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Monthly Corocoro
Japan Released:1983/07/15(Fri) / End:1987
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2006/12/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11390 Host:11471 Browser: 5234
It is a gag cartoon that packed Jackie. Chen, it must be ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it is a work composed of puns of deprivation system and lower neta.
There was also an image that Jackie's teacher Fei Fei resembles Jacquer's master who comes out in "Drunken" with the condition that the successor of the Aho fist has to take 0 points in the test.

Although it was fun by having the keyword "aho" to be a gag, its gag is slightly more plain compared to other colored cartoons such as "superman Quinta man", but a catastrophic one like Quintaman I think that it was a gag of a gentle system that seems to be funny and laughable. For that reason, it was a good impression on the content. I think that it was not the content that feels discomfort both in the fashionable battle and the neta.

Jackie of this work is truly a stupid and it is not in the position to be able to put up with any of the Sakata-san, but it is a tough time but when I saw real Jackie, I thought what kind of face ... at that time But the real Jackie did not have enough time to read this work ... ......

2006/12/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52547 Host:52557 Browser: 3874
In this work, characters who modeled actors who are active in Hong Kong, including Jackie. Chen, are puns, momentary performances,
It is a gag comic that unfolds downward neta.

Initially, the entanglement with Bruce. Saw is main and "Suwa", "Source" etc. Starting with the pun that involved Saw, "Silent Fist"
A fashioned battle will be developed that said "Mart Fist".

Even if it is not instantaneous, such as "I do not understand", "Not sure", Jackie and her master brings one hundred yen and enters the restaurant,
The story of bastards and bastards, the story of Jackie frenzying after receiving the Otomachi (5 yen) from the master, etc., the artist's unique skill was seen throughout the work.

2006/12/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 7395
It was a comic gag cartoon at the time. The protagonist is Jackie. Chen is a model, rival Bruce Saw, of course, lol. Li Kowlong was a model.

Arried, the picture was polite. I can have liking around that.

Oh yeah, every time, it was pleasant that the blues appeared in an impossible transformation appearance. I tried to take soup from Jackie's body, and his master who was prominent in curiosity was doing interesting characters as well.