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Other media: Movie:Ad Astra (2019)
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Japan Released:2011/03/19(Sat) Ultra Jump
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2017/04/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5254 Host:5374 Browser: 5213
[good point]
Works that can be fully enjoyed as a history manga.
The illustration etc is in addition to the good extent.
Pictures are very polite and fond of being beautiful, beautiful, people, background, buildings, accessories, small items.
Hannibal 's character is excellent, as a surrealist as if there is no emotion, but also a genius of tactical manipulation and tactics as well as charisma but hence loneliness.
I liked how to draw Fabius, Marques, Archimedes.
The misery of war, executions and slaves, human trafficking, political marriage, etc, can be seen as much as possible to describe.
Originally barbarian cavalry like merely wearing T - shirts, the appearance variations such as clothes are increasing, there are progress in progress.

[Bad point]
Lack of fun as a cartoon.
I do not feel attractive that the character of one hero Skipio is not fixed.
A bright, affectionate genius 〓〓〓Hannibal fan, Hannibal mania 〓〓〓people who are interested in researching themselves thoroughly 〓〓〓people change from the battle of the father 〓〓〓The reason why the last victory over Hannibal is different from Hannibal I thought that it was better to summarize that it was because you were interested in people.
Fabius and Roman government officials other than Marquesus' distinctive parting is incomprehensible, it is difficult to distinguish, because Skipio is a good looking hair style with such a hairstyle, it may be good for the consular officers to make more cartoon characters.
Originally born Gaius was originally set as a chaotic character (it was an interesting element as the best possible cartoon) but I can not laugh at all. Maybe she has a good sense of laughter.
Female characters are not very beautiful. (It may be a matter of taste)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It can be evaluated sufficiently as a history manga.
Even just looking at the picture very politely enough to attract.
How to draw Hannibal is wonderful.
How to draw the scipio is a little disappointing.
It is lacking in cartoonistic fun.
There are many points that are getting better in the works, and expectations can be made in the future.

Historical facts have already been understood, but it is a work that I am very interested in how I draw in my work.

2016/11/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26856 Host:27001 Browser: 4693
[good point]
The author has studied quite a bit, historically well - known Hannibal, advanced bargaining of Scipio (and other commanders), tactical strategy is drawn for easy understanding. Also, why was it such a war?
Regarding the social historical background of "the battle has become such a tendency", it has been told with a strong emphasis and it is a very conscientious history manga. It is more objective than Mr. Shiono's Nanba and close to Masashi.
Reason why Roma, physically inferior to Gaul was proud, the wisdom Hannibal was innovative
(And eventually the Roman social system), the deprivation and agitating politicians who ruin them, social changes, and is drawing not only on the brains of just two geniuses, , You can read a part of the history of Cartago. If you read such a manga by junior high school student, you will find yourself into the study of world history, and you will not be obliged to read and read the poor Lanaube fantasy warfare. "The significance of learning history" is a well-communicated cartoon.

[Bad point]
People 's drawing is realistic, people who are difficult to distinguish face from side - by - side chillahora.
I guess Archimedes' line is a little creative.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"very good". I am still serializing, but I think that it is a highly insightful history manga. Along the historical as much as possible,
While giving objectivity, it is a bird's eye view of the meaning of the strategy from the viewpoint of modern people and the failure of political bargaining. Human-immutable folly which they question is splendidly drawn. If it is asked whether it is a pleasant story, it is not good, but it is an interesting story,
I definitely agree if asked. Indeed he draws contemporary subject matter with a polite story and consideration,
I would like to recommend it to all.

* Please be careful, but do not expect "funny story".

2016/01/04 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27561 Host:27688 Browser: 7914
It is feeling a little halfway.

Manga is a character, that is Mr. Kazuo Koike's sayings, but it is not limited to manga separately.
Taking historical things as an example, even the Three Kingdoms will do so, and so will the story of the theme of Japanese Warring States era.
As it is mass entertainment, it is fun to make a story in the center of the character, regardless of how historical it is in terms of fun rather than historical fact.
So, in the second Poeni war, it is the most interesting to make a story with Hannibal vs Skipio as a character, but ...

This author, I studied halfway, I have learned that the essence of this second Poeni war is Hannibal vs Rome system, not Hannibal vs Skipio.
It is a view of what is right in the historical context, but I think what it is like when making a story called cartoons.
For example, this author gives out the character Fabius as a fraction.
Without him, I can not tell the second Punic war. Depending on historians, he is said to be the leader of victory over Scipio.
However, in making popular entertainment, making stories with him as the center should not be very interesting.
His persistent warfare strategy is lacking in fun stylistic interests.
A bit more absurd, so it seems that the story of Macedonia comes out even if it is better to make a story from the perspective of Hannibal vs. scipio, and Hannibal vs Skipio makes it even harder to make a story I feel like going.
For now it's with "ordinary" comments.

2014/10/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38545 Host:38621 Browser: 5173
Tenshi vs. Gen. Genius vs Battle of God

Carthaginian General Hannibal, Baal 's blessing His strategy Tactics is a highly advanced tactics that seems to be highly advanced even in modern times, it seems that it is certainly a terrible strategy now Education of information gathering, Thinking in such a situation it is understood that in thinking of this strategy in the era such as Rome, such as Rome it is truly amazing at the beginning that the person who is convinced to be drawn as God by the beginning

This work was written based on such a ground firmly and was drawn into a talk with a lot of talks, and when I noticed it had finished reading out 5 books that have been published

Hannibal is a character to be pulled in strongly against the main character Skipio of the hero is a heart heel friendly healing character It can sympathize with the psychology and thought of the hero and there is humanity Whether you know the historical facts despite the story of such a hero sightseeing point Even so despite being drawn and written, he is still drawn into Hannibal as he wants to see the place where Hannibal wins the whole game