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Young King Young Champion
Japan Released:1995
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2014/01/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The culmination skill of the author who got lost in the direction of the picture.
Although it is a remake-like work of masterpiece "Shonan Bakufu Tribe", it has created more attractive characters and stories than before. Compared to the 'Shi - Baku' where the daytime classroom suits Compared to 'Shi - baku' on the street in the evening Compared with 'anything' characters on the street in the evening Draws a few mysterious reckless travelers from the former who drawn a few, 'Constituent staff members unknown' It is wonderful that the assembly is done well.
Each character has its own reasoning, and the point that draws a fault that is self-standing is the extreme of "Yoshida clause".
There are 3 patterns in the past in the past and there are 3 stories of knitting needles crossing, so reading it from the beginning to the end has quite a lot of work, but it is worth reading as "man 's astringent romance".
Naturally the power part of the gag part is up and desperate desperate collapse.

[Bad point]
The direction that I wanted to bring with "Shiro" was probably baked again, but this time the character which hardened the bamboos was dense and the taste of the main character was thinned down.
Moreover, it failed to drop out of high school with a child with a setting. Therefore, "high school editing" and "re-partitioning" became necessary.
Although more interests were grown due to more adults who were grown-up than the "ruins," but the characters increased too much and it was not unusual for the story and personality of other members to stand up rather than the main character's story Right.
I was wondering if I should smile something pitiful and cute than dignity and stately something I can not hate.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It seems that it is not like "〓〓〓〓〓〓quot;, "〓〓〓 〓〓〓quot; and the tail fin has attached to the author "I made a mistake in the order to draw".
Although there are still many characters that are skillful and differentiated as well as standing as well as differentiated characters as usual, there are readiness, but since the basic flow of manga (time axis) repeats and comes in somewhere "entrance consolidation" Readers get confused.
I think it should have been "to start after you put together what you want to draw".
Anyway, in particular, this time it seems that the flow that depicts the history and history of the reckless family team is wonderful, and the point that each character was divided without suffering is also the highest level of depth in the history of the reckless family, says in the plastic model I think that the parts from the liner where it was cut off had the best quality.

However, the story that I made is that the direction of the main character is not fixed, the charm of the heroine is weak, and the quality of the parts (story, a character that solidifies the hero's circumference, an aura that covers the whole manga) is completed, "ARE? It feels like that.

Therefore, I can not read the author's message, and there is no real image where the story goes.
I can not grasp the actual state and entity of the team that is the theme ... but I wanted it to clarify the skeleton of the story.

It is weak as a youth magazine that it is good to draw a man 's friendship and the absence of a young man' s absence, but I can not draw "From there" (maybe it is not necessary to write it well) Wonder.
Do you want to draw the backbone of the hero or want to draw the significance of the existence of the team? The axis of the theme is blurred is that it can not evaluate this cartoon at the moment.

However, it is interesting that it is a comic book there, everyone.
The place where each character comes out appears in the flow to explain the early "mysterious team composition" in the series was the most interesting.
However, I think that the starting point of the hero who drops off the child after all is wrong.
At that time the so-called "human level" interferes and does not embrace the admiration or envy of the hero.
As long as it is in the second half that the result is so, the reader will cheer if the reason and the circumstances are correct, but in a youth magazine with a glimpse of the reality, the concept of "a group of people with bad heads gathering is a reckless family" I can not get in the way.

A personal impression that it became a typical that it is useless unless you show "history" just to convince the reader to the youth group image drama.

Conclusion: Please paint again with one more time.

2007/03/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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This manga is exhausted as one word of cool!
The main character 's good wave is playing normally, but a man inside a man who decides what to decide!
And the looped snake is not just a motorcycle but a mysterious team that is born out of the darkness of the night and disappears into the dark again! And it also carries a deep past.
The way of fighting is different from bad manga so far, it is realism that you mutilate your opponent from the shadow by drawing strategies against each other!
It is very funny and regretful that it is completed. It is a cartoon that the sequel wants to read!
Evaluation is the highest with no complaints!