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Other media: JP movie:Ai to Makoto
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Takumi Nagayasu
Weekly Shonen Magazine
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Japan Released:1973 Weekly Shonen Magazine / End:1976
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2012/08/21 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Heavily thick and exaggerated "Pure love super masterpiece". Person drawing is particularly beautiful, it is excellently rendered finely up to the edge work. However, the second half of the story became complicated, violent, cruel, deepening the degree of wisdom and becoming commonplace.

2012/08/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
1. The picture is beautiful in a rage.
Of course not only female characters, even debuts and old-fashioned characters, just feeling good.

2. Iwashimizu's behavior which does not know his position in the play.The behavior,
"There is something like this" and it was a new discovery.

[Bad point]
Serifs of characters' plays have been annoying.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
This manga which brought about the world,
When reading over again,
Anyway, I'm awkward to play "The play I saw.

Because Kajihara cartoon, the speech of the character,
I can not help it even if it comes to tone of explanation, it exceeds the level of it.

As long as you read in interesting style with comic cafe,
I do not think it is a work to read until purchase.

2010/05/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 54175 Host:53964 Browser: 10714
The original series serialized at Weekly Shonen Magazine in 68-73: Mr. Kazuo Kajiwara's Mr. Tako Taka's love story cartoon. Saotome shogunate 's "Love" is 7 years old, when an unknown boy saves his life at Tateshina ski resort, the boy gets scratched on his forehead. Eight years later, love who became a high school student reunites with "Makoto Taga" who was a boy at that time, but he ended up becoming a poor violent student named `Futen.Tiger '. Love who knew that Makoto parents broke down due to scar of the forehead when I helped love and found that the family collapsed resolves to be responsible and decides to rectify Makoto. How is the fate of love and truth.

The original work of this work is a hot blood sports such as "Giant Star", "Tomorrow's Joe", and "Tiger Mask." Professor Ikki Kajiwara, known for his fighting spirit, challenges love things by striking with the men's showdown It is a work that did. The magazine brought with Mr. Kajiwara by a hot-blooded battle thing puts pure love affair work on it, and this time it is this work that the editor-in-chief of the magazine of that time asked Professor Kajihara anew. However, Professor Kajihara also seems to be puzzled about the genre that changed since the previous fighting work. Meanwhile, magazine also had a magazine set up by Professor Kajihara until then, so it seemed that I could not make a disappointing work, but he would not have to depend on Kajihara sensei. However, there was no one who could make a great story beyond Professor Kajihara, and if he declined the quality of the magazine with a disappointing work, he decided that he had to discard both shame and foreign speech and write it to Professor Kajihara. As a result, both the original Kajiwara sensei and the magazine editing department are very strong in this work.

The story is reunited with "Masayoshi Taga", a former senior daughter "Saotome love" saved himself, but in order to save the sincerity that caused the scratches received at that time to become bad with the parents as a result of being unfamiliar with their parents , Love acts at the risk of life, love love and support from behind the scenes "Iwashimizu Hiroshi" and the flower garden shadow Nobunacho `Takahara Yuki 'and` `Zao Kuo Tai' 'and so on intertwining with each other What is fate like to do? Well, although it is a romantic thing, it is a work that is very likely to be Professor Kajihara who has drawn the leading actors of life with such things as being killed, etc. It is not exaggeration to say that it is exactly the very thing of love. Moreover, the teacher 's painting is a dramatic tone for young magazines, which has further enhanced the atmosphere in which it was even more drastic, and that is attracting this work again.

There are no gaggy developments like talking about this work, there is only a breathtaking development created by the best tension. Even if I love it, there is only a single feeling even if Iwashimizu is made, and Makoto really wants to get out of that past or the past, but it has gone by being strayed by the heart of Gure once raised, only to live while quarreling with a tube . I feel that the answer that can be found in each such feeling is that it is the real pleasure of this work. I think that I can not do a love story drama as much as this work anymore, the evaluation will be [highest!] Because it is a pure love work that is located at the highest point for the first time. Since it is said that the movie production request came from Shochiku immediately after this work was serialized, I can tell how great the content is. For readers familiar with the current shabby romance manga, is there anyone who can find the quality of this work?

2009/08/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5045 Host:4880 Browser: 9573
[good point]

To Mr. Kajiwara it was a rare school subject. However, it was a bad student Norii 's work.

Heroine Sotoho Love with love is the theme, but it was a hot expansion with era error ... ... I was moved.

Iwashimizu's "I die if it is for you" was frequented by storytelling.

[Bad point]

After all, what I am doing is Glenn Corps. Mr. Kajiwara 's good - looking man is somewhat refracted ~.

I do not even understand the feelings of the hero who collapsed my family, but I am too low.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

+ - 0 means "normal".

2009/08/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10672 Host:10834 Browser: 6653
Perhaps it was a cartoon that built a period with "Weekly Shonen Magazine" in the 1970s,
It was a work that I did not feel so much impact.
I remember the last, but I do not remember the background to it
(Or, maybe there is not much story?).

[good point]
Although it is a painting of a dramatic style, it is drawn firmly,
It was easy to see.

(1) I did not feel attractive to the characters.
Makoto of the hero is not sure what he is thinking ... ....
By the way, I do not remember whether he had a monologue scene
(If it is the hero, it is natural and it is ... ...).

(2) I was not interested in the story itself.
Although there is also the impression that it is better than "bad things" which are often seen in youth magazines.

(3) It is a common pattern, but the last saying "What will happen after this?"
I can not like it.
With this kind of thing, the thing the author wanted to appeal through the work did not convey.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Considering [good points], I will keep it as "ordinary" close to "good".