[Comics]Ada record of a war

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Shoko Tsutsumi
Monthly Comic ZERO-SUM
Japan Released:2002 / End:2005
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2005/09/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Born under a bad star and his name is Ada.
If you kill, you are growing up as a child to wait for starvation, to wait for one person to die one by itself, if you kill, it is not good, evil, neither positive nor wicked.

One episode one episode is very ideological, leaving something to make something to think after reading, a planet with such a feeling exposed to the threat of the sun and the black moon weaves a big story about the middle star.
Especially 15 to 17 stories of 2 volumes. Episode in the village escaping from the disaster of Tsukuyoni by sacrificing.
"The true servant of the Spirit is chosen to be the next world, as the will of the heavenly will that produced the world"
"What is it, only those who are convenient for spirits survive?"
"Good people will remain"
"It is a good man to do such a murderer, you are about my father's age, but you have no girlfriend like me?"
"Spirit decides right and wrong"
"I definitely do not want to die, I want to live and return to the country because I think for myself right and will survive arbitrarily!"
"Impatient! The world belongs to a spirit, if we offer sacrifice and show faith we are"
"It will not be a citizen, and I think that it is good to be killed by the lunar demon ...."
"I think that it is right to kill people to survive.The necessity has given you the interpretation of the world in history"

Resistance of the hero in the world that was drawn also in "Erna Saga" of the previous work. But the extent of its destruction is absolutely unavoidable in this work. The world was saved by defeating the so-called "Las Boss" - the devil. The great fantasy capital circle is not from the beginning in this work.
In order to further clarify the posture that continues to thoroughly resist against destruction, that "living", it is dare to view the world premised on such "destruction". Therefore, what was given to mankind in the final story was "grace" rather than "relief" or "miracle".

Speaking of the charming character of this work, the main character is the main character. I often cry and laugh a lot. It is the first time that all things that I have seen, heard, experienced after being released from prison are not the first for him. Even though the appearance is an outright youth, the heart is a pure white child.
And the spirit of the white moon which guards him.The moon wave (Tsuguha). Perhaps initially, she was supposed to be a limb for carrying out the plan, but conversely it was led by him and evoked up to the feelings when he was a human. Every time it appeared it was thanks to Ada that "human kindness" increased from "divinity". An emotional aspect that occasionally displayed was awkward.
Not only regular regular characters Sakuya Hime (Sakuyahime), Kusaka Hiroshi (Kusakahiko), Foot Sun (Taruhi), but also Dr. Tsutsumi is very good at making semi-regular and other guest characters in the process. Even in this work, the competence is fully demonstrated.

The only regrettable thing is that it is as short as 5 volumes.
Or, if the series of "Ernasaga II" is over, it is definitely a sequel. Will the title become 'Adapter War II' after all?

I'm sorry broke.