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Other media: JP movie:Ah!! Hana no Ouendan :1976
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Japan Released:1975 Manga Action
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2011/10/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Every character has inevitability. Aomi Akutado is also chaotic, but basically it is moral good. It keeps balance by the limit without stepping off to the place which is not permitted by gag cartoon. Humanity is sometimes entered and there is sharpness.

[Bad point]
Anyway, Misuzu. There are people whose Misuzu is "junjun" or "ever", but I can not understand. Will you have the same impression after reading the Okinawa edition several times? On the ship to Okinawa, tie up Aota and beat up violence so that you will be bloody, instructing "next", "next", and "Following" I am giving a lively buffet with yo (making a person stupid), and further violence such as "voice is small!" If you do not like it. In Yoron Island, the situation that the Qing Dynasty tied to the room where Condo XX was scattered where there is not a step foot of the foot with tissues and is sleeping snore bark mononumis lying next to it. When Qingda escapes to abusive abuse, caught and burned with moxa. Misuzu is having fun laughing with "Huhuhu."
While seeing the pedestal to pierce Aota's forehead and seeing it taking away, to Aita's father, a gentleman, with a lie obviously saying "Let's do so (mother-of-moms)", let him get married If you asked for it, you still frankly says "Please give Ms. Aoto to Kin XX." (Kin XX is not joking, it is treated as ignoring the personality of Qingda that she is going to ask me) If you refuse to be angry, you strike back and attack and hit the last while laughing until it says "Wedding right now". Where is "pure heart" and where is "ever"? Even if it takes one, it is only what you can not do if you think the opponent or the other 's family as' important'. Although it says lightly as "I love you" or "I like it," I do not think anything about Aota as "important". In short, I just want to make Aota obedient and make it my own toy. Misuzu himself may be "I love Aota", but from ignoring human's common sense, ignoring the partner's feelings at all and forcing repeated sexual acts and service, "stalking behavior" or " It is classified as a crime such as confinement. Misuzu thinks that people who say "Junjo" must admit that Misuzu's behavior in Okinawa will be classified as a crime such as "stalker action" or "confinement of confinement". Can we sympathize with saying "stalking behavior", "confinement" or "violence" as "pure circumstances"?
I do not think anyone says that rape of 8 volumes, congestion, obstruction of matching of 10 volumes, 12 injurious acts (shaving chest hair) are pure love, but in the battle between the 11th volume Aota and the White Tiger Daigaku Some may say that it is love to push high fever and leave the house when the battle stops. However, it is a man 's serious game. What really happens as Misuzu goes out to the battle field and stops, or it dies as a substitute of Aota (it's a monster but can not die) But Aota only makes you laugh. For now it is only Aota that can mate with Misuzu like a monster, that is, only Mr. Boss breeding, and because only Aota serves as a sexual toy, I do not want to lose but I think only about my own circumstances Rather, I do not think about Aoyama's position or will at all.
When Misuzu appears, I think that Misuzu felt sympathetic to Misuzu as long as Misuzu always crying and finish like 5 volumes of Aota vs. Kunryu Dai, but after 8 volumes, almost Misuzu as expected It became the way of finishing (which is unavoidable because it is a misfortune of a person other than Misu = it is inevitable), and Misuzu will grow with Don Dong every time it appeared, so I could not sympathize. Finally I think that it was not good for Misuzu's impression to think that it led to violent Zambu in Okinawa ed. I think that Aota stayed throughout the whole range to be readable as a gag comic but I think that Misuzu has crossed that line at least in Okinawa edition. Basically it is supposed to be something to be able to read this comic at ease somehow thoughtful punishment, but only Misuzu is the unlimited all-you-can-eat monster. I think that I have broken the relationship of trust with the reader.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
No matter how good others are, Misuzu is too bad. So, normal.

2007/01/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23770 Host:23641 Browser: 4184
It was fairly impressive in a certain sense that "violence" "unreasonable inherent in athletic meetings" and "human's desire for despair" have been completed perfectly as gags so far.

Elegant drama of three senior students and OB every time unnecessary violence & demand of every time lower ranks who are going down (some heads are screwed off and some senior students are troubled by the senior students), but it is a gag taste It is drawn ... but the story does not end there, we are a pleasant boy.The format that breaks everything with the appearance of Aota Equator and sprinkles trouble more than senior students (it can not be done in the absence of viciousness) is too nice .

On this Aota equator, while unleashing at the university campus (naturally naked) Reading e 〓〓〓book, drinking with a high-class cabaret while riding a student, sexual desire absolute fighting fight unbeatable.Because it is a monstrous brawling monster character but actually a father and a misuzu There is also a pretty cute place that the head does not go up and ghost is not good for chan (you can not forget it for the rest of your life if you see it once)!
Beyond that, there is a sense of justice and there is also a junior's troublesome thing (although it often carries to a worse direction as a result), there are aspects as well, which can not be tidied up unconditionally in "problem children", a non-hateful man.

Together they tend to be forgotten due to the strength of the impact of "violent gags", but I also think that we should not forget the aspect of "humanoid drama full of open-air bowls". It is only when the heart-full story that occasionally enters into the style which may end with "cruel bullying" entering "〓〓〓call !! flower's cheering group" does not become a gruescribed style, high completion of each reading work Together with the "cold student's sadness" directly transmitted, and as a whole work I think that it is finished with the delay.
There are quite a few stories in which lower classmates are in love with each other, and there are quite a few talks about senior students being saved by the stylish aikata of Aota Equatorial, not just mere violence & unreasonable senior students (& OB) praise cartoons, but the "talent to make talks" is high Was it proved?

People who dislikes hatefully because ack is a style that is too strong (although I love it even a lot I think "this is a little ..."), carriage of a story as a "comic book" talk, violent gags & human drama Based on the high level, it may be slightly sweet but with "the best!"

2007/01/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 7395
Oh, it is a problem work that produced a lot of missteps such as "actor's ~", "chan chanwa chanchan", "kueket", "team's face rounds".

Everyone of the cheering teams of the university and the OB guilders who are the main stages of the story, including the hero's Aota equator, are all members of the group of Ikare, who ruined sexually despised ethically and morally, and thoroughly I did a foolish thing and repeated bloodshed and destruction.

No, indeed, there were unreasonable manga. It is a terrible story that this was made into a movie. Writer also probably had a hard time .....