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JP movie avg pnts Rank 362in 369 titlesAvg -2.13=Very bad/15 reviews
JP movie rank of 2013 Rank 109in 109 titles
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Graphic-1.71(Very bad)7
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Yusuke Watanabe
Tori Matsuzaka
Go Ayano
Ayame Gouriki
Tatsuomi Hamada
Ryouhei Suzuki
Japan Released:2013/08/24(Sat)
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1. http://www.gatchaman-movie.jp/ (Translation)
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2016/06/22 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45022 Host:44877 Browser: 10196
Appreciation of rental with awareness of everyone of the debateors and Amazon on review.

Good morning, the morning Ninja Corps Gatchaman at the beginning, about Ryuhei Suzuki 's role as a dragon of the worm.

Other than that, it is totally obsolete finish and it is contradictory that the citizens live just like Tokyo normally only in Tokyo though the world has been ruled by the garactor regardless of the "referee's day." Depending on digital such as CG and wire Actions that are too lacking in weight and realistic feeling.It is a poor way to pull about "stone" and wasteful original setting.

There is no heroic catharsis that will succeed the evil by riding the OP singing by Kamonmon Masato.In the latter half of the session, the crisis of the earth is approaching by the falling meteorite and it is a fellowship who asks the existence significance and it is like a whole It is a cheap but gudaguda triangle relation like the former melodrama, unfortunately such as a gag that is cold and less even for medicine less than three places in every corner, unfortunately is a storm of lost smile.

Stop is the last of the bat-end style that struck the sequel which flowed after the staff roll.

This is no longer an unmeasurable area that can not even be evaluated.

2015/12/23 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10580 Host:10470 Browser: 5779
〓〓〓I can not compare with the original because I do not know the animation version which became the basis of this work at all.

Before the main part begins, the movie version of "Good Morning Ninja Corps Gatchaman" flowing in the ZIP flows.
Mr. Matsuzaka who played the leading role in this volume is a special ver.
Let's say from the conclusion. This one was more interesting than this one.

Although I was listening to bad reviews on various sites and Twitter etc. before watching, as I mentioned above, I do not know the original at all. Since it can be seen with the head in pure white, this is different from the original ! I thought that it might be enjoyable without plunging into each one.


There was absolutely no such thing

Even clearly from a person like me who does not know the original by saying clearly it can assert that this work is severe.
From the whole work, I have experienced that the air seeped out like "you are satisfied with the work of this degree," and that you are feeling sick when you are watching a movie for a long time.

Even though setting is suggested that most of the world is under the control of the garactor, enjoying drinking tea at a fancy coffee shop or train usually operating, all feeling of tragedy from people There is not drifting etc, it is not drunk If there is no collapse setting to put tsukkomi into fiction too much, it seems unlikely that it seems to be a big eyes, but the story of the essence was not praised with a bad drama.

The work of this line thinks that it is correct answer to draw a hero who simply confronts a mysterious enemy aiming at conquering the earth, simply and coolly, I think.
Nevertheless, this work is too strict or a conformity person or a virus X or an impurity setting too much. Moreover, the explanation of those settings is not 100% being worked, so it is bad.
Perhaps the producer thinks that he made a big deal with the identity of Berck, the leader of the garactor, but if he is going to make Naomi, who is a common feeling of Ken and Joe in the first place, Berg X The reason why Naomi had expressed dissatisfaction with the way he was dissatisfied with pressing the fight against the garactor to the conformer, such as being controlled by the dark side as the equilibrium of the spirit is broken or reasons Although it is necessary to attach, they are not even anything even though they are absolutely necessary.

Even amateurs trying to aim for the future Lanaube writer would not even think that crappy setting is unnecessary so you should just draw Gatchaman cool.
A scene that seems to have referred to the cut of "Avengers" (where the camera looks around the Avengers' face in the last battle in Manhattan)
There is, but if you refer, please refer to the core part instead of such a cheap part.

It must be thought that romance drama was nothing but a useless item.
I had a headache with looking at a cold farseer that I wanted to put Tsukkom as a depiction that my friends make fun of Jun who thinks Ken.
It is not constructive to say only the bad mouth of the work and I do not feel like it much, but I can not help but recommend that it is a work that I can not find good points so far.

Evaluation is "worst".
I could not help feeling a sense of crisis in the Japanese movie world in which people who think that such works are sent out to the world and money from customers can not be withdrawn.

2015/08/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2630 Host:2661 Browser: 4685
The first battle was a good movie because the action was pretty good so I was expecting for a while but it was a movie I did not know what I wanted to do from there.
I feel like I have already spoken

Scale feeling is not enough for the deck to handle.
What level of love affair I've touched will not be anything wrong Personally I was concerned that people who can become gajamamans are rare and trying to quit with a change of job if there is no situation in the world There were places that I was worried about.

Although it is often compared with devilman.
Sticky continues to destroy while reproducing the original of the original Strong-style movie without mercy This is a merciless Strong-style movie that has destroyed from the beginning leaving only the original as an element.

2015/07/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1165 Host:1082 Browser: 5171
A workmanship of conviction is also noticeable.
If there is no powerful VFX, nothing remains.
About 30 minutes in the first half was fun, but I can not understand the translation As the melodrama started, it quickly dropped.
I think that casting was good for everyone. Mr. Ryohei Suzuki, a particularly dragon role, was a splendid supporter.

2015/01/21 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3927 Host:3958 Browser: 5171
Is Gatchaman like this story?
Of course, I think that such a work has been completed with various circumstances such as remake, live-action version, movie and so on.
I have action, I am with CG, Ikemen actor, beauty actress etc are included.
But it is a good movie if you put it in. It is obvious that it will not necessarily be a good work.

I do not know where it is like the aim of the work such as the production intention and the viewing subject, so im not sure,
It may be impossible to evaluate the essence of this work ...
Even so, it was obvious that it was "pretty boring" as a personally viewed comment.

It is no longer a level to say what is wrong.
It seems that the actors are lightly good ...

Perhaps there were circumstances of adults in various ways,
I think that it is a very regrettable work.

2014/11/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26283 Host:26193 Browser: 7905
Anime is about 5 minutes at the beginning,
It was splendid and interesting with meta-like remarks and bright gorilla originally inherent in Gachamann.


It is dark thing that the content of the main part is dark contrary to it.
I wanted to doubt whether this is really that goddaman.
What is this. What is this.
Let's say clearly. This movie is the original atmosphere. World view, destroying all characters thoroughly.
Revenge? Love-hate? At the time of bringing a bitter neta like golden time drama to Gatchaman,
The evaluation of this movie is to see it on its own.

Beyond calling this a failed work, I feel the madness of the maker.
I would like to listen carefully why I thought I'd be ukey with this content.

Of course evaluation is "worst".
I would like to recommend the movie version Yatterman of the first film if you see this.
I do not deny that there were scary things, but it is terrible anyhow.

2014/10/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 5171
Where is this Gachaman ...
This is a word that passed the mind first when I watched this work.

The story starts from the place where the world is overrun by galleries.

First of all, the setting of Gatchaman and Naomi called "conformers" to elicit special stone capabilities, Ken Takeshi, Joe, Naomi's melodrama,
About their mission About Uzijji Medieval gossaman, gauchaman costumes that do not resemble the original family than the initial uniform of Daiei Hawks,
The work itself is a thing boiled down a way established after "Jetman", the compatibility between drama and Gatchaman is the worst extreme.
Besides, I'm not even keeping the original form of 'Gatchaman' packed with various settings that I do not have at home.

A city that is surrounded by flames witnessed by young people, a soldier of human beings dealt with soldiers of the garactor, weapons of the garactor who overrides Tokyo,
Like recent Hollywood movies, this work also makes battle scenes and actions with machines, but it also extends to the footsteps of Hollywood.
Besides that, I am losing the painting that Eiji Tsuburaya made at the time of no such machine.

Gatchaman's actions are also strongly influenced by Hollywood filmmakers' works that made manga real live, and a workmanship far away from Hollywood,
It is a level that can only be said to be out of the question compared to heroes in the 1970s and 1980s.

To this, 'worst' is even warm.

2014/09/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23814 Host:23764 Browser: 5173
Although the original did not watch but only theatrical version animation which was broadcasting at midnight at the time of this movie release, I saw one topic of talk for the time being.
But here are many sweet reviews .... I think that this is "worst" to seriously.
I wonder what〓〓〓 Clearly speaking, I do not think that this has reached various areas such as the personal worst level "dancing", "in situ mil", "MOVIE great war ~" "superhero matchup ~".
But at least I do not think this work is better than "Devilman". In the past, "devilman" was the thumb when counting poor movies, but now I think that it will not enter the 10 th finger ... because of this kind of movie.

Well, first of all, why is that less than "Devilman" below, "Devilman" is trying to recreate the original as it is. However, it is a sweetness of reading or a substitute that I made it without understanding the merit of the original and the important point at all, while mending up the top of the original.
But I guess the staff did not see the original in the first place in the first place? I do not think that the staff of the media mix sees the original story in the way that I do not think about this, , "I do not understand the story", "I do not know some elements", and so on.
In the same Tatsunoko it was also an unfamiliar live-action movie "Casshern", but it has nothing to do with the main story. If you are watching this movie not related or not having love, only the important phrases or basic character knowledge of high-profile names are followed, so only concern that "I have not seen the original origin in the first place ..." It comes to float.

It is basically almost changed from the basic setting, right? The honesty of the title which omitted the place called "science" "ninja" corps is amazing. There is neither science nor ninja.
That's why I'm getting the original setting for "adult ()" and "reality ()", which is inconvenient, and it makes me feel bad.
For example, there is no movement of "Kamen Rider" afterwards in series, remake for the first time in several decades, suddenly everyone will get scolded if remake work with content like "Masked Rider Ryuki" comes out in 2014. Well, like "Masked Rider THE FIRST", it's boring because it's sandwiched between various series works.
To be honest, it is also subtle as "seeking a different route from the original work of the same title work". The story and setting are contents with dirt, because borrowing the name of a character and a technique halfway, it is not holding down the main point of the original and it is boring.

... Gecchaman is the hero who was originally harder than the 70s in the feeling that he saw an animated movie.
What was drawn with that Gachaman was just a hard hero who hesitated to call "just for a brat", not just a mere pleasant entertainment work. It is often thought that the denial of morals was originated from Gundam, but in reality, the heroes and robots of the 1970s are surprisingly a lot like this, so Gatchaman is no exception. Because the TV series is too long, I do not think to see it, but I felt like I was watching a movie.
However, perhaps, the producer of this live-action movie version was aware that "the 70's hero is a fun entertainment" and misunderstood that if it is said in a modern sense it should do that anti-anti It might be.
There is no recognition of Gatchaman really more than just a story that a hero is bad assassinate, "Well, Gatchaman also makes love and make it love and make it a real thing, let's make a movie that you will receive later", sweet insight I think that I might have hugged.

Speaking of the script, anyway, it is exhausted as one word of "abrupt". No, but, to say it well, I think that it can be said that "tempo is good". I know each other suddenly, but their relationship has been decided at a considerably early stage, I always get bored because there is always recollection and talk progress. Well, it is quite strange in such a poor movie, but this work is not boring for two hours.
It's almost like an unnecessary scene.
However, since important scenes also do not exist from the beginning, it will be "???" every time by connecting the scenes ....

Well, there are only one thing because it is serious and there is no warping if I mention the "Ticket Office" of that hand.
Despite the fact that it began with a decadent world setting that "half of the earth was occupied by the galleries", at the next moment Gatchamans live peacefully just under the bright sky There was a scene which is fighting while saying lightly on top of the town in itself in Tokyo, and it was also quite surprised. It was something I did not understand at all what kind of world view.
The scene of the beginning, the early childhood of the hero recalled "Devilman", and I felt that most of the scenes were condensed in the first scene.

The story of cast is already good.
I do not think that I will slander Mr. Ayabu Rigidity, but perhaps this is the worst job among her?
Elements of the original are free from fragments, the overly light character causes confusion in the viewer's view of the world view, makes a speech that can not be read by the air, makes it out of the mosquito net from the main point of the story, I can not say it is good either.
I think that acting in other works is better than this, probably the screenplay is bad. The lightness of this Jun 's speech is like "ah, I became a daemon". Does it sound like a modern person 's wording in half way? Everything works quite well for this work though.

Music is good.

Evaluation is "worst".
As I wrote this, it really came up to me from next to next, I was worried about where to put it in the text Wow ah Ah ah so it was a situation I will cut it up.
Those who are interested ............ It seems that criticism will come out as much as you get better.
Like "Devilman" "Casshern" somehow "Devilman" "Casshern", "Contents are not known to the modern child, considering contemporary sensibility, there are also people who blow a bit just by saying that it is a subtle delicaco Because of the delicate standing position having naming which makes you feel good, "From the contemporary people there is concern that images like 'Failed live-action movie' will be established.
When I say animation otaku of the same age, when it says "Gatchaman", there are quite a lot of people whose heads are flickering.

As a person who grew up in Domoto version Kanedaichi, I really dislike humans who strike unjustly only with "real live", but this movie is already ...... I really do not want to reply anything to them ... Stop it ... ....

2014/07/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1096 Host:859 Browser: 7465
At the beginning, although the short animation that Mr. Matsuzaka Momoza, the protagonist also aired, was broadcasted, I also thought that I was not drawn so well (bitter smile), but I was sorry that the Gachaman in animation will not appear There was something amusing like the state. However...........

It was the main part of the essence. I was spending time on the battle in the city earlier than it was, and each one was able to make an outlook as it was. However, they are the cast of the Gatchaman warrior.
Mr. Ayuki Akira honestly thought that he would not suit her in a scene like a mask ball but also with Mr. Matsuzaka, but it seemed like "anything can be played". Originally an animated version (There are things I have seen in the whole series in Gao.
Although it is completely different from the image, the heroine statue of Mr. Mr. Takeshi Ayano of Joe,
In a certain drama I worked better than Mr. Mukai, and the acting ability itself is not a mediocre,
There should have been a wild and isolated altitude and an inaccessible atmosphere. Anime version of Joe.
Three other people including Mr. Matsuzaka were okay, but they also saw that the dragon of the worm was a little more actor.

Irene, who played Mr. Nishimura Shido who was a character of Jen's well-known Naomi killing enemy ......, was also halfway acknowledged, but lacking a sense of bigger things left quite unsatisfactory, Even scenarioally there was such a sad past, or sometimes Ken was condemned by other friends etc Miu was a heavy atmosphere.
Although "was it such a gagchaman was such a fist?", Berg Katze, too,
Actually ... ... the setting was still solid, I was watching it halfway in the Machiavellist and it was not exciting to the end.

Although there was no evaluation of the popular system already at the time of the existence of miscast centering on Mr. Rigid force,
Besides that, it was noticeable about the setting and the about how the screenplay and the like were made. In Tatsunoko's live-action work, it was better than Casshern, but Yatterman (which was also a strangely serious line) and Haion Daemon (although a certain protagonist Janitale was still subtle, but a child of the role of Akbi-chan Was it not good compared with it? Evaluation is done if Oscar gorges, but I would like you to do a gossiping after considering the talent of the talent you belong to, but this is "very bad".

2013/09/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23613 Host:23882 Browser: 11272
To the reputation of the big moss to obsession with the usual colleague in the obsession of "obstinate how expensive it is not going to watch soon" to the reputation of the large moss. So, the impression is that two people together saying "What?
Is not it normal? I was "expecting" the "Kamen rider THE FIRST" class.

Well, I am sorry to sympathize with you that I will become like this if I make it now. The most important point is a romance element.
It is the very same thing as "THE FIRST" that two heroes confront with each other with a woman. What do you wish for the Showa hero? It is not possible to imagine a young woman of down type to a thick tatsunoko hero as it is not as imagining a naive handsome vigorously in Hongo. Even if you can forgive the carnivorous Jun for the era. These two pieces, fundamentally "I feel the simple original is the same as me?" I'm feeling simple questions. Even the scientific Ninja team belongs to a ruthless international organization is nothing short of "modern" and does not deny a sense of easy. On the other hand, Jun, Jinpei and Dragon's funny conversation that is also on the other side of the original has only to laugh at a cheapness which is likely to be in special effects hero mono and a low ability of the actor.

I am doing my best but CG is indeed inferior compared to overseas work. In the past, comparing the matte picture on the east and west in the west, Japan was a "picture" circle, but in CG it was somehow disappointing.
Although it ends with a scene that scares the sequel in the last, it will be murmy at the box office. Whether it had to be a pilot version on the scale of the movie, if so, then how is the splendor of the original first episode "Gatchaman vs. Turtle King"? Will the staff at least see?

Because we are talking about this so far, it is at least a "story" that we do not make it below "bad".
Because "Masked Rider THE FIRST" was not even even that. Well my "normal" is in fact a minus evaluation.

Aside: The first thrust point is Dr. Kirkland. Even if I look it is Japanese, but ....

2013/09/09 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23214 Host:23253 Browser: 5386
[good point]

1, The visual side is good. I am arranging ancient animation well in contemporary style.
I think that it is too rough, but I think that that person is modern.

2, I think that the actor playing the main was also good. There was no such thing as a cruel stick reading or a wasteful acting that consciously thought that it was a hero movie more than necessary.
Mr. Rigido's performance, but it was not bad. There was never feeling dissatisfied by looking. Although this may be because she is a character responsible for gags.

3, BGM, video was also good. All directors and screen writers were doing a good job all.

4, The scene where the early weapons like Panjandram comes out was interesting. This scene is the biggest showroom. Or maybe there is nothing interesting in this scene.

[Bad point]

Screenplay and editing. This is a former culprit.

1, I'm forcibly making a point of view to make all five of you active. With all the episodes, we are forcibly making all of the five girls' headquarters, so it has become unreasonably expanding. Moreover, there are many unnecessary scenes, the tempo is bad and it is hard to understand.
Episodes to infiltrate parties, there are too many useless scenes, which are cutting tension.

2, It is scattered, bad scenario. Even though a single person wrote it, it was like a relay novel.
In order to mislead the poor flow of development and inconsistency, let the character endlessly explain the characters. For that reason, I'm going to hear a long bad word, endlessly.

3, poor way to show information. When Joe shot Ken, when the audience forgot, it finally got Ken arriving at Joe on the bed, finally the audience finally knows the safety of Joe's scenario composition.

4, There is no description of the garactor side. There were three executives in addition to the leader Bergkatze in the garactor (although it was actually two people because one was killed in the early stage), it is regrettable that it was not drawn as a character at all.
I want to see a scene where cum all of those crazy guys who dressed in a dark and decadent, cool parenting fashion lined up. I think that this is the special effect of the flower.
As far as the depiction in the play is concerned, the members of the garactor should have emotions and advanced intelligence, but they are boring, like cyborgs, are boring. I wanted to see the depiction of the garter side.

5, Virus and strange stones, setting is not well utilized. Why is there a lot of contradiction in setting this even though one person is writing a script?

7, Improvement measures that such a person is good also appears to the amateur eyes one after another, and can not concentrate on talking. For example ....

Episodes to infiltrate the party do not need scenes where Joe faints the real thing, scenes where Jimpey fails many times. Although it is not the main episode, it takes too much time in vain, and there are many useless scenes, making the flow difficult to understand.

Dr. Kirkland 's wife, who developed satellite weapons, knew the secret, but he was told in the play that he was tortured and killed in a disaster due to the affection for his husband.
But it seemed better for him to say that he did not tell the family anything to protect the secret (that is, prioritize the mission more than family love), and this one is sarcastic.
Besides, in this case, to Dr. Kirkland, which is extremely high, "I am out of the mouth for being a wife, it is you who murdered his wife !!"
If I say something, I think it was fun.

As I got the Panjang Drum in the early stage, I think that it was interesting to have XP-79 Flying. Lamb in the scene to get on the enormous Aerial Fortress of the final stage, and let the body hit the body in the scene where God Phoenix was struck. With the same unusual weapon connection of World War II.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

A scenario is a bad movie. In other words, there are no disadvantages besides the scenario.
No matter how excellent the staff gather, the director and the scenario, if the writer has no sense, it can not make use of it.

2013/08/30 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17932 Browser: 1965(Mobile)
Gatchaman in my memory is basically a bird of science ninja fire and a white shadow creeping up without showing the substance.
If it cracks afterwards, it will become two earth.

Because I was watching in real time in my childhood, I do not remember setting details and details well.

And this work does not scratch its memory.
In making live - action movies, I received an impression that was made with enthusiasm to refresh settings and images, create stylish heroes.

In particular, the battle scenes set in the urban area at the beginning are reminiscent of the original animation, and yet the acrobatic ground battle by wire action continues without stagnation in the speedy air combat making full use of CG, it is cool without a multiplier It is.
In addition, the suit arranged contemporaneously is a very cyber image with mechanical expression.
Jun is not pure white when it says the difficulty, it is a purple tone suits.

Basically no complaints for casts including Matsuzaka Momoi. I think that it is unavoidable that a little Boyne's ingredient is missing in the stiffness budding!
But, I was cute because it was good. Originally I am a poor milk.

The story is like saying, I feel messy.
Before becoming Gachaman, Ken and Joe's feuds over a woman were digested somewhat, Jun 's attack in love with Ken was somewhat digested, and in the first place the garactor is a human being that has been replaced by a virus, that is, it is a zombie There is a vampire and a devil.
And the mysterious hereditary Berk.Katze system. Yes, from tomorrow you are Berck, Katze !!

How to say, the main axis of the story is the happiness of human beings, the question of what is "freedom" or a sad Jun Moe, because the scenes change, the focus is blurred.
Although I drew consistently on my friends' bonds, I thought that I wanted to paint the area carefully.

Also, the last God Phoenix, what is that, anyway.
Science Ninja There is no active part that can only be evaluated as having birds of fire. Well that is not active, it's just flame-up.
It is a toast to the duty industry that calls to escape with full force as deathblow.

I do not have much image of the cartoon version of Gatchaman so it is probably because it is probably a finish of a system that is furious when I see an original work fan.
If you can imagine a plastic model that parts are wonderful but failed desperately to build up.

Evaluation is "very bad".
There is no complaint on the visual side. However, it was regrettable that the main points of the main points such as stories were many subjects, and they could not get on comfortably.
So it may not be interesting to watch alone. Instead, the evaluation may be reversed when you see it while talking with people who know Gachaman with a potati knob.
Maybe not.