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Japan Released:1979 Margaret / End:1980
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2016/12/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In 1979, when the urban legend "mouth split woman" had caused a major boom to become a social phenomenon, it suddenly appeared in "Weekly Margaret" which is a royal road girl's manga magazine, and unlawfully traumatized the readers of the time Honorable mention of a horror manga for women who knows who has an anecdote of attaching.
When I was a child, when I was casually flipping through "Margaret" that was piled up in my cousin's room casually, I came across this book and I remember all the stories as if I greedy, but if I think about it It might be a horror manga that I have perfectly read for the first time in the world ... even in that sense, it is an unforgettable work personally.

Girls' junior high school student. Since Sawako witnessed a shooting star at school time, a bizarre blood suicide killing incident occurred in the vicinity of her, and Sawa itself was also victimized by blood sucking monsters and their parents were sacrificed. During the two weeks when Sawa was taken over by relatives and finished preparing to move, a strict security system due to the police was laid, but around the same time the crime of the blood-sucking monster also became intimidating. I will start taking a story ... the story will unfold.
Sawatani witnessed shooting star = meteorite is a blood sucking ameba adhered and transforming the host into a blood-sucking monster by invading the organism's body, but it is too close to Shochiku movie "Vampire Gokemidoro" famous as a cult work I feel a little doubtful about the setting, and I can not deny the shoveliness when I look at the look of the bloodsing monster as if I had mixed the "tears of mouth" of the time with the "snake woman" of the rental era when talking about it in the present sense Hmm.
Despite the fact that such a neck is conspicuous, it is a place you can not mind seeing this work that it has more fun than the level as a "horror cartoon".

Family friends who were drawn as "beautiful girls" rather than Sawa, beauty classmates who used to admire Sawa as much as anything "hero", confronting the blood-sucking monsters a few times ... Gurasan Detective ... As a result, there is no forgiveness of the characters who expected to survive "Koitsu on the fossils" to be victims altogether (some characters with a lot of turns have been killed in general), this cartoon ), And initially the target of blood sucking who had targeted only Saha got into school, the scales of fear expanded to the unspecified majority, it is strange of development, greet without any salvation "How do you know each other Also despair "last such as being reconquered even if I read it again.

What was excellent was that by hiding the dead bodies of the victims on the hands of the phantom monster to "in the skipper", "in the incinerator" and "in the water reservoir", the impact degree It is a point that has devised devotion to fear production so that it doubles. In particular, since the "reservoir" is directly connected to the faucet of the water supply, the students who finished the physical education classes moisten their throats with their "water" ... in the medium of girls' comic magazines, I was impressed that I could do a depiction without Egetsu.
Sawa who had barely escaped difficulties until then was also groaned by the deployment of the climax which finally got parasitic before the last round and became a blood-sucking monster. Although it is parasitic, it tends to expect that a "miracle" will occur naturally in the emotional sense of the reader as one more story remains, but such convenient "heroine correction" exists in this work It was not. After he had finished reading, he was only taken off from a strange style of drama by Ms. Kikko Kikukawa.

Regrettably, why does blood sucking ameba do not make it unknown whether it sticks to Sawa's existence by extraordinary? Including the closeness with "Gokemidoro" mentioned earlier, as soon as this point is cleared, "very good" was attached, the sweetness of the stuffing is regretted.