit and weaknesses, or devising countermeasures against good skills, various ways should have been thought about, but in the case of this work the supporting roles are just a back horn or Only the practice amount was emphasized, and the protagonist also overwhelmed with such a supporting role with talent ... It has overwhelmed with expansion.

Although the result (the victory of the hero) is clearly understood, the ingenuity is not felt in the process and it is pale white ... this was fatal in keeping the series serial.

[Comprehensive evaluation] is [bad], but depending on how attractive it would have been bigger. I am looking forward to the next work.

Thank you for reading my sentence.

2016/01/03 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5173
There will be no meaning for this work as a theme of judo.
I just wanted to do "I thought the genius hero Suga!" I can only see.

Speaking of Judo cartoon that gained popularity at Sunday, Kawai of the author, who is also famous himself, is famous for "The band is kinky!" Mr. Kawai, who is also an experienced person, mentioned his father's death in the final volume,
As with my father, I showed respect to all Judo families whose names are supporting the foundation of Japanese judo in teaching backwards throughout the country.
In this work, however, it is a way of drawing tradition = "authority that rotted". Otherwise it can not justify the hero.

Although it is shown to have a certain respect for experiences and efforts by putting out characters such as the Tiger Bear's elderly and effort soldiers, Kazuma Zhuzi never struggles without winning and winning through the battle in the first place before the main character There is no change in my heart.
In addition, the bright character which is the son of Director Osamu Osamu appeared in the form of taking them as a stepping stone,
I wonder if this is what I intend to do even if you say "Your opponent took me a genius.

Even if you read this work in the first place, the fun of Judo do not convey at all. There were a lot of people who started Judo by reading "Zhu Guu".
There are people who are interested, although I do not think that I could become a genius girl by reading "YAWARA".
However, there is no one who reads this "Akatsuki Tyrant" and starts Judo ... people who started it will not have a week.

"Tiger Mask" keeps fighting with the organization's thugs even if you consider it as a fighting manga emphasizing entertainment rather than realistic sports cartoon,
"Shura no gate" to challenge heterogeneous fighting sports abroad to maximize strength,
There is no feeling of harahara in "Mashima-kun" etc. which made both elements combined.
If it mistakenly becomes a long-term series, is it a "Tennis Prix" line? Either way evaluation is "worst".