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Takeshi Maekawa
Japan Released:2005 Month Shonen MAGAZINE / End:2006/06/06
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2011/07/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Suspense manga by Professor Takeshi Maekawa serialized in the monthly boys magazine in 05-06. "Hoshino Fumizuki" suddenly comes to the sky in the sky when the pigeons jumping at an early age are watching. At that time Fumizuki reflected the vision of the pigeon in his mind. Then, `Fascination to enter the perception of animals' awakens again in the festival month that became a high school student, and becomes a witness to various incidents through many animals. That makes her get caught up in danger.

After the end of "New Tekken Chinmi", Professor Maekawa serialized as a filler while it was closed for a while to prepare for the next visit, this work is an episode suspense drama drawn with a contemporary world view different from Chinmi It is drawn as. The story is a daughter of an animal hospital and girls high school student "Hoshino Hoshino" had a strange ability "Animal Sense", so you will see evil spreading behind a distorted human society, your colleague Kurosawa Kimoto gang It will get caught up in the swirl of the conspiracy. It is very thrilling how the humans in human society behave shallowly, and the story where Fumogetsu is involved in that distortion. But the main characters Fumogetsu, Kurosawa kun and Mizoguchi kyara had no such individuality, the story was also the development of a case common in suspense dramas and I can not believe that the ability of "Animal Sense" at that point was fully utilized You did it.

Although the setting called superpowering suspense drama was good so to speak, this work was an ordinary incident in content and there is a feeling that it has ended without too much tension overall, so the evaluation is [ordinary ]. Although it is not so exciting for this work in terms of manga, I think that you can do something that is pretty spectacular if it is a live-action picture. I would like you to draw it again if there is a chance.

2006/06/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37571 Host:37431 Browser: 5234
Although it is "ordinary" as an evaluation, I think that it is a ryosaku who enjoyed it as it is.
Fight against gangsters using the power that girls of the hero can get onto animals (escape)
It is a story. Unfortunately the series has ended so far.
I did not enter the new chapter. Was it not popular ....
As long as I have experienced the long-term series before, the drawing power is stable.
If it says an attractive style of painting, it is common.
I do not know the cause is a story or drawing. Because I am a human being who enjoyed it.
It is the only work I was reading at the monthly boys' magazine. The month magazine is also 0 ....
By the way I have not read the previous work. Was it "Tekken Tei Mi"?
I casually read the book in the bookstore, that? I do not remember the name of this author, I thought that I looked for a comic sales department and I walked and found a previous work. That's it, as it is.
It might be a good idea to read this on occasion. Thus my reading increases.