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Who are "Taitengyodo", the gentlemen bandits that everyone's gossiping about...!? A glorious opening to an illustrated tale of Chinese history. A glorious opening to an illustrated tale of Chinese history.
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Youichi amano
Japan Released:2009/05/18(Mon) Weekly Shonen Jump / End:2009/11/02
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2009/09/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:2(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 32128 Host:32069 Browser: 11525
[What is good]
It is a good picture.

[What is bad]
Plot flow is little bit awkward

It is very well made piece of work. But, I hope the author improve the plot flow.

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2015/07/08 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3188 Host:3248 Browser: 8624
Although it is a Chinese battle battle fantasy that boldly arranged water margin, the subject was not merit

On the contrary, if I do not know the water margin, the character name is hard to memorize
I even felt that I was contempting what I should do first in a boy's manga, in which my eyes got too far to gather 108 fellows and bring out the charm of the hero

There was even a section where the numerous fellows also appearing itself is aimed at, so it is pulled by the subject and it is only a disadvantage. What do you want a friend to do to collect what you want to accomplish? To the last, that must be at the center

Even in the battle, we just shout at the skill name and swing the sword, we do not have any tactical ingenuity, it is cool to some extent from the beginning and knocks down the enemy when the hero has come. Such cartoons are already full of belly

The author may have wanted to aim for a style like Sekami Hayikei, but it is a splendid failure of things.
I am a writer who wants eyes to come out someday because the drawing skill is high, but I will assume the evaluation is [very bad]

2015/07/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 208 Host:103 Browser: 5173
Works that symbolize Yoichi Amano better or worse Why is such a picture so good, every time (worse) a character with bad character and a character that becomes uncomfortable are wondering what will appear Nobody knows uselessly pretty heroine And there is a temple element of the Amano work, such as a painting that is hard to see delicately by enthusiastic entry

Originally this work was impossible at the time of "Water Margin" as a theme because it is quite difficult to make all 108 members appear in the jump censoring society because it is hard to leave the theme itself because it is over if it fails Even if the bus took out five generations of Kiseki, it took more than a year to abandon it but it was a heea in the race but 108 people could not appear in the character. Even if you ask the original novelist of the core business, it will be difficult. The subject matter chosen is a problem of this cartoon
There are also 108 disadvantages that each person's impression will be diminished, but because it was censored it is not a problem (it ended before the problem)

I write it many times but I think that the picture of Professor Amano is quite high level (Weekly this is a miracle level)
Because the story itself is not good enough to put tsukkomi in the royal road so much so why not make it a hero of low likelihood each time Why do you say what a wasteful cute heroine will become air on the way everything Dr. Amano said " It seems like I mistook the "stacking up" of "stacking", so it is very regrettable

Evaluation is "bad".

2015/05/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5560 Host:5731 Browser: 5710
[good point]
Was it there?

[Bad point]
The main character is bad
The gag is boring
The sense of the author is bad

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think this author seems to have liked the hero who is twisted? Because I am buying a jump, I have not had a decent main character at all.
I think that he is being cut off because hero is unattractive.
I am told that the painting ability is high, but I think that it is not special high. I always feel hard to see.
You'd better analyze why it will be terminated.

2015/03/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10494 Host:10585 Browser: 9629
[good point]
The artistic strength itself is high
The girls seemed pretty and cute

[Bad point]
My eyes slipped and I can not read it properly
I can not see characters different from other cartoons in characters
Cover of the last volume is dark

[Comprehensive evaluation]
This author has always been expecting since "rabbit, tortoise and strike" but eventually it seems that it did not become a way of growth as expected ...

"There is a phenomenon that" eyes slip ", but this work was very remarkable It is overworking oneself that I am a good picture ...
As a result, I think that it wasted uselessly to produce unnoticed director's and screen making, and I was thinking that my own search for a pattern was not successful

The first impression of popping is not good and it is impossible not to have the evaluation of the story firmly from the general reader because it can not read properly

I wonder if someone should have advised us as a viewer of more readers. Well, that is, the editor is not becoming a third party perspective though ...

Addendum ... We will raise the evaluation by changing the criteria of the overall evaluation

2012/09/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17970 Host:17960 Browser: 7301
Jump Gakkari of the Year Grand Prize in 2009.
It is very wasteful. Speaking of Professor Yoichi Amano, a beautiful piece is the biggest feature and a weapon.
The beginning color of the first episode is really beautiful and the painting is wonderful, and from now on a grand water margin will be drawn,
As I remembered, the poem baseball cartoon of the previous work was also quite powerful, so we had similar expectations.

---- If you have prepared a proper original.
There was enough possibility that it could become a big hit.

The big-scale story that 108 heroes of water margin spread with active jumps is very challenging.
Many readers will be reminiscent of Fujiliu's original rape comicariza, Hosogi Jiyui.
This manga is also drawn in a unique interpretation as a magical water margin as in the title. I do not actually know the water margin,
Luke - Bride is too strange that I tried a trial version of Genso Water Margin 2 and it is almost zero knowledge,
Anyway, I do not like the main character and the character and capabilities of the hero aside.

The main character is very hard to stick. It is Yoichi sensei who treats an airy heroine contemptuously,
Somewhere around, I feel like I'm reminiscent of DQN 's eyeglasses boyfriend in the previous work ... Eye.
In the end, the main character 's digging down was finally done, and although it was seen in Mashi somehow it was too late too much.
I do not know why I chose such a hero, but I'm sorry that my appearance and weapon design are quite excellent.
Mr. Zhu Gui using knife was a pretty favorite character, though.

Well, as I said earlier, it is difficult to get all 108 people on the stones. If you were preparing a design for everyone in advance,
You should release the configuration set immediately. However, not all readers can be remembered.
Even just being able to memorize the names of the fellows, there are not intense characters that are quite impressive.
Along with the censoring, I could not give the opportunity for generosity with the degree of facial expression and ended.
I wonder whether that was a very harsh challenge after all, even if the original was on ....
Perhaps 108 heroes are the original of the original, but the essential story does not interest me.
If it says better, it seems like a jump, but it was in line with the royal road, was it ought to have issued elements called Water Margin ...?

But how about the skill of being Yoichi-sensei's weapon? Certainly there is plenty to see.
However, as you mentioned, the commentary was not good and it was a fact that I could not enjoy the battle depiction.
Although the battle itself was not drawn so much in the first place ... though.
At the end of the game, it was very impressive that one piece of angry troupe triple shots had been so impressive that it might have been thoroughly done from the beginning.
With a feeling like a beautiful sword fighting scene in infinite inhabitants.

Later on at SQ I was commissioned by Examurai but this is a comic book that flew away quite a bit.
Although the project called Examurai itself is in the beginning, it is worth reading even though it is beautiful because beauty drawing is alive in itself.
Others have said that some work has been announced for themselves, but I'd like to try reading the new series on an original work.

2012/05/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13308 Host:13174 Browser: 7506
This work is very skillful, such as pictures and composition, and the design of 108 heroes of 1 story doodoro is also attractive, so I was expecting it.
It is regrettable that it may have become a next sign if it can successfully steer.

What is distinctive is how to use large frame.
I am conscious of the attractive scenes that decorate the four sides of the frame carefully.
I think that this was a good production because it is a person with good picture and it also becomes an accent in the story.
(You do not do anything more than triple flats spreading just before the censoring)

Unfortunately, this author. The composition of the battle is very controversial. The abuse of the special knockout technique is conspicuous.
It seems that Tokajima vs. Hayashiuchi was the reason why the composition was fascinating.
It quickly strayed out from the battle with General Kanpaku where funeral was the most obvious.
The moss here is a fatal wound and it echoes after a while.

In the Yangsan-sen story, the setting of the power of 108 squirrels becomes clear.
Because this is a setting often found in boys' comics, it is ant. The depiction is also pretty cool.
However, it was too late to appear.
If it was made to appear in the game of the victory, it is regrettable that the boring victory game would have been quite exciting.

In addition, 〓〓〓〓〓〓,,,,,,,,,,,
I was sorry that I finally regained my sword and it was terminated without much activity.
It was a character I was looking forward to appearing since I saw a picture, so when I first appeared it was awesome ....
Somehow, at the time of Hanabusa 's first appearance it is good manga and a good man, many shoulder watermelon cartoon.

Although the appeal of the setting and the skill of the picture are glowing, the sense of balance is bad.
Such cartoons are frankly related to long-term series, but there may be bad luck that did not become a signboard.
Good is hard to put on. Ordinary?

2011/12/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25522 Host:25675 Browser: 2905(Mobile)
Just recently, my brother asked, "Akoboshi was interesting, did not he? I was asked, "Well, I thought like that?" While reading it quickly, it was an amazingly funny work. Character is also established with high drawing ability. It was such a work reminiscent of "Seikodo acting" which was famous one generation ago. I miserable myself I missed such a great manga. It was it that ended in the form of censoring.

2011/12/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15848 Host:15990 Browser: 3107(Mobile)
I recently became anxious and read it,
It is fairly interesting, as it is a motif of water margin.
Bamboo sword ... It is a weapon named cool internally ^ ^
My favorite characters are Yujong, Suizen, Ranzou, Historic, Three Brothers of Nguyen, Kure, Three Musume, Forest Ok!
However, if it were the only disadvantage to raise, it was that it ended with a censure.
Cutting out such a wonderful Ryosaku I can only imagine the jump editorial department being crazy.
But I enjoyed it quite well.
"Very good"!

2011/01/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5140 Host:5030 Browser: 9673
[good point]
The appearance and inside of the character are properly distinguished and unique.

High drawing ability, personality.

[Bad point]
The hero 's behavior was messed up and there were few people stopping it. I thought that the gono gaku is a good one, but I canceled before fulfilling that role ... the first episode was terrible than anything.

Treatment like the heroine handling like Hermeln 's violin playing flute ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A work that is unbalanced by the height of drawing power and the severity of the character of the hero.
I expect it for the next work.

2010/12/22 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29416 Browser: 6651(Mobile)
After reading a year and seeing ...

[good point]

The height of drawing power itself

Recognition of characters


[Bad point]

There is not much feeling of dynamic

How to put out characters

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is regrettable. It is a work I can not stop saying so.

The skill was No. 1 in the series, which seems to be improving further recently.
It was enough to think that it would be possible to divide 108 Hideyoshi of Water Margin.
The character is also unexpectedly deep.
Wangguang, tied with each other with a firm bond, Hayashi Okami brother,
Daughter-born Dune who is inferior but has a gentle root. It seems that other characters were going to be deeper from now on (book volume 3 volumes).

... But you can also see disadvantages.
First of all, I fill up pictures too much in the frame. It is not good that the main character is buried.
The feeling of lively motion is also subtle.
There are also scenes where Hayashi-ku flies the roof tile and some scenes that Munekensack pounces on Senku can perceive the movement properly,
You can see ingenuity such as expressing with the fragments that scattered the movement. But it was not always felt.

And the biggest fatal injury was how to introduce new characters.
Certainly it is wonderful to put out and 108 people alone are hard to be alone,
At once, in large quantities, it was impossible to do the method of saying (nine out of one talk).
Therefore, the reader who was unable to delve into the story and got talked away went away, the rebound of Yangsan-san edition was empty "to laugh" censoring.

... I read various manga and read it again from now on [best] may not be attached to fluff stones.
However, I do not think that it is still bad now. If it continues as it is it could also be "the second sealed god expression".

... It was not good.

2010/06/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15791 Host:15449 Browser: 4184
It is a substitute that should be called a picture book rather than a comic book that even abandoned Komatsuki.
When it comes to the battle meaning it is easy to read the meaning that I just shouted the technique name and was posing like that.

2010/05/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26374 Host:26413 Browser: 9207
[good point]
Nothing in particular

[Bad point]
Framing too cold gag

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is too packed and packed too much.
I expected it because it is water margin, but I was disappointed.
I am sorry although the picture is fine well.

2010/04/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11885 Host:11836 Browser: 9739
[good point]

Anyway, the picture is good.
It is wonderful that the background is also drawn using the technique.

[Bad point]

Although there are many scenes with movement, the point where movement can not be felt in the picture.

The point that constitution power is not fatal yet.
Since the skeleton of the story is not clear, the character was put out too much from the beginning, the scrub of the early stage weakened as a result, and I had an atmosphere that I could not go on.
It was the impression that nobody stands just by inserting characters from next to next what kind of person it is.
In fact, I think that what is important in making a story is not "how much to include" but "what element to throw away?"
I guess there was little work being thrown away in this work.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

In this work, I feel that "skill of picture" is not positive.
Accurately, should the balance of the talk and the picture be said to be bad by a terrible thing?
I think that this picture is suitable for the hero like a dark hero.
However, considering that gags are mixed in every place, I felt that this picture is "too heavy".
In content, I saw a bright work route of "classic Hinjyu" type of Chinese apart, but I saw the picture "is good" so it looks "darker" than the content.
In short it is "too much is not as good as it is", and it is too painful.
In the new series in the same period, "Beuru Bab" and "Kuroko no Basketball" are not far from this work in terms of painting power itself, but in terms of the balance between movement and style, both works exceeded I will.

After that, it was bad that the most necessary "how to show the talk" in the composition of the cartoon is not it?
In order to show the story, this painting power was not useful at all ... No, it could be said that he was pulling his legs.
It is also the "darkness beyond necessity" that I wrote above, and there are also screens where the main figure is buried as a result of over-drawing entirely.
It seems to have treated things you should and should not show on the same line ....
I think that the charm of the character including the hero could not be seen by the influence of irritation coming from this screen.
Well, the talk itself has a tendency similar to that of the screen, and since the thick places and the thin places are evenly solidified, the necessary elements such as the character of the main character are relatively thin.

Evaluation is "very bad".
Although it can be liked better than a handmade piece, I thought that it would be too blatant.

2010/04/21 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27856 Host:28098 Browser: 9565
[Good point] The painting power is amazing after all. I often wrote this in a weekly series.
I recently read it in the book off and I am thinking that "I thought it was such funny?"

[Bad point] The screen was overwritten and it was hard to read, I stopped reading from the second episode;
Because I could not like the main characters and characters so much ...

[Overall evaluation] I wonder if it is more popular if Yan Blue and Roh Toshiyi who appeared in the last episode were the heroes ...
I have wanted to cheer by looking at the comment of 3 volumes of authors.
If you decide the next series, I'll do my best and read.

2010/04/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16194 Host:16430 Browser: 10909
It is a promise of a boys' manga that makes a character personality by word use, but what does it say? It is very painful to have used as "otaku" to the second person who is the taste of Thai so.
What was the geek consecutive call at the final battle? ...
I felt that the geek geek up to the final frame was really "persistent".

2010/03/30 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33975 Host:34005 Browser: 10708
[good point]
Powerful single picture, character's coolness

[Bad point]
Battle to end with a story, deathblow

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I do not know why this was the case.

Certainly the story development was terrible and not interesting.

But one picture is terrible powerful.

We abandoned "Mesaka Box" which is strangely treated as important,

If this work is pushed further by the editing side,

It was supposed to be the second "Hinnin god".

And should the story become more interesting, it should have become popular as well.

Disappointment is disappointing.

Evaluation is "bad" because the story's stinkiness stands out.

2010/02/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7718 Host:7503 Browser: 10225
The good thing is that it is quite wrong to distinguish characters, and the picture is too fine.
However, the characters themselves are many in the Three Kingdoms in the first place, and even if they do it in a magazine in the past, they do not know who they are.
After all I put out a character, but lacking interest by just sprinkling extra story.
It was no wonder that I did not want to read or want to quit.

Evaluation is "good". Moreover, female characters were not accepted.

2010/01/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25252 Host:25282 Browser: 6320
[good point]
To be talked about. I think it is quite a composition that surprises readers.
High drawing power.
How to put out characters is good.

[Bad point]
Findings make it difficult to talk.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is normal.
As an aside, I think that such a strange story should have been done at Sunday or Jump Square rather than Weekly Shonen Jump.

2010/01/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46421 Host:46547 Browser: 4483
[good point]
The picture is fine.
Girls are cute

[Bad point]
There are many characters.
Flow of talk.
[Comprehensive evaluation]

2010/01/04 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27699 Host:27755 Browser: 2914(Mobile)
I thought it was subtle from the setting, but it is still subtle.
Sangokushi is such a setting personally not good.
So I do not mind aborting it and it seems reasonable.

What was the fun of this author, rabbit, tortoise and strike ...

2009/12/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17885 Host:17629 Browser: 9670
[good point]
Even a manga artist at jumping maintained top class skill, and maintained it during the series.

The enthusiasm of the author, consideration to the reader.

More meaningful than the original, fun battle scenes that are not long in vain.

The twisted hero, its weapons, the gag that sometimes comes out.

"Strength of the star" setting

A final story that makes us feel the continuation.

[Bad point]
Much massage of new characters that suddenly passed

Some characters can only be expressed by strength (such as the Kuromachi dragon who smote the song soldiers, Kanji warrior with spiritual doping, Hana Kaori who breaks the lake)

I've packed too much pictures into the coma.

The grand view of the world is somewhat lacking in explanation.

Lack of production of "the power of the stars"

It is hard to understand that the tempo is so unreliable because it is fast.
[Comprehensive evaluation]

A work that became a signboard cartoon. Is not it a series restart? It is a waste that jumped out, it wasteful.
I will list the good points.

Top class skill

It is very beautifully finished. Also, it was amazing that there were hardly any characters that were subject to modeling though more than 30 people came out. In short, there are very many authors.
Then paint on ink and do nothing but painting. I take off my hat on a picture.

The enthusiasm of the author, consideration to the reader.

Categories of books, profiles of each character, motivation of the author is transmitted from bonus cartoons.

Tempo is good. In a meaning better than the original, a battle scene not long in vain.

Although this manga was examined the original after it began serializing, the original is sad that the ending is sad ... From the middle of the story Yang Liangyan became the country's ally and subjugated the military. However, the heroes disappear little by little, eventually the war dead is annihilated, and the high ball which is the greatest villain survives. I could expect this manga because it was the development of the opposite to say "destroy the song".

A twisted hero

Although evaluation is divided here, I think that it was personally good.
For the time being, he is carrying out his purpose for him. There are also lines from your past such as "confinement of death by being caught in the court," and Shuji is established as a dark hero.
In addition, I talked about a bad reputation pigeon here. Perhaps (or more certainly) the author might have drawn it as a gag ....
And it was good that the last person knew the past of Shuzong. "I'm just using an akuto for my purpose" and the dialogue means that. It was for the revenge of my stepfather that I entered the substitute course. Is it because the possibility of being able to take revenge is the highest?
Compared to being given the heroine to the enemy in the first episode (although it is from the Kanbato area), Yuzong also got a human taste. I wanted to see if I could make a big birthday while laughing like the original.

"Strength of the star" setting

It is a setting reminiscent of the original. Although it seems to be a retrofitting setting, as far as seeing the dialogue of Kazusa Hana of 3 episodes, introduction seems to have been thought from the beginning.
Before it appeared the characters were fighting with their skills. It was not an ESP ability battle to the last.
"Star power" appeared there, but I was relieved with the setting "live in weapons". Even if an element of superpower comes out, the last is the setting that requires your skill. The battle by the body like "Toriko", the setting incorporating elements of other ability battle cartoon was good. Just because of that, the lack of direction I will mention later hurts.

The last episode of

I guess there was only a way to end it to make him feel the continuation. I think I finished it properly.

But the fact is that it can not be said that there were no bad points ....

Much massage of new characters that suddenly passed

It is one of the causes of censoring. Looking at the order of publication in this journal, we have been maintaining the middle for the long time until the appearance of Kanke. However, in the ninth story, "Big Dipper", Ichikawa Blue, Kyodo Ryuu, as many as ten new characters appear, they will quickly drop their rankings and become the lowest in 10 episodes.
I think that it was better to have made the appearance of "Big Dipper" that comes out in 9 episodes at the time when Zujong arrived from the river.

I've packed too much pictures into the coma.

The first and fourth talks are the worst for the stuffing up of frames that will ruin your painting power. However, it has been relaxed much since then.

It was also too late to put out "lack of direction of" power of the star "" power of the stars ". In addition, the author omits the battle of thugs and the heroes in the country that opened the "power of the stars" in order to draw up until the advent of Irieunemon, so the awesomeness of "the power of the stars" has not been transmitted so much.
And the thugs were locked in soap bubbles without appealing the "power of the stars" to their full extent, Dogon in Shujong who woke up to "power of the star" in a phrase. The power of "the power of the stars" has been eliminated. (Although it was complemented by a booklet)

Lack of explanation of the world view

In the first episode only 3 pages are allocated, so it is hard to understand a bit. As a result, many readers misunderstood the story as "thin" (I say so).
... While it is a personal thought, it seems that there was also a sudden battle conversion of "MEDAKA BOX" that stabbed this comic which was picking up. Maybe he was robbed of this vote by ...

The final story, Shu Bong's "no smiley" is sad and drifts. Also, as long as the author is continuing on the last page of the final volume, the publication of the name of the development that would have been drawn in the future, the creator's mockery has come out. I'm sorry and it's really frustrating.

It was a truly "smiley" result, but this author really has a wonderful picture. Distinction of characters is brilliant. Please do your best next time.

I have mentioned this disadvantage as much, but I still love this manga. Evaluation is the best.

I'd like jumps to be squared so please restore this manga. Take another chance.

2009/12/19 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12771 Host:12394 Browser: 4647
[good point]
The picture was beautiful from the middle and it became easy to see.

[Bad point]
I was reading because I am free at the beginning, but I did not mind reading on the way from my way.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anyway it's boring.

2009/12/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 251 Host:370 Browser: 8759
[good point]
High drawing power

[Bad point]
Characteristic is high, but it is a messy character that is difficult to understand and is wastefully cold gag

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The story is good, not bad, it's so funny, but the picture is hard to understand. There is a part that still can not be understood

2009/11/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2465 Host:2358 Browser: 6083
[good point]
A picture is cool Pretty character is cool

[Bad point]
Number of new characters suddenly Contents of the story

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a regrettable work.
Evaluation is "very bad".

2009/11/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18423 Host:18187 Browser: 2027(Mobile)
That was the only signs class.

All 24 serial episodes.

Costumes, buildings, tiles, landscapes ...... Drawing of scraps 0 is about to be appreciated by other writers.

Also decide the production Sesame put a frame of Chinese style.
Early morning, I wanted to avoid as much as I could.
(Because it reduces the amount of explanation of the world view)

Although it is a work that ended with shots

Early rival appearance
Short - term battle
Ikemen character
Drawing a person

It incorporates elements to survive in recent jumps.

What has been overwhelmed so far is

It will be a problem of nature's sense that it is not good to organize stories.

New deployment before the character starts standing behind the introduction of a new character early and early.

With this, I do not know what the light reader layer is.

I guess the original work is good for the next work.

2009/11/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24889 Host:25057 Browser: 9207
[good point]
I have a very high drawing ability and I take off my hat by keeping it until the end. I was especially fascinated by the excellence of the coma and decided sesame (?) Seen from various angles.
Also, each of the main characters was habitable, so it was easy to remember as the character was standing from the beginning.

[Bad point]
It is certain that the picture is good, but the background and the things are drawn finely in each frame, but it was difficult to see it in reverse. Personally it is acceptable.
I can not remember it because there are too many characters. Because when a new character comes out, it is hard to understand whether it is the first appearance or not if it comes out the next time because it usually comes out several times, mostly people who are not directly related to the main character are finished in about several frames. It is fine to have a lot of characters, but I think that I wanted you to calm down a bit and get it out little by little. As me who ending with browsing, it was difficult to understand the hostile relationship of characters in particular.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It finally ended. I would like to say to everyone who celebrates serializing keeping the quality of that much happiness.
It's me who finishes jumping by browsing, but it was this work that took the longest time to read.
It was disappointing because it was finally cut off where it got interesting and I did not even know the original work. Personally thought that it would be faster to clearly explain the emergence of rivals and the story's main line.
However, I like works that I can take carefully and I think that the battle scene was also cool with a sense of presence. It is regrettable when I think that it was a manga with a taste when I was slowly going through it. Evaluation is "good".

2009/11/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Character of a hero with a very visual appearance (powerful crushgie if it says in a word)

[Bad point]
Although it can be said from wastefully putting characters out too much, was the author thinking of the story composition properly? Because of that, it is impossible to emotion other than the hero and Lin Chu (Chinese character trouble)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It can be said that you will make a composition that is more suitable for jumping

2009/11/02 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
It is possible to use ink painting and bleeding painting, and that the drawing power is very high with almost no picture collapse
Many shapes of characters

[Bad point]
I've been overworked and changed viewpoints, making it hard to understand
There are only a few battle explanations of the background of the character and the story, the story has no depth and depth
The hero is uncomfortable and discordant mismatch

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a work based on the Chinese novel that follows the "Huan Shinkin Enka" which was the most beautifully finished in jump history without any enlargement or hint recovery.
Among the Chinese novels, since Water Margin needs to move as many as 108 characters, I think that the author's skill is the original to be questioned.
The other day, unfortunately, as you know, it resulted in a death.

Below, I will cite the good part bad part.

〓〓〓I was able to use paintings from paintings with very high drawing power to bleeding pictures, and there was never a picture disorder despite the weekly serial series.
Also, since you can write a piece of picture to shoot, there are many cool items that tickle the boy's mind, such as a door painting and a book cover.

〓〓〓Many drawers of character shaping This author thinks that it is an author who can write various characters.
I realized that it is an author who has a very large number of drawers on tattooing, burns, physique to hair style, clothes, and character shaping.
Although it was a short-term serial, still more than 30 characters were out, and I think that it was wonderful that most of the characters did not get stuck.
I believe that it was because I had confidence in that point that I chose the water margin as the original which will move 108 characters.

〓〓〓Writing and viewpoint change too much so that paintings are difficult to read Before the end few talks have been relaxed considerably, but as a whole it is so fine that writing is too fine, so it was in a state where it is difficult for eyes to move to the moving character It was.
One piece is also very fine, but the character is moving around the magazine at the center of the coma to the last, ingenuity is made as easy as possible as possible.
Since we can not see such ingenuity in this work, we can not concentrate on the movement of characters.
Also, the view from the bottom or the angle from diagonally above, etc., the point of view suddenly changes so that the picture becomes more difficult to see.

〓〓The lack of explanation of the story and the background, all the things are totally thinly encounter with the heroine 〓〓〓the fun fundering 〓〓〓meeting with the buddies 〓〓〓meeting with friends 〓〓〓the flow of the base strategy is not bad, but too much of the world view or There is not enough explanation of the background, it is very unkind to see who is unable to read the water margin, whether you are acting with the world view or what you are targeting.
As for characters, we will not introduce character stands and backgrounds barely, so we will put them one after another, so it is only Fayukuchi and Wangzhou that the characters are standing properly.
By this, the story, the world view, the character were very thin, I could not feel the spread of the story and the charm of the story.
Nevertheless, since things to do are a series of battle, "It is a routine work that moves around at a funny angle, a character you can not understand well, it is a messy picture that I can not see well, I do not know well, it is a somewhat unknown manga" It was.

〓〓The setting error of the hero The first impression of Majong which is the hero was the worst.
Who can love the hero who sells the heroine to the enemy in any strategy and looks at the tragedy of the hero with cold eyes, "Who is nothing to do with justice or not is king?"
You can hardly see improvements such as roasting a hardworking pigeon pigeon and eating it with two episodes, which seems to be just a miserable bad runaway.
Besides, it is a revenge for the thing that you want to do is killed by the father-in-law, and it is a revenge for the thing that you want to do is killed, and this is a person who has stronger power and ability, It will become.
Moreover, if it is only strong as this, not only wanting to become the next emperor, but only to assassinate Takashi, the act of entering a substitute course is incomprehensible.
In addition, even though the hero who is incomprehensible and incomprehensible and meanwhile has poor performance and worst popularity is depicted quite strongly in the making, there is no character that can constantly capture him.
So, as the story progresses with the unreasonableness that caught up with the curse, there is no sympathy for the character that agrees with that action, and hence the entire story, not only the hero but also the entire story.
Whether the author was aiming for a dark-hero, the dark part of it all turned into discomfort against the main character.

Although listed above, the part written with "x" was decisively useless as a comic book to be published in a juvenile magazine.
Especially to say that the main character is uncomfortable and not sympathizing is fatal.
I am doing the same thing with the overtime of the previous work, and this author should learn the character makeup and the story makeup, or become an exclusive drawing work and have someone take the original work.
As the author who puts a beautiful picture in a stable fashion is rare, I think that there is also the possibility of getting bigger if you add a good original.
In the next work I hope to improve and write interesting things.

Thank you very much for reading my long sentences.