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Jun Tomisawa
Super Jump
Japan Released:1988/05/11(Wed)
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2011/04/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 54920 Host:54884 Browser: 11416
Star comedy manga by Dr. Tomizawa Sensei serialized in super jump from 88 to 90 years. "Toshita Koshinaka" who dreams of becoming a star even after becoming 20 years old got drunk on the day he parted with her and went into a movie press conference hall to get involved with popular No. 1 idol 'Onomi Tomomi sylvi' I will kiss her for good. It becomes a topic, Toshita will contract with belonging office `shuttle.promotion '. Toshita's wandering life started to be a celebrity with a casual gift and to run on the Star Route.

Professor Tomizawa who drew "Commander 0", "Gakuen Information Department HIP", etc. in weekly, this work, transferred to Super Jump, developed in the same feeling as "Stare Explosion" (Hayato Hayabusa) So, a young man who dreams of a star becomes a celebrity in a variety of shapes, and it is a story drama that will ride on Stardom while crossing over with various stars and actresses on that road. There is only a work of Professor Tomisawa who was drafting a work of weekly and considerably high tension content, and this work is finished to contents with considerably high tension.

The main character is "Toshita Echincha" who is a little dirty and innocent head, going forward towards a dream that becomes a star even when it is 20 years old, therefore he does not know the trouble and acts with its always bright character and always positive character I do not want to do it, but I feel that it's too powerful that it's too powerful. I wonder if it was not possible to decide the decided dialogue "What is it?" Such Totta is under the entertainment world, I solve problems and troubles of various actresses and the second generation and resolve it, I will challenge boldly to drama and movies, but rather I will go straight to force to force Compared to the similar work "Stare Explosion", "TV Jacker", etc., there are many developments, only power is conspicuous, there is no precision or smartness, or anything was only noticeable. `Silver child 'is an actress character that is vibrant and bright, but it did not quite compare with other idol characters because it did not have such individual character.

The content of this work is anything, it was quite impressive to have a fancy breakthrough that moves gorgeously around the entertainment world, but it was awfully impressive. In addition, although the characters were not able to feel such individuality at the beginning as well as Toshitaka Toshita, the evaluation is [good] because I think that it was good as it was. It was nice to conclude with a way of life while dreaming until the very end. I would like to live like that.

2008/07/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6184 Host:6356 Browser: 6342
A story about Hachamatecha entertainment world of man "Toshita Echincha" who becomes a self-styled star. In the work of the author it is a work which is completed beautifully in the early days.
Although it is a bad man with a bad guy "Toshita", there is also a way that we are overlooking strangely, so I do not get tired of watching it.
The trouble of the top actress at the entertainment professional who crawled from a little thing (usually arrested). Embarrassment and darkness of a girl who has been sold as a child. Conflict of the second generation talent. We solve and share common humanoid patterns unique to the entertainment world such as Totta. What is left of the impression is the story of a colleague who was sending childish and sad days without selling after growing up as a child of former special effects monster. It is a crying episode.
It is interesting that the hero will not become a grown-up at all through the story but will keep the stance (character?) And will have the final round. However, it is pleasant with Takita 's ending result.
Evaluation is "very good". Although it is a minor, it is Ryosaku. It can be enjoyed if the character of the protagonist 's trendy person does not reach his nose.

2008/03/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19676 Host:19692 Browser: 8090
[good point]

Although it is a talk of the entertainment world, there is not much feeling of muddy ... ... The main character's decision Zelif said "How is it !?"

[Bad point]

Although there is no thing like a pillow sales, it talks for a minute correspondingly.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

"it is normal.