[JP movie]ISOLA

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JP movie total pnts rank Rank 2,808in 2,880 titlesTotal -14 / Deviation 35.92
JP movie rank of 2000 Rank 41in 44 titles
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Voice/Actor-1.67(Very bad)3
Story-2.00(Very bad)3
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Toshiyuki Mizutani Yusuke Kishi
Yuu Kurosawa Yoshino Kimura Satomi Tezuka Ken Ishiguro Watanabe Makiko Susumu Terajima Hideo Murota Shimomotoshiro Yuriko Hirooka Houka Kinoshita
Japan Released:2000/01/22(Sat)
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2013/06/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
I saw this also at the opportunity to see the "evangelical scriptures" (authorship is the same) ....

I got opinions with other people, but I was not afraid of it at all. Actor of Chihiro's actor was not good. It was spooky halfway, looking and not looking for poison or medicine at all, but the depiction of multiple personality was totally indigestive and indigestion, and there was nothing that the actor's performance division itself was transferred at all is not it. I was defeated to the character normally. By the way, the actor of the uncle acting as a violent actor against Chihiro and the heroine thought that it was a face like something I saw, Kazuhiro Yamaji! But, I finished my work Even if he died like 'Skin of a good side', he was not completely alive at all.

The identity of the heroine was also revealed, but it was not "unexpected" or something unexpected because it was not saying "Hmm, that's it?" Or her back horn or something like a hint, and Kensaku Ishiguro plays the last Despite committing suicide to Mamoru, the remaining members have become positive. Mr. Kyosuke Himu of ED songwriter also did not change the charm of sexy vocals etc of the past year. But,
It was too late to recover the damaged point. "Blue Flame" was fairly funny, was not it. Although the director Takafumi Miike's director's "Evangelical scripture" was also a poor work in this work, the evaluation of this work is also "very bad".

2011/01/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5622 Host:5469 Browser: 8050
The novel is really interesting,
This movie is not worth seeing at all.
I am killing all interesting places.
It is very bad.

2007/08/30 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 5979
Works that should be interesting but not entirely fun. Was it finished with a low budget, appropriate screenplay?
The personality depiction of 13 is also thin. I am not afraid of anything. I do not know anything about the setting. I am not good at acting.
There is no praise. If so, is it a spirit of trying to make this movie .......

2006/04/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
[There is spoilerness]

I should have read the novel, but I do not remember the end.
The movie got tired of something along the way.

Some characters thought that they did not have to die (viewing while fast-forwarding around here).
Rather than being ... ...., the hero was amazed at not stopping that person jumping
(I guess if it stops, it will be stupid).
Although I could not see the first half ... ....

2005/10/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13637 Host:13379 Browser: 5234
Japanese horror was a work that goes on the ground that everything will be boring.
It is not a content that you can admire such a bad overseas horror, but in Japan it was a less than that.
Just by kokusenji, gimmicks are nothing but a game called a game, only to make it happen, it is becoming a rush to catch up with acting of the Japanese radish actor who is characteristic of the Japanese movie.
Even though the original was good, it is easy to make only low-budget horror films, not making any other special-effects movies, making the vicious circle of making only thin works seems to be deeply rooted in the Japanese film world as well .

2005/01/21 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 4184
I guess it was a third - rate horror again, is not it?
Maybe the hero's multiple personality girl has not finished playing and has become a sparse character?
Is it the most likely cause that it is difficult to put out the personality of 13 people, simply because of the lack of explanation of each person and sparseness? Honestly It was not interesting to normal.
It is too bad because the black house was not so good as I can not deploy it or emotion, so it is a work I thought about Japanese horror.
I have never read the original, but the author wrote a famous work such as a black house.

2004/12/28 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7812 Host:7804 Browser: 4184
I thought that it is difficult to visualize from the story of the original, but after all it was useless.
Something is becoming a third - rate horror.
In the scene expressing multiple personality, the scene of desolation of the bodies was lacking in force and it was shabo.
In the visualization of Kishi's work, it feels like I've been hurt with "Black House" "ISOLA", "Blue Flame" was good ...
After all, it seems that it was better to put the form in which the problem has not been solved yet, like a bunko version.