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Other media: Anime:Arata Kangatari
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Comics rank of 2008 Rank 82in 280 titles
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Yuu Watase
Japan Released:2008/10/01(Wed) Weekly Shonen Sunday
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2013/09/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26891 Host:27114 Browser: 3415
Although it is interesting, is it somewhat slightly due to the girls' comic voices ?, there are parts that do not fit physiologically on their own.
I wonder if the relationship between men is overly involved.

The picture is high in level.

2013/04/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22175 Host:22175 Browser: 4895
I thought about animation and read it but I think that it is repetition of the same thing every time.
I think that the skill is high and the story is not bad, though.

2013/04/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44293 Host:44124 Browser: 10390
[good point]
A highly depicted description of the main character, leather growth.

[Bad point]
There is too much unnecessary "play" and the tempo of progress of the scenario is considerably bad.

Moreover, if there is not enough neta and characters handled halfway, if the eye goes to that without understanding the main line, it can be taken as a cartoon of "childless morning".

Regarding the depiction of battle, it may be honest hopeful honest, there is not much to feel bad so far ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well, the greatest evaluation point of this work is that depiction of leather growth is extremely polite.

The easiest to understand is the battle with the water sheath, Jornami.

Arata wants to depart from his mother's dependence on his mother's relying on Jornnam because "he likes being made".

The love from my mother will be granted unconditionally to my child unless there is much to be done.

However, in order to get loved by people, we must make efforts to get to like it.

I have to think about what I should do.

When leather began doing it, he began "self-reliance", Hayagami Genesis acknowledges him as being a worthy entrustor and awakens.

For those who neglect love affair, it may have looked like an expeditionism, but it is extremely calculated that we preach the wonderfulness of growing by liking people after contrasting with mother-dependent johnami It was a splendid depiction.

There may be some people who thought that it is overproduction, awakening in love.

However, the author of this work is trying to explain that the growth that makes you love people without being afraid is wonderful.

Descriptions that many people who live in modern times forget or underestimate the splendor of underestimating "important things" feel great power, I think it is frankly wonderful.

In addition, various elements are arithmetically arranged for the growth of leather.

Kadowaki is right.

Leather's greatest weapon is said to be "kindness".

However, Kadowaki knows that its kindness never passes.

Because Kadowaki knew that he had a past that had been adding bullying to leather for reasons unlikely reasons, although human beings had reasonable reasons, human beings could sometimes attack other people for unreasonable reason It is because it is.

Perhaps he is arranged to make a conclusion on how leather should use "kindness" by contrasting with leather, it is probably the biggest antithesis leather has to do to draw a conclusion.

This work is very good at the main line.

Overall I feel antithesis against the modern era.

Another Arashi protagonist, Arata is the example that felt a deep wrath on the way people of today are.

By adding depictions of despicable acts of the past, ancient and medieval people of Chikusu and Isola,

In the present age civilization has developed, but it seems that people 's mind is emitting a big antithesis against the present age that no one has developed from the past at all.

However, the bad part is also quite Yavai.

Especially the danger that neta and character handled halfway is made to make the whole story feel like a childhood has been impregnated in the work.

I guess the episode of Kaneko and Yataka is the best example ...

I was touched by gold and things that the inner side of the person was ugly, but as I touched it was only ended by saying that and I said, "So what did you do?" , It was an episode that felt strongly.

Looking at these incomplete parts, the whole work can be taken as a childhood reminder.

Furthermore, the extra playfulness is also quite bad.

Necessary reader services and interesting parts are as it is, but together with the speed of the authors' brush and the structure that multiple important characters act in multiple places, there are bad tempo episodes and important standings Even though it is a position, there are characters that have been scarcely active.

Because of the poor tempo, fine hints do not connect at an early stage, do not stay in the impression, can not memorize the contents of the work, it is hard to understand what kind of theme or message is eventually issued in the whole work.

Regarding the depiction of battle, it is a considerably severe level in the work group of recent years, it is a dimension which can not be expected at all.

But is the main line of this work extremely important in the present era?

I think that evaluation is good by the wonderfulness of the main line.

2012/06/09 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9785 Host:9679 Browser: 10295
[good point]
Basically it is always drawn into the story that this teacher writes! I love Fushigi Yuugi too !!!!

2009/09/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21791 Browser: 2028(Mobile)
Because I loved Fushigi Yu-Gi, I was looking forward to knowing this work, but as I read it I did not understand the interest. I like ancient Arata's characters. So even after modern leather (Arata) came to the ancient world, I was concerned about Arata's life which I went to modern times. Is it because the leather character is thin? I do not quite understand. There are no other characters to worry about this.

However, the enthusiasm of the author is transmitted and the story is a normal work so normal!

2009/09/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34148 Browser: 2050(Mobile)
I have read some works by the author.

Although "author's expression of the character's sentence" drawn by the author is modestly readable, it seems that the likelihood that it does not suit if it matches a boy's magazine is high.

The other thing is drawing.
It is hard to understand what the character is doing in battle scenes.

Hopefully we will cut this work early and I want you to resume Genbu's opening. Originally serialized works for women were serialized, so the movement of female characters is quite fun.

2009/03/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5925 Host:5698 Browser: 6399
The depiction of contemporary Arata side which was few in the early stage has increased and has become interesting.
Although it is not said to be lined up in "Fire birds. Sun set", it is likely to be better than "MAR".
In this way, Kadowaki, you are coming to a different world (lol.
Seniors were called "You can not do anything if you do not have money from your father" and that father was called "no guts to throw at anything halfway"
But, I do not want to admit myself like that, and I have lost my whereabouts as a result of leaking everything around, including leather ... ... the flow of this neighbor truly can see the competence that has gone past hit works.

But it is a sign that it is a character.
Characters that exist only only to hate leather because they are too easy to accept with their surroundings, regardless of growing into a rival that pierces the leather with struggling in a different world with the rotten swordfly gateside of the sex ("Z It is more severe than Jerid of),
The hero will appear as a dash which overcomes trauma of bullying.
Besides (although it also wrote in the first comment) Heroine that appeared on the contemporary side while gathering negative feelings gathered in a particular character, in particular, it is similar in appearance to the heroine on the other side, but the personality is different Although it is a setting, female characters are common in that they are neither poison nor medicine.
Mr. Arakawa of "Hagaren" is also a woman but I am making an attractive character regardless of gender.

The story is going to be interesting in the future, so I'm going to pursue this as it is, but it seems that it will not be impossible for emotion to the character whose description is extreme.
The story is "good", the character "very bad" and the comprehension is "bad" from "ordinary".

2008/12/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4752 Host:4656 Browser: 8090
Personally, I am quite enjoying it because it looks like Fushigi Yugi. I also think that the heroine 's kotoha is also cute. I wonder how Arata in ancient people live in modern times .. I was saying "I will go to the hospital from now on." About three stories ago .. What happened?
I edit it on 26th May 2010, but I am reading it every week at the moment but I think that it is funny as everyday in the direction of a girlfriend.
I will not understand yet because I'm reading it by chance, descending or show or something. (Bitter smile)

2008/10/27 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
The hit movie "Fushigi Yuugi" authored by animation is completely unseen.
It seems that Japanese genre of different world seems to be good, and can we expect a story like "fire bird, solar edition" to be crossed by this age?
At the moment, however, the character depiction is a female artist in a bad meaning and it is not good.

If the main character on the other world of the first episode is dressed as a girlfriend, the neighborhood that looks more beautiful than a woman was acceptable but was also seen at the time of reading the second episode and so on, a brutal child who can not afford to bully ... .
Like an orchid of "Urusei Yatsura" when I was a child I piled up on the side I can be torn
(In general, Orchids are acting on their own alone even on the side to bully, so they were poorly moist.)
Even if it is interpreted as an enemy of parents and brothers like "Annet of my parents" it is not even an inevitable level event, so even if it says "It is all your fault that I became such a character" Just like a matter of course for years it continues to torture and it does not change her complexion As if the sex of a sex does not have conflict with the hero, it can only be thought that he is bullying other people with reasonable reasons.
The hero who should have a Guts as it is feeling inevitable by that degree and becoming nonresistance is also unnatural and dusky only when there is no one person who can put a braking on such a relationship Absent.
Still, for the female character now, there are not quite a few people who are quite at ease now ....
I do not know how to hit the past, but the compatibility seems to be bad in the part of sensitivity.