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Takayuki Yamaguchi
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Japan Released:1993 Jack Pot
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2013/12/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Demon Guran

[good point]

〓〓〓he work itself has momentum

〓〓〓ontents that the theme disappears

[Bad point]

〓〓〓hoose readers globally

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Preparedness Recommendation is a violence period drama that Cavalier Galan will unfold with the "patrol executioner" carol Garang set in "the someday, some country" that was the initial work of Mr. Kiyoshi Yamaguchi known by Siguru and lost its order.

〓〓〓he work itself has momentum ... 〓〓〓

The first thing that stands out is the momentum of the work itself, Garang is a violent murderer, it is probably a point of defeating the evil spirit who can not be rehabilitated and cold-blooded in the work such as rapist attack.
When there is a whip when there is a whip, the appearance of penetrating the human body with a steel fist is exhilarating for the everyday descriptions like the same author 's "Heisei Armament Orthodox" and the less comical nature.

Just because it is only backwards, basically it is only there, there is no explanation without blowing fire and skipping arms and so on, so there are mixed reasons for translation so those who do not like grotesque and ordinary drama plays, only Siguru read It would be better to be careful for those who expect the same mood at.

〓〓〓nvisible content of the theme ... 〓〓〓

However, when you read it in a bird's-eye view, you can see a certain theme.

As stated above, the story itself is only Galant's defeat the bad guys, but in some cases even those who can not be considered evil at first sight, such as Okatake which repeats the crime easily because of the position, high priest brainwashing the child thinking the sea punishment On the other hand, heroine Mayu (a 14 year old street prostitute) will show gentleness and motherhood while accompanying Galang's patrol.

And the main character.
I was born in a peaceful country and lost my belief in sexual theory due to terrible events, I am going to say "patrol executioner" for "to devise the essence of evil instead of the heaven" The figure which slaughts the devil wearing a leather is a certain sense of self-satisfaction, it is hypocritical, and Mayu is ridiculed as "just a pooh in society" "just a criminal".
But will such people be upset by the evil spirits called "murder"?
And do you believe in sexual theory and failed "rebuilding the bad guy" to become an executor again?

... Even if Garang is a "patrol executioner" eventually, he is a human who wants to believe in people, and in the end he entrusts the orphans to Mayu that he thought as "an angel wearing people's skin" to protect them I fought.
As the author says, Garang seems to be "a non-conforming society who can not find anything besides defeating the evil spirits", so I knew it and convinced the last of the above.

People are determined by their contents.
What is drawn in this work is evilness of the mind, weakness, and how to face it.

Although it is no doubt that it is a work of selecting people, [comprehensive evaluation] will be [good].
Thank you for reading long sentences.