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Koji Koseki
Weekly Shonen Jump
Japan Released:1980 Weekly Shonen Jump / End:1981
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2014/07/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1096 Host:859 Browser: 7465
At first glance it was stupid, especially from girls students were scattered abusively, but the quality is certainly there,
Through harsh exercises, I will further refine my hidden talent .......,
It was a character like a prototype such as Yamashita Teraro after. Ichiro Nagashima of this work.

It was also a farmer's ogre who supported him etc. warmly, and liked characters, and it was a debut author who saw him later than "Yamashitarou", but the hero nearly expanded at such a character point You read it. Taki at the city competition In the game against Taichung, it was good to hear that the opponent's older brother was "an older brother with a sincere sportsmanship who also appreciates the competence of the opponent", but once he decided to win Ichiro tried to cover his judgment with his own objections and he would have been a little mentally disgusted. I wonder if I could not draw a more natural way.

Well, if only that somewhat Mikataism, I think I was able to see to some extent to some extent. However, it was a brawl story with the DQN high school students after that city competition.
It was good that the girls who injured Yamada of the junior people finally turned away from the departure eventually, and the junior brother, Fujita who was despising him by the real culprit, faced each other straight. However, it was awfully challenging that the high school students got screaming lazily
Yamada's family (a child who seems to be a mother and a younger sister) who did not make Ichiro stupid, though it may have been a heavy disposition such as a practice ban, After that, did I say properly about one word of "I'm sorry"?

Although Ichiro who was protecting while knowing the real culprit was surely a "nice guy"
A stubborn side supporting role was conspicuous, it was more 'than' in the case of such a drama in the late final stage in half-way.
As a debut work I think that it was a deniable fact that I had extraordinary ideas,
Was Yamashita Terro hit more than this work and it became a masterpiece work?
I thought again that it was ironical that I decided to go on a "similar way" with other WJ series writers. Evaluation is "bad".

2008/02/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28812 Host:28746 Browser: 3876
Kudo Koji's teaching judo comic series serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 80-81. "Nagashima Ichiro" at the Central Junior High School judo department is clumsy with clumsiness and there is no such thing like this, but he does not say whining, but a man who struggles with all the effort. Its direct feelings sensitize the surrounding people, and Ichiro Tachibana who got over the special training of hell, he seems to be any powerhouse of the tournament, knocks down this and wins the victory.

Nagashima Ichiro, the first serial series work by Professor Kokeshi who is famous for the "Prefectural Sea and Sky High School Baseball Team Yamashita Terro Kun", is a trivial and poor little boy "Ichiro Nagashima" Even though it is pure (rather than just thinking anything, rather than just thinking about it), it is an effort to make efforts and change by being influenced by the direct orientation, which is typical of growth manga, It is a work that expresses "friendship, effort, victory" in principle and is a prototype of "Marine High School Baseball Team Yamashita Terro-kun" and "Pennant Race Yamada Muchi no Miracle", and it is clumsy Here is the origin of Mr. Kokesi's manga that it will be rewarded if you try hard.
Just saying Judo manga is not knowing the essence of judo but fighting with guts and obsession while clumsy, in short it teaches that `show the persistent posture until the end and do not give up ' Well, it is a work that is doing genuineness cartoon according to the form, it is good as a shape, but it seems to have been a bit interested in the neighborhood as a result of the expansion which was too fit in the mold. It's not that bad, but because the pattern is visible.

My evaluation in this work is [good] for that. Although I passed the rush test at the end, I guess it was a form of broken heart and going to practice. It was disappointing that I could not be a wonderful closing as a pure effort manga. Although it was a good work if it had finished with the victory at the district conference, we had to do two copies in the circumstances of the jump at the time, obviously doing the story of adding and adding that it was a complete failure, It is a pretty good work only by looking at it.

2007/09/12 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 6287
Mr. Koshi Koji's comic was like this from the beginning. A junk chicken and unclean boy is going to die out in a single road despite being stupid from the surroundings.
The main character of this manga is the same as the hero who is the masterpiece afterwards, basically. Just because there is a difference between judo and baseball.

2006/05/09 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
I do not officially comment as my memory is obscure.
It may be something and a strange thing.

Did you get in with a strong-hearted classmate?
Although it was not my favorite picture, I did not dislike it,
It was nice to read but it was privately I had the impression "normal".

2006/01/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15545 Host:15538 Browser: 5234
It is the first serial work by Mr. Kousakikoji.
Although this work is ambiguous in memory, it was Takashi Yamashita Takashi - a wind coming from the hero of the hero's judo manga. Although the main character is not keen as ever, the favorable appearance of the hero's direction turned out well. However, it is regrettable that [this is excluding Scrum] that only the hero of this type can draw only after this.

2005/12/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 6885
It is nostalgic. Was this a debut work? It was pretty impressed by the hero's uncomfortable mind. Meaningful It may be amazing that the style of the author was completed with this work. Is it a kind of handiness of the author that I can draw in so far with the story of a monogram rather than the style I received?

2005/11/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23100 Host:23128 Browser: 4487
Kojiki Koji's debut work is a protagonist's Judo comic which is a prototype boy of "Yamashita Taro" later.

Despicable boys are getting stronger through judo, although the work that the usual feeling does not change is plain but it is finished in a firm and interesting one. I think that if it was more flashy deployment it would have been a long series, but as a debut work of a rookie writer is interesting and just right thing.

Although the girl did not turn around at all, although I fought a boyfriend of a girl who fell in love at first sight at the final round, the girl did not turn around at all and Ichiro who broke-hearted was "practicing ~" (the memory of this neighbor was afraid) Although I am feeling something strange about where I am going to practice, some people may be told, "What is it about hitting my broken heart for eight reasons?"

Not only became the cornerstone of the rest, but it is a funny work so far so keep it "good".

However, after that it feels regrettable that saying that you can only draw the main characters you want to see "Yamashita Taro".