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Other media: Anime:AKAME ga KILL!
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Comics rank of 2010 Rank 20in 313 titles
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Tashiro Tetsuya
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Japan Released:2010/03/20(Sat) Monthly GANGAN JOKER / End:2016/12/22
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2017/03/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13451 Host:13456 Browser: 5139
[There is a spoilerly description]
[good point]
The ability battle is surprisingly kneaded and there is also bargaining and it is interesting.
Characteristics, character deza. It was not bad from the beginning but it was a favorite one, but it improves steadily.
The power of the battle, finesse, there are also easy to see. I realize that the power of painting is big again.
Dark fantasy terrible portrayal and egg deployment. And the character died without mercy.
I think that it is not unnecessary death because it has some influence on surviving people.
Where you can see that it does not affirm the killer 's business by fulfilling the purpose, but by making it the result that also has the above sacrifice, bitterness.
Not only is not only heavy, comical, hot blood, excitement and royal road underlies.
Many charming characters. To a disappointing feeling with a good meaning if you die on enemy ally.
Esdes. It is super beautiful but there is a romantic element (itself is pretty cute), the villain of nature who can not rescue root (in itself it is amazingly pretty), although it feels good even though Tatsumi was more shaken, this female character (real rasubosu) There was no presence such as tremendous strength that is unusual.
It is also a proof of a good work that the human being asserted as the strongest in the beginning was properly finished.
With 15 volumes in all, I finished firmly with my opponent who should settle down smoothly and folded up.
[Bad point]
For the world viewpoint is a default that is common in games and light novels.
The feeling that the main character also becoming a title did not engage with another protagonist Tatsumi (until then it seems that Akame was suddenly becoming the hero at the end of the Tatsumi hero.The feeling of two people alone is poor ). It may have been great that these two people do not have it at work which love elements are also many (theme is love or death). I was told that there was a trouble with the consolidation due to the relationship with Esdos who became a rasp boss.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Dark fantasy ability battle cartoon. Works that are well sold and animated as well. Some parts are relaxed thanks to the painting, so if there is any problem I would like to recommend it. Roots are good boys' comics. Evaluation is "very good" between 'highest'.

2015/09/19 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27689 Host:27969 Browser: 5944
I think that it is a concrete example showing the tendency of the girl Moe work of the present day most clearly.
Perhaps, I think that it is a calculator of the maker, that the character girl emerges when the torture elements, cruelty, and groom elements are added to the beautiful girl elements and the beautiful girl elements stand out. It seems to me that it is certainly making works that are totally useless on the calculation formula, to the extent that it is.
However, as a result, the human being who does not see the work presupposing the girl Moe, has become a work out of consideration perfectly.
In the torture scene, the suffering has been made not to spoil "cuteness" and "itchiness likeness" (that is, it is a reminiscent of that kind of perfection) result, resulting in insufficient power and the battle is not monotonous Ultimately eventually it is a strategy that pushes the force or is not a big novelty.
There is only an excuse to say that it makes it into conflict of heroes, and it is not drawn much, and setting is also nothing fancy and there is not much accumulation, too much empathy can not be done.
Perhaps, I think that it was quite hit by that. It is a translation that made the flow saying that the main characters "Matomo Human" on the enemy side called Wave are issued and the hero who is going to fight it with an easy-to-understand evil saying "Wild Hunt" helping it as a result ......
To be honest, I do not understand why others bang the bad guys of Wild Hunt. It is frank thought that you are doing something similar like you.
And the most thoughtful thing is that there is one more excitement in the story. In this work 's work, it is the fossil stone that characters are killed one after another, and this work can not be missed in that example as well.
On top of that, I have to say that some meaning is brought up like a character's death, but it is inevitable that it is lacking in excitement.
The reason why it was made is because the emotion that it is not knowing anything more than anything else than the sympathy like "I do not want this character to die!" Comes first.
In short, it is impossible to empathize characters into anything. It does not feel charm and charisma enough to empathize, and it does not mean to take actions that can be liked by human beings.
I just repeat the induction of "intense Moe" by describing the gap between Glo and Moe, at a level that does not collapse. So, it seems that the effect was not good for people watching without premise of Moe.
Again, I think this is probably the work that most clearly represents the current flow of "Bishoujo Moe" work.
Evaluation is "bad".

2015/09/06 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10299 Host:10177 Browser: 5137
[good point]

[Bad point]
The villain has only a guess, the battle scene is not funny, the story is not quite interesting, I misunderstood to kill ally and give rampant to the story, how to manipulate the emperor is miscellaneous

[Comprehensive evaluation]

If this is interesting, it is the same as saying that human beings are interesting in breathing

2014/07/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19746 Host:19648 Browser: 3994
Since animation was interesting, I have recently started reading cartoons! I read it up to 5 volumes today. Impression for now ...
(〓〓〓poiler alert!!)

[good point]
Characters are individual 〓〓〓Each one receives similar treatment (?) In the team, similar tools are used, similarities are surprisingly large, Tatsumi & Wave, gluttonous sisters Akane & Chrome, Tsundere cute Mine, do S but there are various characters such as Seduz who cherish friend, love with Tatsumi, is cute, there are good places, Dr. stylish like something, and is not getting tired of ww I like Akame.Main.Shodos-sama (^ 〓〓〓^)

The story is interesting!
〓〓〓I think that the balance between serious and gag is well taken. Every time, 〓〓〓will be interested in the next time & it will be wanting to read quickly 〓〓〓

I like the picture!

The cover of the book is simple (?) 〓〓〓

Every time in the back cover of the bookbook, manga that collaborated with other work of Gangan JOKER is drawn, but it is very interesting www

[Bad point]
I wrote similar things in the evaluation of animation, but this work may be unavoidable on the story, but contrary to cute patterns such as torture scenes, brutal scenes etc, It is well drawn.

Also, there are often depressive developments such as the death of the characters ... (~~;)

So, I think that likes and dislikes will be divided work ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
After a long absence, I really enjoyed it from the bottom of my heart (?), I think I met a very good work!

Evaluation is "at the highest!" (* ^ _ ^ *)

2014/07/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4536 Host:4319 Browser: 4721
It is an evaluation at the time of reading up to 10 volumes

If you introduce this work briefly without spoilers, pretty main character Tatsumi grows through the battle and emphasizes cruelty and violence in the royal story, giving impact and stimulation and it is cute. It is a feeling that incorporates elements such as love comedy works and moe works between Tatsumi and female characters who are one of the hero as + 〓〓like elements with female characters of various personality such as violence appearing and fighting.

Personally I felt it was a work that kept the popularity tendency such as a work which took on a recent trend or I enjoyed it quite well but I did not have such a fun as to want to read again and again I got a negative impression because there was a sense that I had aimed at blatantly many women in the character

Talk and deployment is a place where it is comparatively solid and somewhat violent depiction etc., it is not a place where there is neither possible nor impossible ...
Although there is a royal road fun, although the depth of the story and the stretchy development and twisted development like a kneaded stuff are not there, the center of the talk is completely tatami for now as the title is "slash the kame" For a little doubt

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a useless work for those who are not good at cruel depictions but I think that there is not much to say that reading is bored if it is a person who is okay and who reads battle items

Although there are cruel depictions that are not recommended for young people, considering whether violence depictions and developments can be enjoyed by receiving shock or stimulus, it is a fun way for young people to be a little younger I think that there is also a style that does not make it feel heavy even in the development which should be heavy because there is a solid feeling in content as well ...

2014/07/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15459 Host:15567 Browser: 6316
I thought about how the main character died soon but that was meaningful

[It will be spoiled from here]
The reason why Scielet died is to raise the battle of Main and the Selius so that the Burt died To give him an empire to Tatsumi Chelsea was killed but Susanoo helped as a result of the Bolik assassination Until his colleagues ran away To earn time

I still have it but everyone has a meaning to death each of which has a meaning of death I do not read properly to criticize it Proof that I do not want that act to misunderstand those who have not read yet

2013/10/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13512 Host:13357 Browser: 10245
[good point]
The number of relatively charming characters

[Bad point]
It seems to be drawn with the theme of dark fantasy, but it was bad. Berserk reigns in that genre, so from a person who has read it, naming sense, setting, worldview, battle scenes are not even far beyond the reaching point If characters died quickly is it dark? Then the TeraFormers can become hot and composition is good, and how is it that the name Akame says not to be used so much in the title

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it can not fix the evaluation because it is not yet completed, although it is not saying as a trash, it is never an interesting work. I think it was good just to read things borrowed from a friend

2013/09/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26891 Host:27114 Browser: 3415
For now, the most interesting manga.
However, although there are obstacles that it is difficult to find it with cancer guy joker, manga cafe. . .

The life and death are protected, the acne and the hero position in the title.
It is not amusable when we die.
A number of precious valued fellow characters are also dying.

On top of that, it is interesting to see how psychology affects battle, life and human relations.
Esda and the hero's love affair are two people who are too far away, so I do not know what will happen, but it seems like a spicy stuff that is not so far, so far.
It is an interesting place to sublimate it.