[JP movie]Kazoku no Kuni

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JP movie rank of 2012 Rank 33in 117 titles
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Koshikawa Michip
Yoshihisa Toda
Nobuyuki Kikuchi
Tomoyuki Maruo
Taro Iwashiro
Sakura Andou
Iura Arata
Kotomi Kyono
Omori Tatsushi
Jun Murakami
Shioda Sadaharu
Suzuki Shinzuke
Yamada Maho
Kumi Imura
Mutsuo Yoshioka
Yuko Genkaku
Kimu Sujin
Tarou Suwa
Yoshiko Miyazaki
Japan Released:2012/08/04(Sat)
Official sites
1. http://kazokunokuni.com/ (Translation)
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2015/07/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15166 Host:15498 Browser: 7911
The director seems to be Korean II in Japan, but "a family bond that never breaks even once it is separated." Was it such a thing that I wanted to say about this work?

Kim Il Sung at home, it was seen several times that a portrait of Kim Jong Il child was listed,
Like a symbol of "such as" fantasy "against such" paradise on the earth "(?)
Although it could be seen, it was "hard reality" that the country had been decided even by the length of stay even if it came back to Japan and finally returned to Japan. Moreover, it also causes disease (brain tumor)
Because my family was suffering from it, so my family also wanted to forget such reality, so I guess it was unavoidable that I wanted to welcome extra warmly.

Son Ho was regarded as being attached to a certain Japanese woman and saw a scene that was abused as "You and I hate your country too!", But also conflicts with Japanese people Well it was probably because it was not drawn so much and it was "Well it would be such a thing" That letter at the end was also showing "love" or something well, and Mr. Ando Sakura may certainly get an award I thought that veteran teams such as Mr. Taro Suwa and Mr. Tsugayama Masaki, who is my father's role, were also demonstrating their respective talents), but, to put it badly, I thought " It seemed that it was also "modestly simple". I thought whether it was a drama that had something more truly approaching from the disease that Seong-ho had ... ......

Although it was not bad, maybe I wanted more punches if I wanted it? Evaluation is "good"
Although it is "ordinary" in the sense that it does not fall short of Somo, if Mr. Ando was the position of Seonho's position, I think that the impression on this movie changed better.

2013/05/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31447 Host:31532 Browser: 7848
Director Yang Young-hee.
It seems like a director who has a chief of a day in the documentary seems to have pulled out the emotions of the character as long-handed as the director.