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Akira Miyashita
Weekly Shonen Jump
Japan Released:1983
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2011/04/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11539 Host:11552 Browser: 10777
An action comic by Dr. Miyashita Akira serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 83 years. There is a poverty village `Bishamon village 'in Japan which is not listed on the map and is Japan's deepest mountain. With "Bishamon High School 's" Shura Sanshiro "," Yamada Daimaru "and" Katagiri Jubei "with power that we are unfamiliar, we will overwhelm urban people with baseball and other sports.

This work, Mr. Miyashita who drew a hot-eyed fighting struggle with "Private Electric High School", "Extreme !! Extreme Tiger Family" was a hot-blooded game with a superhuman power that made teacher Mamiya sensei like Mr. Miyashita The content of the form is finished. However, originally the picture does not match the sports, and there is always a fighting style clash, so I wonder if this work can be regarded as a sports comic.

The story happened to be a 'Bishamon village' by the prestigious school of baseball who camped in the mountain in the middle of the mountain, becoming a game to `Bishamon High School ', including" Shura Sanshiro ", and then to beat the Koshien Though it is something, it was too punctuated. I will force you to the championship chief, or do not have nine people to play baseball. This pattern is a mockery of two masterpieces of master of Hiroshi Motomiya of the master "Sawayaka Bantaro". At this time, the other high school was a rule permitted specially because members were sent to the hospital with a cowardly mouth but because the main story was not compulsory because it ignored rules. This should not be done. At least 9 people will go after arranging members. Besides, using a thick log as a bat, I made the Koshien a mess. Because it is a country guy, I wanted him to keep a bit more even if there was no choice but to have some roughness. Other Judo editions. Marathon edition, golf course, boxing edition was not much different from ordinary sports thing.

In this work, only sports manga drawn by Professor Miyashita who is good at powerful and hot blood-like struggle including the polar path was reasonable, but there was no freshness of sports thing alone with enthusiasm, Evaluation is [very bad] because it was scarce because it was out of race. Since "Burning! Older brother" was also similar, it may be better if this work is rather rather a gag stuff.

2010/06/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
Was Miyashita's work written after "Extreme! Extreme Tiger Family"?

The content is five parts of baseball, track (marathon), golf course, boxing edition, final version, but I think that baseball stadium occupied more than half of the work, so the first half feature, the second half short edits You can also view it.

If you throw a baseball ball, you will not be aware of Sanshiro who knocks out the speed close to the speed of sound
(If there is superhuman power over there, I feel like I can develop the village better ...)
Is the story that remained in the impression episode of golf course?
While also mentioning that competition is different by superman's physical abilities alone
(If you let the experiences of the experienced person say, the club hits the ball itself in the swing of laying the amateur is a miracle itself)
A story that Sanshiro faces into one of four villagers' opportunities to offer part of the village for the development of golf courses and falls to the best of four.

Sanshiro who wanted to protect the grave of the deceased mother threw a golf game with the feeling of the bowder due to the interests of the village and the village chief who was packing Sanshiro until now (the shrine of Sanshiro is the first love partner) It was a good impression that I learned about golf courses as a blank paper with knowing "watery smell by Jeanie Sanshiro".
Since the later episode is not so memorable, the total is "normal".

2010/05/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13611 Host:13538 Browser: 10690
[good point]
{Private Electric High School}. {Violent Extreme Tiger Family}. {Bogey the Great}} and one of the masterpieces of the original homeless cartoonist Porsche Miyashita

[Bad point]
I personally do not have it, but I do get angry if I am from a common sense and a human rights struggle. This work (a bitter smile

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A commonsense reader (voter) who can accurately recognize reverse discrimination words is a wonderful work that can applaud you applaud ... but it is pretty inconspicuous in Japan now that "fraternity" spreads in Japan (Paradoxically it is a work on the opposite side of Kamui).

As a parody of existing fiction, Dokabeso and Jubei are also the best.

"If we say that a person who can see dirty things in a dirty place lacks adaptability, we are definitely lacking in social adaptability." By Raymond Chandler

2009/09/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13861 Host:14095 Browser: 8451
Poverty village in Japan.Bishamon village will try to make a village spot to escape from poverty.
This work is the story of a hot Han who is going forward to that!
It should be ... ....
Even this work "burst tea! Unheard of! Miyashita Akira Azalea" bursts (laugh).
It was quite enjoyable.

[Baseball club edition]
I think that this was the content with the most power.
I hesitated to do unprecedented hesitation (laugh).
On the contrary, the story after this, I am slightly disappointing for the first time in my disappointment ... It is such an impression.

Futon and Kakashi are used for supplementing members,
1 time table 〓〓〓2 times table 〓〓〓.... 〓〓〓9 times (that is, attacks of all opponent teams) first,
After that
One time back 〓〓〓two times back 〓〓〓.... 〓〓〓9 times back (that is, the attack of all Bishamon High School) and the system ...

That is too unprecedented (laugh) !!

In addition, Dokabeso who entered later uses a telegraph pole instead of a bat (woi).
Rolling the ball into a telegraph pole, throwing it to the clock platform of Koshien,
It is a rough skill called home run. (Clock Tower has hardly kept the original shape)

This neighborhood was the most laughable.

Also, against geeky girls and extremities,
Shura Sanshiro is also impressive, "Do not lick poverty!" And episodes that explode anger.

Also, Mr. Saionji Temple's menial attitude worthy of evaluation.

[Judo Edition] [Marathon Edition]
Sanshiro's gentle aspect ... that is the most impressive.
I do not care, but why does the marathon not use the flying circle of a quick pace (laugh).

[Golf course]
Bishamon village "I do not forget duty and humanity."
The village mayor is the sculpture of the mayor.
It is also impressive that Sankiro 's dead off - rink is the first vice - chairman' s first love.

[Boxing version]
Not much impression.

It was a way of finishing a somewhat abusive feeling.
When I was a child, when I read this manga for the first time,
"What! Did the Prime Minister have such a character?" I thought seriously.
How could the poor village in Japan have raised tanks ...?
Whether Nakamori dispatches SDF or something to make retaliation to Bishamon village,
It was pretty complete with a lot of Tsukkomi (laugh).

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I will say [very good].

2006/10/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24548 Host:24648 Browser: 4184
The work of Miyashita can be divided into two types of cool type such as "School cap high school" of "private high school high school" and the hero of a hot-blood type which blows a gang in the power like a tiger of " Then the hat type is the main character.
It is thought that Akira Miyashita wrote in the concept that Hiroshi Mamiya Hiroshi 's "Sawayaka Ban Taro" is a hint and the main character with the exercise ability is challenged to various sports. A series of powerful action scenes that the effectiveness of the author of the author is good from the first installment will be developed, but the hero's sports challenge was quite real around the village of Bishamon village which is the poorest village in Japan. Although the early Koshien edition was very interesting, I remember that I could not keep the tension as much as the first after all and eventually ended in a slender ass. Is it the work of the time of the trial and error until the author reaches "Sakigake man cram school"?

2006/04/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 6287
It is an irresponsible sports manga that seems to escape with certain superman tennis cartoon and certain certain cosplay baseball cartoon with bare feet. The main character Shura Sanshiro was poor community as far as super can reach.I was born in Bishamon village, it was playing with a high school student who came to the training camp who came to the training camp at the beginning.
Oh yeah, the director of this baseball club is a pretty bad guy, I saw that the hero did not know the rules of baseball, I was doing imitative imitation such as hitting a ball on purpose. In the end it was blown away.

After that, I will punish Koshien and let me forcibly acknowledge the game appearance, I will return the assassins of the gangster who wants to make a profit at baseball gaming, I wanted to do it. They also tried to confront prisoners in prison as high school students and confront with Sanshiro and even to imitate parody of taking hostages. It is not even sports anything anymore (bitter smile).

Besides, one of Sanshiro's companion.Dokabeso hits a home run with a bat with a huge log instead of a bat (Baseball's bat is decided in length !!!), speed gun It is a feeling to destroy it or to go to lawless heaven anymore.

After all, this game closed the curtains with a melee brawl and Sanshiro participated in various sports for village development. Either of them was put in passion and purposely won the win and it was not quite as a profit of the village.

In the end, I will sell fights at the village general council even to the prime minister to win the independence of the village so what is what now?

I am remembering that it was a blatant comic like Miyashita Akira, good or bad. Because the discrimination term comes out smoothly like "〓〓〓Tang", I guess you can not serialize now.