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Yoshiharu Tsuge
Japan Released:1967/10 Garo
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2017/03/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I think that it is a work of high completeness among works of Professor Tsuruga.

As a content, the theme of the girl's menstruation is the young girl who came to fishing in the mountains and the girl who is doing a store number in place of the father in Al at the mountain tea shop.Chicchisa Yoko,
And the boy who can not help being really concerned while always bullying Sayoko.

As Masaji guides the angler back to the fishing spot, he will see the sakko flowing "red flowers" into the river, so the "stories growing from children to adults" portrayed.

It is natural that you first become an adult in this story is a sakyo that will welcome the menarche,
Another masaji that changes how she deals with her is included.

Masaji who is suffering from poor physical condition coming from menstruation and who is puzzled by the change of my body and such awkwardly as she is awkward,
These two are contrasted, and the appearance that boys and girls gradually change to adults with one 'incident' triggered richly emotionally.

Especially the atmosphere of the adult's man is felt in the masaji that puts a friendly word while descending from the mountain carrying the last coma, Sayako.
And the young man who finished fishing is staring at the figure of the two from afar.

According to what I heard, Tsurugi sensei seems to have been worried whether to bring an angler of an angler to the end,
I think that having made this young man appear in the end resulted in the work depth.

While looking at the masaji and sayoko descending from the mountains, he murmured, "Have you made up?
Give this to the side who reads the impression "adults watching the children"
I succeeded in finishing it as a very warm work.
This story is a road that adults have all passed by.

On the contrary, this young man wonders what happened to the body of the sakoko,
And I do not know how Masaji received it,
You can receive it as "Children are growing rapidly where adults are not seeing".

Moreover, not only the sources of such a story, but also the character depiction of three people have good taste and use unique dialect Sayoko and Masaji have a cheeky cheeky cuteness.
The young man of the angler also said to Masaji "Do not tease that child so much"
The impression of the work is refreshing because there are also his existence being drawn with a character as a good older brother.

The gestures of the characters are also tasty one by one,
Natural scenery of each frame is drawn very beautifully and creates a magical space.

With just 15 pages of works, there is a tightly packed charm that you can taste.
Evaluation is "highest", it is a masterpiece.