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Takeshi Kitano Kippei Shiina Ryo Kase Jun Kunimura Tomokazu Miura Renji Ishibashi Fumiyo Kohinata Tetta Sugimoto Soichiro Kimura Takashi Tsukamoto Hideo Nakano
Japan Released:2010/06/12(Sat)
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2015/05/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42122 Host:42151 Browser: 5149
Yakuza movie It is not an image like a ghastly violent gang of Yakuza film Yakuza rather than a movie with flashy violence Many appearances of cast actors Personally Shinichiro Kitamura, Tomokazu Miura etc Yakuza's perseverance, greedy, betrayal etc. dirty parts There are a lot of movie homicides and there is a feeling that it is too far apart so much that nobody knows that the dead will come out so that the police will not be silent

2014/09/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 980 Host:919 Browser: 6290
Originally I dislike this kind of genre but I have watched it.

There are many brutal violence scenes, but since it is a work presupposing this kind of thing, I will close my eyes.

But why is not everything too conspicuous?
Risk is too high for killing in wide public roads and general shops anywhere you do not have one.
I do not want to go back to secrecy as it is not stupid.

Murder is something you should never do rather than say.
But if you say it, you will deny this work itself, so let's also close your eyes here as well.

Taking this into account, we will make the evaluation "ordinary".
Let's never stop being involved in yakuza.

2014/06/01 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2585 Host:2616 Browser: 4998
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Kitano Takeshi First movie watching and yakuza scenes movie also watched for the first time

Well, there is nothing I can not enjoy but it is a typical entertainment movie that leaves nothing left after watching it ...
In the first place it is a work that cuts out a partial part of what happened before the Otomoto troupe was destroyed by repeating the flow of the story repeatedly killing the battlefield by eventually killing the Otomo troupe only It is

Perhaps this work is on the undercard if I say from the conclusion Out rage is not so much, but maybe it should be so from the point where Beyond was quite talkative though this is my speculation but this is another spec next time It is not such a thing to try to hit it thoroughly after watching the lift, but I wonder if there are some ancestral movies of the next installment as it exists in reality ...

That's why the story is incoherent or it is totally chaotic. In the first place, the boss of the original one is a little bad in the first place, but this time it has been somewhat crushed by the back so that you also receive the impression that you have been standing well until now I would definitely buy a resentment if I treat men as good

Also, since this work is not realistic It is a world of yakuza so the general public like me may laugh with his nose at the place of reality, but as it is just a yakuza that kills a person so that the foot can not stand In the general world that does not feel realistic, the movie world is built entirely outside the mosquito net by just the yakuza

Certainly this work is a movie of the main character though the yakuza is a hero's movie, but I wanted the public and the whole society like the massacre and the general public as well as the police officer to publish it, too The general public who is only the impression that the police are just a wiping role comes out Even if you do not scream and just look at it ... Although it is fiction but it does not feel realistic it is just fiction. Attractive fiction should also have reality ...

Every actor was fresh with acting different from usual It was good that Shiina Kippei gave a voice that Dosu gave in a good voice

It seems that various other actors will appear in the next work so it is expected and it is expected that it is used in the scenes that stab the chopsticks with the ears Walotha

2014/04/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3635 Host:3605 Browser: 5171
[Comprehensive evaluation]
This movie is a scenario movie that has been drawing attention because it is very different among Kitano movies.
Mr. Kitano who has worked on violence works in the past, but this "outragees" has a different appearance.

Basically it is a parade of violence and violence, because the battle for power of the organized crime group is a story.

The world view and the people go all the way to the dark, and it will not shake to the end.

Still it feels easy to replace the upper and lower relationships and each human pattern felt from the world of Yakuza even in modern society.

It is composed entirely of viewers and styles and style that does not allow any compromise without being preoccupied with even Mr. Kitano himself who is director and acting himself and is a real violent movie I will make you think about what to do.

The cast members also have many individualist actors and all are exactly all villains on the ground.

I think that it is okay to evaluate purely alone even in the part that pierces through dirty and darkly-destroyed style, such as obligatory humanity.

2014/04/13 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15959 Host:15930 Browser: 3425(Mobile)
I saw Kitano movie after a long time, but as a luxury actor, personal opinion, I thought that I was not addicted.

The direction of the director was also strangely plausible, I could not feel freshness.

I only saw earlier works and I think that if it is the core one it will be subject to criticism, but it is not in the movies but rather I felt that the direction directed towards the stage is better .

In this work I was not able to feel the vividness, fear that I was seeking.

2013/11/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1399 Host:1199 Browser: 7910
[good point]
Unique violence depiction. Anyway it is unbelievable. It is pulled in.
The acting power of each actor. Especially Shiina Kippei was amazing.

[Bad point]
Dare to tell the story is secondary. I think that it is as intended.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Kitano Takeshi I love the work so it may have some sort of clue.
Still thought that it is one of the best directors if you let me take a gang of things (violent things?).
I think that this work has read the interview of the director that I thought about how to kill beforehand and connected the story there in something. It was content of conviction.

2013/04/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48179 Host:48118 Browser: 6622
It was a funny work or something that was moderately tense and there was not much discomfort to watch without being bored.

Although it is natural, I thought that I do not want to involve gangsters. I am too scared.

Shiina Kippei was cool although I thought that the choice of some casts is different.

2013/01/11 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11207 Host:11382 Browser: 9831
Unlike the old Toei novelist thing, it is a contestant of the current wind gangsters, and in the extremism of Takeshi Megaphone, there are many slaughter scenes such as "all the characters are bad guys", but honestly it is such a murderous scene The impression of a movie is also strong.

Although all the appearance characters expressed the feeling such as breathless bloody conflict in the part of the grudge due to the world of all the bad guys, but I did not have anything attracted to such violent movies at all However, there was no favorable feeling even if it was made to be a taskist of Toei, but the bloody muddiness in the movie had a feeling that there was not much difference from Toei, and seeing " It is like touching the pattern that the beast will be killed. And Yuka, oh ye scene has a strong impression, I am surprised to see it at first, but if I continue twice or three times, it is half white as "what a feeling like this ...".

Even if it was a Takesaki for the starring, it was not such a fascinating thing, and I never thought that the Yakuza movie itself was interesting, and the place I gathered luxurious actors is similar to that of Toei, but what is interesting I could not think at all. I heard that both pros and cons are fairly strong work, but I was a non-myself.

Currently there are circumstances that it is not possible to make a scolding movie of Toei's hands, but if it is not such a kind of Takeshi Kitano movie, there may be circumstances such as not being able to make an extreme yakuza movie, but it is interesting personally And I do not think that the Yakuza movie itself can not be screened in some circumstances, and the police use the gang battle dispute ... because the police are in the murder scene only this work " In the meaning that it is impossible not to move ", it was set as such, but it seems to be a villain to the police by this too" I feel somewhat "... a sense of incompatibility (honest with the actual police, a very good impression Although it is not).

It can be said that it is a modern age where extreme movies are not made, that movies like this work hit in that sense, or that they got noticed, can nod. However, Takeshi movie has no hope, I did not think that it was so interesting, I was watching with a feeling of awakening if I was watching and not so throbbing.

Although it may be that it puts out extremism in the part of the dark world view and the killing of the dirty people, it did not have any interesting impression at all. Although it is said that it has advanced to overseas, even if it misses the award, it is said that it was evaluated, but if it goes wrong, the movie circumstances of overseas are the same as in Japan, and there is nothing that does not feel like a great thing ....

I did not feel refreshed after seeing it, I was not attracted to the style, and I also thought that Takeshi was overestimated for a while? I do not like yakuza movies themselves, they are not attracted to Takeshi's philosophy, and once it is seen, it is already good, and for sequels too much ... so the impression is "very bad".

2013/01/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 972 Host:963 Browser: 7389
[good point]
Tempo's goodness = Good editing If you have a sense of rhythm on the screen you will not get tired of seeing it.

Variation of the violence scene.
It is so amazing that I can not stare the screen.

[Bad point]
It lacks reality.
It is visible that the internal collapse occurs before the organization grows up if the chairman was fighting with the subordinate people as a toy until then.
At the end Mr. Tomokazu Miura had taken a bear but I thought it was too honestly too late.

It is not even because I was wearing gloves, so someone immediately knows the fingerprints and smoke reactions ....
The police may also be a farce that has been rounded up, though.

I was also concerned that the existence of the mass communication was completely ignored.
I wanted such a depiction that he was afraid of getting involved in violent conflict.

I felt distracted by painting something obscene violence depiction itself, and I felt that the kneading of the script was becoming negligible.

The conflict is intensifying also in the present Kitakyushu, but the report of the mass media is retiring.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Kitano Takeshi I think that it is an honest straight work in the movie.
Still paralysis of accident left behind of accident still face facial paralysis False face expression of dolls is dark, overall feeling of sense of violence paralyzed when watching and listening.

I think it's a bit overkill.
I became worried that Takeshi's mental was supposed to be quite dangerous.

I like the heart-full work of "Kikujiro no hana" or the neighborhood of the Kikujiro but it may have been strict at the box office or maybe I decided to push through the violent lines of this hand.

I leave evaluation to be [bad].
Although it was not boring but because the atmosphere is too overwhelming and there is a high possibility that it will have a bad influence on the audience's mental.

2012/10/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31188 Host:30920 Browser: 7307
I have been watching various movies, but Kitano's work is the first time for me to work.

A work depicting the world of Yakuza that rapaciously absurd violence inflamed.
A type of movie in which violence depiction is fun.
It is not a work that the story is interesting.
Rather there is a director's aim in the place where there is not much story.
Contrary to the fact that Scorsese was "departed" and the strike also took a fun gang movie, in contrast, Director Kitano thinks that he pursued simply an aberrant world of Yakuza, absurd violence.

2012/10/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21846 Host:21800 Browser: 2413(Mobile)
Although I watched it a long time ago, it was a yakuza movie and there were plenty of violent scenes, quite cruel, gruesome scary such as unforgivable, but it was a wonderful and a work that I enjoyed to the end.

After all, although the actors are all luxurious, I wonder if each one was doing a nice taste properly. Personally, Ikemoto played a role as a potato tattoo, but it seems that the goodness of the character of the actor was oozing out, so it is somewhat devastating for a yakuza. However, Ikemoto itself is such a role of feeling that it is about to be killed by his subordinates in the end, so I think that it was the best match in the aftermath. Just thinking now, Ikemoto may have been quite delicious in other yakuza until being killed. And then, Mr. Mizuno role Shiina Kippei looks good on the role of yakuza. The balance between intimidation and ruthlessness was exquisite, and the number of showroom was also the most. That is why it was a bewildering experience for a moment because it was the way to kill everything after finally fully enjoying the happy feelings with the beautiful woman. In addition, it is Otomo who plays Kitano Takeshi anyway. Like other colleagues, I sputtered abruptly into blunt words but each one of them was humorous and a distinctive habit Tick was also attractive.

And the black people who wore glasses also had good character. I talked a little word of Japanese and made me feel the atmosphere, but I will be worried only after that.

2012/09/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10947 Host:10868 Browser: 5682
It seems that it has already been cut off one month until the sequel release ... ...

Although the conflict between the gangs who should have exchanged brothers and sisters was the main axis,
Coupled with the skill of the image which seemed to be (thought to be) a darker color tone correction, that "hypothetical conflict"
I was able to say that it was energetic to make us shiver the things seen gruesome.
Do you also say that extreme violence scenes and others seemed to be Kitano movies in a very good meaning?

A lot of people also appeared in the actors, but among them, Mr. Mizuno, Mr. Shiina Kippei's energetic acts also got a shining light. That's why I thought that the cruel killing at the end was unexpected ........ Mr. Takeshi Kitano of (?) Leading role is also a turnaround, but it was slightly shorter than Mr. Shiina Even though, I was tightly fastening the main points on a certain foaming scene and that "shocking" scene such as the last stage etc. Mr. Soichiro Kitamura of the Kannai role, was the big impact with the "Odoru Daisousasen" series, etc. was the impact was strong, or was not the acting skill which was not eaten was the place where you said drift stone veteran?

Among them, Mr. Tomokazu Miura seemed to have been floating from the catch phrase "All bad guys" at salaried workers who are middle managers rather than Yakuza because Dos is not working well ......... parentheses Although I was imitating "that man"
I was bitterly smiled at its easy-to-understand nature.

And in fact Otomo was actually ......... The territory broadcast of the previous Japanese work,
In the Kitano work of recent years there was a lot of indigestion bad faired impression, it was finished in a heavy making that does not get tired of the viewer, it was a movie that I enjoyed watching after a long time. If you do this, you can expect a sequel. Evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.

2012/09/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20627 Host:20756 Browser: 7300
[good point]
〓〓〓elatively easy to understand story 〓〓〓ark and cool color tones covering the screen. It is also good that flexibility is not lost.
〓〓〓verything unspoken development. Still it is brilliant that it does not become redundant, giving a feeling of tension to what you see firmly.
〓〓〓xquisite cut. Effects given to things seen by methods are also considered.
〓〓〓asting is brilliant. Even though everyone has a solid habit, it is not intrusive and human beings are all out.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓he deployment itself does not have special freshness. If anything it is a work of a person who can read ahead.
〓〓〓iolence depiction is not gaudy.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Kitano Takeshi This was the first time, but no matter what it was pulled in at all. Although comfortably from beginning to end all the time comedy drifts a little bit, and it is a good impression that the depiction of violence is not bad.

Well because it is sometimes called a yakuza thing movie, there is not much popularity, but there is enough entertainment.

Kitano I heard something somewhere that the work is difficult, but this seems to be a familiar kind of work.

I felt that I showed how to show it especially with cuts. I wonder if the movie that tension is transmitted from the screen so far is quite unusual.
Personally I enjoyed very much. Evaluation is "highest!"

2012/06/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16716 Host:16663 Browser: 4894
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Kitano Takeshi As a movie, and also as a Japanese movie since 2000, I think that it is the movie that is at its highest peak so far. I felt that he had a very tense sense of hardship and extraordinary preparedness and unspoiled signs wearing that film. As usual, Kitano movies are constantly different, but this time it is the chunk of this time. So far Kitano movie was called "That man, berserk" or "Sonatine" or "BROTHER" Where there was a place where it could be permitted in a lyrical atmosphere anywhere. It does not seek empathy for anyone in this work and does not seek it in a dramatic direction. Moreover, because it is not wonderful even to themselves, it was thoroughly unspoken I was murmured unexpectedly after I finished being "doing, Takeshi Kitano"!

Anyway, I think that it was an amazing film throughout the whole story. Firstly, from the viewpoint of video shots, it is the scene of a funeral that is left in the most impressive but still aligned with the beginning automobile until it is eerie. Particularly after the funeral ceremony has ended, the place to shoot in turns after turning into a crocodile after the funeral is overwhelmingly left in the impression, as if this work itself is bright from the beginning it is like fear and eeriness that impresses two ones I remember that it was felt and the chicken and goose bumps stood. Although the scene at the beginning is also amazing, from there it is a series of conversations of violent shots and ecstatic curse like exactly as a fang. Regarding words, it is impressive that "Bacaoyaro" and "Konoyaro" are used repeatedly as well as Scorsese 's "fucking", and each one of the lines looks through a monotonous demon step by step It sounds like that of Ozu movies. It has also appeared in the goodness of tempo, and it will progress at a certain tempo with Swiss. Perhaps because this movie is totally absent mere meaningless power battle. In monotonous condition anyway, the character dies and goes dead without any meaning.

Regarding the violence of the title, regarding this movie, it seems that you have seen it somewhere in any work including Kitano movies until then, or violence that everyone once saw has been developed one after another . Especially where I stab my chopsticks in my ears at a ramen shop or thoroughly bloody the inside of my mouth with a drill of a dentist I actually have to say that once in all I imagine that there is such violence but it does hurt It seems to me that it is thought that "I thought but it really is what I really do ..." with the feeling that it covers. Separately the content of violence itself was not surprised, and it is interesting to explode the technique suddenly without explaining anything on the story. However, there was only one unexpected violence among them. It is a scene that kills Mizuno on the beach. I did not expect to cover my face with a black cloth and ties my neck with a string and kill it by pulling with a car and cutting it. That picture is a place that made me surprised very much among numerous violence depictions, and it reflects even more eerie, coupled with the dullness of the morning sun.

Selection of actors is also wonderful, director Takeshi Kitano is of course good at Tomokazu Miura and Ryo Kase. There are not so many impressive actors that you can bring with the presence itself as opposed to skillful performance. Both of them are appearing in many dramas and movies, and each is an individual actor, but when Takeshi Kitano wears a director I am surprised by the place where I can create a strange presence as well. Mr. Kitano thought that he was a good person to make the best use of the actor. As for women everywhere is sober, and men shine as fearful and ferocious entities no matter how far. As a common criticism about this movie, there are criticisms that "drama nature is light" and "There is no new taste like surprising scenes of the violence scene is too flat", but I think this is misplaced.

First of all, with regard to the thin drama nature, the movie Kitano Takeshi is not the existence of the scene in the first place, omit wasteful explanation by the logic of the picture, and is spinning a scene with a tactful theory, that is, a common tendency to get involved is not. And, as far as this movie is concerned, from the beginning nobody 's sympathy is necessary and it is making a cold dry thing without wasting anything lyrical at all. There is no need for any violent scenes drawn in it or drama unnecessary obligation. In this respect there are points with Kubrick and Godard, and in other words, there is no line of such feelings at all, it just makes something rampant anyhow. Actually, I made a consistent and dry attitude by denying old things that tend to be in the Yakuza movie unless it got anything in the place where I filled my fingers with that finger.

In terms of saying "There is no surprising new taste as the violence scene is too flat," this movie seems to be rather an anthology of violence. I scratched the scene pulled and killed by the rope listed above is exceptionally surprised exceptionally but I think that most of the others are daringly using things that have been used and used in past movies or within the imagination . I think that the point in understanding the violence of this movie is not "what kind of violence is being used?" But "how to put out worn out violence suddenly"? Of course this was a feature of the Kitano movie so far, but this time especially the characteristics are demonstrated and it is amazing that it is still not rusting. Even in Kubrick and Scorsese, 'Orbitless and excessive violence' itself has been drawn, but in the end everything is not beyond the Hollywood movie area, but the flow that wields violence flows through emotional transfer into narration and characters It is what has been explained in detail. On that point, Kitano Takeshi's violence depiction is in a position where it acts like excessive violence in its orbit and behaves like a natural everyday occurrence. It is meaningless to criticize that the violence scene is a flat plate without understanding this point.

By the way, this movie is going to be summarized, but this movie is a work that I personally liked the most for the reasons mentioned above among Takeshi Kitano movies, and I still feel the fun and goodness that such movies can still be taken I think that I showed you. Since the sequel comes out in October of this year whether it actually hits or not, I will change "Impression" for this work depending on it, but I want to attach "highest" at the present time. Kitano Takeshi made me feel that it has not declined yet.

2012/02/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 4895
Was funny.
Everyone had a bad person or a glove so it was a comedy as a whole if I thought it was a heavier content.
Because there was a first prejudice, I did not notice it within the first, and there was a place like cheapness but I gradually went to the world view of this work.
Many of Mr. Takeshi's works are honestly hard to understand, and it is hard for me to understand whether the world view does not suit, but maybe I felt that Kore was Mr. Takeshi's view of the world for the first time.
It is a machine that polishes the knife with a dentist with a knife cut off his fingers and it makes me bitter tongue in the mouth or it makes me chewy with a lot of groom and it's all comedy and it's black mouth like Mr. Takeshi I think that evaluation will change depending on whether you can laugh.

As expected, even with Mr. Wu, the scene of a little car chase and the scene shooting a gun is nothing short of Hollywood or something, but since something also matches the world view later, it seems to me that it is good I come, but the way to shoot and show others was good.
I was shooting from a ramen shop in a ramen shop, the shoots of Shiina Kippei and others walking from the outside were also cool, and how to show when the first giggle enters the Ikeumoto pair is also a picture There was such an impact.
Character is also rather dark than face, so the face is so amazing, it was all good actors with strong individuality, but each was the best I liked Shiina Kippei the most.
While being a character that seemed unreliable for both parents and children, (thinking something behind), it was a child who could put trust normally, and it was a one-armed being of Takeshi (boss) Because there is a guy who is not trusted (there are things that other than Takeshi is stupid) but in a sense it has a decent feeling, and the relationship of Takeshi and Shiina Kippei coupled with the presence of Takeshi is also good Taste appeared also as a character as a police officer or a character.
Kunimura Hayabu laughed at the expression when he died by biting his tongue and Tetta Sugimoto something as a role is a place where the existence is thin and placed at the second position and the last place to play an active part Although there is also a way to be done, it is dark to arrange Satoshi Sugimoto there, and it may have been the worst among well-known veteran actors.
Even though some of Takeshi 's other children' s safes have a character as a character, I thought that I would betray somewhere, but something in English with a foreigner was also good.
Tomokazu Miura is not as much aware of the actions and activities as much as Tetsuta Sugimoto, there are scenes where the chairperson is beaten head or miserable character, but behind the scenes the hands are holding hands with the police 's Shimaumi Fumiyo Or, in the end, I will bring it all out, so I crawl out of the inconspicuous characters first to the first nuclear person.
It was Sugimoto Tetsuta who took over that miserable character at once, feeling that Miura Tomokazu's minutes took over.
Tomokazu Miura itself is dense and there is a presence, but I thought that I am thinking something is behind because it is an inconspicuous character.
Even the same inconspicuous character was contrasted with Satoshi Sugimoto and Tomokazu Miura.
The police 's Minori Shimaata was also good and after all each performance is also good, so there are some cheap lines, but that kind of taste is such a taste, it is a serious comedy and a borderline in a heavy world view called a yakuamono It is subtle It was an incomprehensible flavor that the line was exquisite and I could not get out if I was addicted.

The story seems simple and complicated, the surface is easy to understand, but the interior is drenched.
It is a vertical society and it is such a matter that it is an ordinary society and expressed it in the yakuza world.
I am saying plausible things to get on the island, but the center is there, there is no choice but to obey if my boss tells me, I try to keep my boss in a mood or persuade my subordinates to keep it to my boss , Being banished from the boss by meaning unknown, being thrown up from his subordinates and being accused by his boss so it was a pinch or thing that was common in the ordinary world.
It seems like a distant world seemingly unrelated to myself as a yakuza world, but it may be a part where sides can feel sympathy or feel close to us.

Even if it says anything, the scary was scary and the atmosphere was good and I worked the best, but the way I was done was crisp and it was good and the punch line came.
After all, only one person should not survive, and it may be a message because this work that I do is done forever has drawn forever.
It may not be such a deep work that anyone uses and who is using it, even though someone is using the most bad, even though I think it makes me think about it, even if I draw a look like a cool appearance of a yakuza at the first glance, there are internal conflicts and unnecessary parts I draw.

Although the story is easy to understand and there is no content, after all it is good at tempo and how to proceed, bringing the unexpectedness to remove the definite at the point and the point, that is what it makes no sense Even I do not make it look like parentheses because I will not make it a harmonized schedule, I guess whether it comes to nature or tempo.

Although it is not a good work, it became a personal favorite work.

2011/11/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 4895
Hatano, director of Kitano, a struggle of gangsters' conflict.
Violence depiction is a selling book work, but the story setting is also firm. Intelli It is quite salaried manifestation of intense competition development and there is also quite humor in its humor. Among the various interests, there are pictorial sesame seeds and vanities, bells, and betrayal. Of course there are merciless violence and murder on that extension line, but a human drama that the wealthy people weave is drawn.
Mr. Watanabe, Mizuno (Shiina Kippei), Intelli member, Ishihara (Ryo Kase) are drawn mainly around Chairman Otomo (Beat Takeshi). There is never a picture of a world of traditional honorable desires, and few people are cool for humans. In addition, actors who often play in a good role, such as Koichi Minasaki playing Kamioka detective, Kitamura Soichiro who plays the chairman of the Sanno society, Youngda, Tomokazu Miura who plays Kato, are usually seen as bad people as images It is one. Unbelievable gangster members as a whole, on the contrary, scary unfamiliar with the appearance of contemporary society is projected and it is scary extra. And even the end of traditional Yakuza movies is made to feel.
Although the story and its depiction itself may not be very appreciated, it is felt that the completeness of entertainment is high.

2011/10/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23988 Host:23828 Browser: 4602
In Kitano work, it was rare, it was an easy-to-understand work (although it was not easy to understand "TAKESHI'S" etc.).
In a weekly magazine article, Director Kitano had told something like "Showing violent violence like a person leads to art", it was such a work.
It is such an impression that a person who survived at the end simply got it all, but it is such an impression, Can you easily kill people? If you can easily kill people, if you kill without stance I thought that it was okay?
The real yakuza world will not be simple so far, but would it be such a feeling if you could kill people without worrying about arrest or imprisonment? I suppose that there is a line.
And it is not limited to the world of yakuza.

2011/08/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12010 Host:12222 Browser: 10777
[good point]

Cast 's good performance.
Mr. Shiina, Mr Kitamura's terrible play was magnificent.

Representation of terrible violence.
The dentist, ear chopsticks, vengeful scenes frown their faces.

[Bad point]

There is no power in the scenario. I can read ahead.

I do not have two hours, but I feel that it is quite long because of long turns.

I feel Mr. Kase and Mr. Kunimura are miscast.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Violence depiction and actors, these two points were good.
However, in other words, it is a fresh work other than that.

The type is similar to "BROTHER", but the drama nature is over there overwhelmingly.

2011/02/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Everyone was a work of announcement street of a bad person. It was a movie that was not a good person. People who come out Because people are smaller and worse.
There was also a laugh at the first climbing BAR, but in the subsequent conflict it was serious, it was a series of shots of Glo. I do not see much splatter system, so the scene that Murase 's dentist' s scene or the young head of Murase pointed to was serious and glorious.
It's easy to see because the tempo is going fiercely, but it is hard to say once again.
Evaluation is normal.