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Kazahana Chiruwo
Japan Released:2006/05/27(Sat) MANGA TIME KIRARA Carat / End:2009/08/28
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2007/10/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Bacon elder sister who raises what should be secretly and acts secretly, acts secretly Encouraged by Akiko and catastrophic Maseracon brother. Rutaro 's fighting, Muchachuchi' s life full of life Exceeding super deluxe Skin Ship Family Love Comedy Four-frame cartoon work.

[Spring Quality] = Soil Probably in Japan "Sister Princess" will be the work of Siscon (sister play) cutting the pilgrimage.
It is not extraordinary to hurt my sister. (Laugh). But this crispre has released it.
This work called Crisply skillfully eliminates the concept of "family" (life feeling) and draws it.
In fact, "sister" is not a "family" in syspre, it is a convenient name named "sister".
From this crisp, I think that "painful (masochistic) reader" is generalized.
However, it is the viewpoint of a third party that it hurts, and that person himself is "pleasant".
It is such play (play of the heart) (also called escape reality).
Actually, there are no serious people who desire sister ... (I do not have confidence though (laugh).

[Efficacy] = Misfortune of others is a taste of honey Man has various complexes. There is no one who does not have it.
It usually stops in the mind, there is almost none to be surfaced, but the characters in this cartoon are different!
Outrageous, I will play majestic (lol) outrageously cumming my own propensity in public.
The beauty of a family who loves his family as hells of his heart, the appearance of an outspoken character deserves "a sorrow".
Mazakon, Vacon, SM play which I thought was extreme is a catastrophic metamorphosis that passed even though Kimo usually passed, but somehow I read and forgive it. Yes, we have to forgive,
In order to obtain a sense of security that "my complex is not good"!
That will be a pleasure for readers (laugh). The publicity becomes stupid (^ ^;).

It is pleasant to read that the prospect of filling the barrier of private among family members.
In a sense, I feel envious of the figure of a family with pure (exceeding) love that this secret matter has nothing.
However, neither "Sister Akiko" nor "My brother Ryutaro", "Mamma Akemi", "Father.
In this cartoon, Akiko and Ryurou are absolutely never going to cross a sister and brother !!!
This work keeps a wonderful moderation at that point "It will never cross the family line."
It does not degrade the transformational idiosyncrasies over time to biological instincts and draws delusions at a high intellectual level.
That's why you can laugh. Laughter ends when it ran only on parodies and neta and loses an intellectual part.
This work is an outstanding playfulness of the author, a sparkling intellectual sense, a beautiful drawn line which is wasteful for a four-frame comic,
To a little sexual situation, the reader is able to enjoy the delusion with peace of mind.
It has tremendous efficacy for laughter and healing.

[Detergent] = Subconscious When I was reading this book I remembered overseas drama "Soap".
(Soap is from the irony to daytime soap opera, which is often sponsored by detergent manufacturers.)
This "soap" program depicts two families, but looks at an ordinary home that seems to be happy at first glance,
The entity stays in cheating, homosexuals, suspicious religion, the mafia will be targeted, the alien will be exposed to the aliens,
It is a ton drama drama that the devil hugs and captures, a scenario of every family collapse that is sarcastic and condensed with laughter.

Of course, neither mafia nor alien nor devil comes out in this manga, but cheating and familial collapse does not occur despite having a fatal and paranoid habit like the family of "Soap" (Mother is not home I'm giving out (laugh)).
To the last, it is "romance" full of Japanese-style humanity "at home", family love.
No matter how familiar it is, family bonds that forgive us, the appearance of a friend who forgives (scolds) is beautiful.
While bursting laughing at the beginning of the metamorphosis paranoia play, the flame of repose is lighting in the back of my heart.
So, my heart is warm when I read this work. I can feel confident that any stupid thing can be forgiven (laugh).

[Per Nigga] = Summary Akiko 's classmate' s short - cut coat is awesome! I hope for his future success (Ijirare)!
It would be something I would have done if I got to say so (no more (laugh)). In this work common sense is a heresy.

When reading this comic you get lots of fun ..... a brave man who animates this work does not appear.
Well, please do not think about difficult things, read and laugh. I can only say "the best!"