[Comics]A blue autombile

Other media: JP movie:Blue Car
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Yoshitomo Yoshimoto
Japan Released:1996/05/01(Wed)
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2006/09/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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"A stupid story that stands on vague hatred"

Yoshimoto Yoshida of the author probably hated society when drawing this work.
That's it.
I do not know in what form I had concrete hatred. Inconvenient minds, situations where remedial measures do not stand, stuffed emotions ......... wish to escape.
Even if it says exaggeratedly with the society, it vaguely hates and denies the range that the voice reaches, the human relationship for one person, the reality that consists of the uncertain and discontinuous events flowing from the news.

[Episode 1 Blue Car]
Machida Lithio, the face, especially one eye is distorted.
When I was ten years old, my face was caught in an accident.
A little dealer came to a small record shop ahead of my part-time job.
It is similar. It resembles Akemi who was tied until just before he died.
Lithio and her sister held a bouquet, headed for the place where Akemi died.
Akemi died on a day where big earthquake occurred in the Kansai, "Frequently car accident" in a place not related at all.
Lithio could not cry when he saw Akeumi's death. The feeling of disappointment was too big, and tears did not come out.
Still the world will not change.
Running on a highway, when you are with Atsumi's sister, conscious of the world where it is overwhelming.
Little by little, Akemi disappears from inside my heart. The big disappointment will gradually fill up with something else.
Still the obsession with the remaining Akemi was due to guilt. Lithio also had a relationship with his sister.
Did you know that? Have you hated yourself and died? Question of not committing suicide? An answer came buried with a feeling of loss, becoming nothing.
The two arrived at the accident scene of the Gulf, tried to throw a bunch of flowers.
But I could not do it. An angler of the angler got angry. Some people do not know what happened here. Neither anger comes out. It's quiet.
Lithio is the angler of the angler,
I laughed thinly as "gimme".

[Episode 2 Orange]
A story of a part-time job of a small record shop, aka "missile".
Even if I do not call my name, I do not think it is bitter. It's been a year since I left high school, but I have no pain.
Neither name nor academic history, I feel it is not necessary for me.
You can survive without complicated thinking.
At the lecture in the evening, I see a young man who was hit by a bag. It was an old classmate.
Special, I did not feel any emotion.
It was in Nakayama.
A girl from a former classmate, the missile knows the face, but his name did not come out.
She seems to have noticed it, she is named "Nakayama".
As it is, we decided to have tea and a talk flowed to consultation on your problem.
Her father is affair and the other person is the same age as theirs. I am having a mother. The problem is that the partner got pregnant. She seems to want to born.
"What do you think?"
To an unanswered question,
"I do not think that it would be better to shrink it. Somehow,"
"Is that so?"
With a floating face, Nakayama replies, so it opens.

A few days later, I met a friend from high school. Nakayama asked that he died a few years ago. She was totally filled with food.
And during the summer vacation I asked that I left school. A woman named Tomoko Kirishima, suffered from infidelity with a middle-aged man, pregnant, it seems to give birth.
At that time, what did Tomoko Kirishima named Nakayama wanted in the missile?
A woman who got pregnant with adultery to a person who was out of the rail of dropping out of high school.
Perhaps she wanted to push her back. I know that much.
But, I could not say anything.

I cut my hair at the barber 's and prepared a coat.
Summer has ended, the autumn wind blew.

[Episode 3 Twisted]
Cover works unusual in manga. It seems that the prototype has not stayed.

Humi who was dead in the accident and unharmed.
Whether it was a singular point or not, you can hear the voice of the boy Tsuyoshi who died in the accident in the head of Harmi.

As I summarize my work, my impressions have changed slightly.
It was not a reality denial, it was postponed, it was a moratorium.