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Japan Released:1975 Weekly Shonen Jump / End:1978
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2008/10/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Mr. Contarou 's gag comic series serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump in 75 - 78 years. Friendly Academy The baseball club 's bustling' Kantok 'and the only member' Shigeoka - kun 'are funny gag comedies that unfold various unusual riots in the school and the world.

This work is a gag cartoon which has been completely different in the jump of the 70's mainly composed of hot-blood spoiler cartoon. The main characters 'Kantoku' and 'Sadooka-kun' belong to the baseball club of the school, but there are few baseball games etc. (It is natural that there are only one member, but of course it is natural) But even the head and actions are separated from humans 'kantoku' causing various riots of common sense, the development is funny, the uneven combination of the boy 's regular boy' I think that the tangle with and was giving out a very good taste. Moreover, the character by Mr. Contarou's picture is monotonous and not real, but I feel like I have a very tasty feeling.

It is interesting that the characters and talks that appear in this work are being parrots of events and events of the 70 's. For example, the Yomiuri Giants' "rejection officers" and so on. And the thing that comes out there is 'Director of Stream Eye' 'Hitashi Saigon' 'Isao Abrahara' and the theme is Nagashima Giants who were popular in this era. There is also a story telling a rookie's world new 756 home run. Also, Egawa Takashi 's smiling face like a parrots. This is of course the Egawa problem and the rival school of the friendship school.The foreign gymnast who has escaped from under the coach because the name of the director of the gutsukyo school is original and the son is `tatsunori ', so it is not tied up `Nadia. Rumanetschi 'or a medicine actor face drug buyer like' Ala Delon 'or a hard-working singer-songwriter who can not sell' Yoshida Teru uchi 'or the name of a production company that boasts the entertainment industry` Ka pot pro) . Especially the name of American pro wrestlers when Kantok participated in the ring name "iron heart" is "iron nail" 'Aussie. Hip burn' 'Brabura. Butcher' 'Jaru' s teeth ', and the American boxer It is said that the place where the name is 'Paro' or 'real', modeling a real character etc. is awesome or is fearless. Well, it is probably the real pleasure of this work that I am making neta well as a gag when I was in that era. By the way, not only real people, but also the character of the name of "lighthouse inferior (odori otoru)" or "gorgo tsuzo" that paralleled the main characters of other cartoons came out, and "quizz. Silanpuri" There was it.

In the talks I liked quite a bit of what I mentioned earlier as "subject of refusal to refuse" as a theme. But I talked a lot about the subject of "300 million yen incidents" as a theme. Certainly, the perpetrator of "300 million yen incident" that came close to just before the prescription was temporary memory loss due to Kantok and taught that today is `` December 10, 1964 ' I think that it was a story to do. It seems that the statute that the statute of limitations has extended by seven years. After that `NASA 'leaps` Martian manned rocket (bi-viking)', but due to lack of budget, there is only one way and there is no fuel, fooling the Noro sum and putting it on the rocket. That's why it's a buffet. The president's remark at this time is interesting. "Why are you planning to give up on the way? Why will not you make the best?" Why? "It may be only those who know the time, but even then I will make the subjects to America and NASA, so that Even from the point of view, I think that this work is going to be a top of the gag cartoon.

I feel pretty messy when I see it, but I like it and I think it's interesting, so the evaluation is [very good]. In addition, although the character `Noro sum 'is used frequently in this work, this is modeled by Mr. Kazuo Nakano who was editor of the jump of the time, and' Aderans Nakano 'appearing in" Kinnikuman " It is the same position as. After the completion of this work, Mr. Contarou draws "loose! Loose !!", but the character just changed the setting of this work. It is hardly recognizable from this work as it is seen in succession.

2007/11/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10191 Host:9988 Browser: 8090
Although it is a manga of the baseball club, the members are not enough at all (Are there four people including the director?
Besides, we are afraid because the game will be established.
In addition, it became a story of pro-wrestling and it was a dream, it was funny but it was a work without context.

However, girls' wrestlers who are good at hip - drop,
I laughed a lot on "Aussie. Hipburn".

Rating: Good

2007/08/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 6287
It was a gag comic under baseball. But, the first episode and the second episode are not connected at all !!!

In the first episode, the former Japanese soldier who said that he remained in the south abruptly made confusing the passenger plane which he took with a bad behavior, and made troubles all over Japan.

In the second episode it is becoming the coach of the baseball club without any context !? ... ... why what are you !!!!

No, if it says that it is a gag, it will be until then ... but as a matter of fact it is irresponsible.

Besides this, super powers are popping out and it is really hatchymakers. The picture is sloppy, but I could laugh a little.

2006/02/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I think that it was a work that was at the same time as Mr. Satoshi Ikezawa's "Circuit of Wolf" etc.
The impression of the scene of baseball is thin, but I liked the atmosphere that I did Honwaka

Personally, Mr. Contouru has SF short film called "Tokyo's blue sky" at the jump love reader award (readers vote for the ranking of various manga readers' work?), But there is a short short story by I can not forget the last remaining thing, it is a work I want to read again.

2006/01/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 6885
One time it will become a masterpiece of Controuu The poison of Kantok is strangely remembered in the impression.