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Yutaka Tanaka
Young Animal
Japan Released:1999/11
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2017/05/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31359 Host:31556 Browser: 8628
Artificial gene prepared as care of the mind for the patient at the end of the term It was a love fantasy set in the future society where the human lover <Eilen> exists

It is a void existence if you think about it at first, "Ai" which exists only for love. I thought, but if you notice it while reading, this may be free love. It switched to the feeling of

There was a variety of aspects, such as a naive innocent eyelen "Ai" childrecord or a lover 's story, but there were various aspects, but while Ilen was supposed to live while being healed, the opposite happens to her I realize that there is something to worry but that is what it means to live. Is not it supposed to be

There are philosophical questions about what something is to live, something about life through the lives of two people who are close to death, and even expressing it in the world of the end of humanity, only two people It was not a story but a magnificent story of the whole race of mankind

Although it is love but it is a special setting called fantasy, it seems to be a rice crop finished in a unique style.
Evaluation is better than good [good] I will

2015/02/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28562 Host:28666 Browser: 7860
Is it Sekai type?
I think how to see things in the category, but it is inevitable to compare various Sekai-style works prosperous in this era, especially "the last weapon she".
I evaluated the bad one after reading "final weapon she", but I am wondering if it will evaluate better if I evaluate it now.

Then, if it says now this work ... Well, it is difficult.
There is only the story of the whole body of the author, and it is well set and set.
Whereas she can not enter the story when eyes go to the setting, here setting feels like building a solid foundation to read the story. (I think that it is the essential point of the work not to talk about it over there)
However, it seems that a little setting is overwhelming and it hindered concentrating on the story of the two people who are important.
I think that "other people" was an important factor, but I do not know the details until the end, so I am concerned again.
I think that the author intentionally set it and did not reveal it at the end, so we should deepen deep understanding about this.
However, I think that the other person had excessive setting of the hero.

I think that the ideological world and thought peculiar to the Sekai type is where preference is to be expected.
Personally I like it, but how about going too far ....
Since the story of Ikuru and Ai 's mainstream depicts the world of patus opposite to that, is not it well - balanced?

In this work, sexual intercourse is drawn as an important element more than her.
Would it be likable also for that?
It is a pity that the weights of the two did not feel much.
Although conflicts and conflicts were there, they seemed to be connected mentally and physically from the early stage and did not feel catharsis.

However, I think that it is one of the wonderful works as a Sekai type.

2009/10/06 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53692 Host:53728 Browser: 6399
The mistress given by the city for spiritual care and the life between young people who do not have extra life ...

I could not even impressed all of this.
After being told why, the existence of the mistress "for mental care"
That's why it is "premised on love and being loved."
To the mistress are inputs of youth preferences and ideals,
It is set in advance to love unconditionally the young man who was sent.
It is far from pure love, I think that it is equal to the magnificent Ji act of a young man who used the tool of mistress.

Is it possible to really call love or love what you get with the various processes needed for love somewhere? It is doubtful.

2009/06/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 55525 Host:55632 Browser: 3874
There is nothing to contend with this work in me. It was pleasant as I was to have the support that this universal story was born quietly and droplets fell to the surface of the water and spread ripples (at the time there was no media to pick up). It was recently resold as a love holding version (price does not matter, it is high if you do not shy away)

Although Ikuru is a body that can be dead at any moment due to something, "this setting" itself is not strange. Although it is treated as sickness, we are in a position not to be amusing even if we really die, but we usually "forget about that". To the end, the author merely makes a reason for Ikuru to put her mistress (Elaine) near.

Although Ikura and his lover 's "Ai" will certainly be a bad guy, it also has a lot of twists and turns. Particularly in the impression is the inevitable clash of two people since they noticed that one day they will die and the one that overcame it. Ikuru trying to calm down if I get confused by the fear of death. There is no direct depiction, and it is also suggested by the reader with a new wound on the face of a wounded hand or Ikuru, which implies that the merits of the two are not merely a floating feeling.

And it is "life and death" that is depicted persistently in this work. To the end it is only "expression means" for disturbances. Ai 'Death' leaves a concrete depiction and makes us recall with the recollection of Ikuru, and on the contrary it makes a very empty portrayal of the death of Ikuru. At the time the death of Ikuru who was under the rubble under the civil war was too sudden at that time I stopped thinking. But I remembered that death is only "suddenly come and go visit" anytime. On the contrary, the original desire to live was also drawn.
I want to live. "I want to live." A boy who realized that life ended "I want to live" ... I will not be worded but something to be transmitted was enough. And the life of Aikuru also raises her body with Haruka who watched the two of them.

Recently my sister gave birth to a boy so I faced an extra "meaning to be born" so I read back after a long time ... The earth is becoming in the world like the one drawn in the work. There were also civilians, and many people did not understand the meaning of living or the meaning of death. So the people of this work are dazzling ... at least "everyone has reason to live hard."

"Happy Birthday!" Is sung aloft at the same time as somewhere "leaving the world" sometime ... At the time that Ikuru and Ai leave and the two children raise their birth, the story of that person also begins .

I would like to thank you for being involved in this work at the same time.

2008/02/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14505 Host:14271 Browser: 6391
A masterpiece without complaints.
Ikuru and Ai 's bachelors may be on the nose, but please read it.

It seems that the episode which was in the magazine seems to have been trimmed since it seems that the last volume of the book is almost redrawing.
Because I myself read only books, I did not know who it was in the end. I am dissatisfied.
Just after reading, I was impressed enough to erase such dissatisfaction.

There is somewhat erotic description and I think that it is a wonderful work whether it is a work hard to clip because SF is included.

2006/09/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6025 Host:5760 Browser: 4944
It is Mr. Yutaka Tanaka's first long-term series, and I definitely think it is masterpiece.

The main character, Ikuru and Ai are so-called bubbles.
Anyway it is almost flirting.

If this is a story of a world that human race is destroying as seeds, even natural reproduction or sexual activity,
The meaning of "bakappuru" which exists here greatly changes.

In fact, the two nurturing love in an unusual world is not even a "normal buccane".
Ikuru is a body caused by accident at birth and it is not amusing whenever she dies.
The heroine is a special life creature that is only permitted for a limited time to comfort the patient at the end.

The two of them whose counts of time are counted down are living in a seaside house like the end of the world.
It's time to smile but stupid ladies.
However, considering the ruthless limit that dominates them, a special radiance is felt even in such peaceful days.

And episodes that are presented fragmentally from two places apart.
Shadow of the demise of human beings smelling from various parts of the world ... ....

A woman embodying the evolution of humanity related to the two,
Super Gene. Elite ...... [Suikkusu] Haruka is here to see the world going to the end and the hero who lives in the closed world.

Because of the final shape of mankind, lonely Haruka kept watching Ikuku, and in the depths of his heart had special emotions.

Here I feel good,
Although Haruka holds favor with Ikuru, it is hidden to the last,
It is a point not to tear a relationship between Ikuri and Ai while conflicting.

I am really pleased that the author did not choose the vulgar choice of triangle relationship to make the story so gorgeous here.
Thanks to that, we succeeded in drawing out the process of slowly growing the bonds between themselves with no theme or focus.
(It seems that love drawn by 18 ban writers is unlikely, it slowly progresses.
I finally kissed with my lips in the last of 2 volumes, I exposed the inside of my heart with three volumes, and in 4 volumes I tried to connect with the outside world as well. It is finally tied in the final volume)

However, the feelings of Haruka were not totally useless,
It is linked to the development of the child who spontaneously reproducted between the Ikuru and the last of the last ... ... "Become a surrogate mother of a new human being (?)".

Although there seems to be controversies between depiction of human beings and others to the end, I think that it is good as individuals.
With the two ties and a spiritual growth and healing in a short time until their death comes into warp,
I think that it was enough as a section to draw this world on the scale of 5 volumes. I would rather admire it.

Although the last is not a so-called happy ending (both heros will die fairly),
It was a thing with hope.

The problem is that the contents of the final volumes of the monograph and those of the magazines are significantly different.
It is better for a booklet as a linefeed.
However, desiring greed, I wanted to collect important hints such as "Secret of Ai no birth" drawn in magazine publication as an episode even in a book.

This is a rather big disadvantage, but I still want to say that my evaluation of this work is "the best."

Since life has an end, it shines,
No matter how painful it is to live because it is alive now,
Because it made me feel that way.

18 Never say writers, do not despise.
It would be a loss to be misled by the sexual description of the upper side and the depiction of the love picture.

I think that a warm world view with fine psychological depiction and severe is worth seeing.

2005/08/16 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33021 Host:33021 Browser: 5978
This cartoonist named Tanaka Yutaka was the man who drew E 〓〓〓 Although mostly loved ones even if it says Well O 〓〓〓 this kind of "genuine love things" can also be done without discomfort.