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Tomiyama Shogo
Kashiwabara Kanji Wataru Mimura
Takayuki Hattori
Akira Ifukube
Yudai Kato
Takeshi shimizu
Yoshiyuki Okuhara
Miyamura Toshimasa
Kyoko Kitahara
Okawara Takao
Suzuki Kenji
Kenichi Eguchi
Shinichi Wakasa
Tadaaki Watanabe
Tetsuo Oya
TOho Eiga
Takehiro Murata
Hiroshi Abe
Naomi Nishida
Takeo Nakahara
Takeshi Ohbayashi
Namiki Shirou
Kimura Sakae
Kenichi Ishii
Masaru Shinozuka
Sakakibara Toshihiko
Yoshimasa Kondo
Koichi Ueda
Nihei Koichi
Niro Toshimasa
Yoshiyuki Omori
Seiroku Nakazawa
Okubo Hakobu
Daisuke Honda
Yuuki Tanaka
Sakai Kentaro
Inoue Tomoyuki
Natori Yukimasa Suzuki Yuichiro Gekidan Himawari THEATRE ACADEMY CO LTD
Masahiko Nishimura
Satomi Achiwa
Denden Arizono Yosiki
Toshihumi Muramatsu Youichi Nukumizu
Yoshida Terumi
Shinsuke Kasai
Shiro Sano
Makoto Ito
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Japan Released:1999/12/11(Sat)
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2017/01/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9334 Host:9318 Browser: 9135
I thought that I would like to see it from the front, I saw it this time ....
First of all from evaluation.
[good point]
〓〓〓Godzilla 〓〓〓The design became slim as a whole, the dorsal finding became huge, and the edge worked considerably compared to the previous Godzilla. In addition, like the early "Jurassic Park" T-REX, I did not dare show the whole body and showed my eyes and the legs penetrating the roof of the tunnel "I knew something I did not know about the imminent object".

〓〓〓The new monster Olga 〓〓〓The design that absorbed the self-renewal ability of the cell of Godzilla and became a monster was pretty good with eeriness and ferocity.

[Bad point]
〓〓Character is sober and delicately weak, it is hard to remain in impression 〓〓〓But there are too many bad places other than the above. Although it is a character first, Shinoda of the hero is immersed in Godzilla research with her daughter, but there is no particular characteristic other than that, "Why does he want to study Godzilla to that extent?", "My daughter is Is there no mother? "There are lack of explanation and it is difficult to transfer emotion. This can also be said for Katagiri who plays Abe Hiroshi, he contrasts with Shinoda for the obliteration of Godzilla, but the reason is not clarified yet, and in the last he will lose his life by the hand of Godzilla However, there is only a thin impression that "Oh, it died ...". Shinoda's daughter Io was certainly an important role in the cartoon version, but in the movie there is only minimal support and the other characters are similar, because "reasoning" for that action is missing, " Cast is only good "in the bad meaning.
Also this is true for Godzilla side. In the flow of the story, an attempt is made to create a kingdom where the unknown meteorite (or UFO) seems to be an intellectual living entity = Olga that gathers information of the human world and adapts itself. Godzilla who defeated it once to Olga is revenge, but Godzilla in question does not have any purpose other than revenge. Once, there is a scene to attack the nuclear power plant, Shinoda said "Because I hate the energy that human beings hate", contradictions such as that setting will disappear after the appearance of Olga. Also, the Olga does not change from UFO shape until the end, it shows the body only once when absorbing the self-regeneration ability of Godzilla's cell, but it also immediately changes to its final form and further absorbs Godzilla Trying to do it, on the contrary it receives heat rays inside the body and it becomes scattered and it can not be said that it is solely groundless, such as absorbing self-regeneration ability can not be fully utilized and scattered inadvertently. Design is very disappointing as good.

〓〓Story 〓〓〓The contradiction that arises in the purpose of Godzilla wrote in the above, coupled with the weakness of the dig down of the characters, for example, made me feel haphazard. Especially the last one was a sudden ending that Godzilla made the area around the sea of 〓〓〓〓〓ire and endrolled, and in anyway overall it was painfully left in the impression halfway.

〓〓CG 〓〓〓Overall rough. Especially Olga UFO had a sense of incompatibility just to say "It is really CG." I wonder how I managed to do something a bit more.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
To be honest, it is "disappointing". At first it seems to be the first memorable thing of the "Millennium series" of Japanese reborn Godzilla, but it is impossible to do. If so, Godzilla element 2: Action 8 "Godzilla final wars" may be better.
Evaluation is exempt from Godzilla's, Olga's design, "Normal" from "Bad".
Then I will excuse him for a long sentence this time. that's all.

2014/08/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8898 Host:8793 Browser: 8861
There should be viewing cuts in the afternoon road show, so I'm wondering how to write evaluation texts
Broadcasting 108 minutes of the piece in the frame of 120 minutes (and endrolls are cut entirely), so the cutting amount will not be much, and more than anything, it's so bad, so write it down.

It should be the first piece of the new series, but is Godzilla normal?
How is treatment of Godzilla in 54 years?
"I hate the energy that human beings have created" Why?
I am trying to change the atmospheric composition. Where did you judge it?
Suddenly Godzilla appeared in Tokyo, right?
Where did the enemy monster come from?
Why did not the Chief Cabinet Secretary run away?
"Godzilla is in us?"

Does a child make a "story"? Of course, adults who are listening thought that there is no foreshadowed fighting in the mecha casure and there is nothing to start transferring is nothing but reacting "yeah yeah" or "amazing" There is, but I remembered it.
I am frank with children, but I can not believe that a professional is making similar things and receiving money.
Perhaps, I thought that my viewpoint is not a special effects fans, but apparently it is not so.

The highlight is Naomi Nishida who is performing acclaim at "LIFE" and is w and heroine too!
I respect some embarrassing breasts that make this after Heisei Gamera.
Evaluation is very bad.

2014/08/04 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15458 Host:15235 Browser: 5173
I watched it in the afternoon road show, but this is too cruel!
Even though even people can not understand the contents of this story at all, it is transmitted, but this time it is probably a further cut, so it was such level that I could not understand the source of the content well.
When I thought that Millennyn became a commercial in the place where self-destruction, the next scene is that Millennan is already dead, the organization that Godzilla supposed to have never been there is also amazing, but I got to do it I guess it is not, Kore ....
But this CG exquisite afternoon low feeling can not be denied, I felt Godzilla just for afternoon afternoon.
In the scene of Godzilla's landing, "Where is You to Japan?" Is showing a telop of the program, and the place where Hiroshi Abe comes out with Alto Bayern's CM is also interesting.

By the way, when I was small I had borrowed this once with a video, but I was bored too much, so I feel like I have not seen Godzilla since then.

First of all, the first half is so funny, but I can not say that this is also amazingly funny.
Whether it is targeting children, bright atmosphere by Io and Godzilla Prediction Network was well made, but the lack of explanation about Godzilla is amazing at all.
Naturally, Godzilla will come out without any reason, but this is the first of the new series, is not it?
I think that it is normal to see this without looking at the original Godzilla or the 84th edition Godzilla, but it seems that the assumption that it is obviously looking at it is necessary.
Again Godzilla, an enemy of humanity, will destroy the city while urouro, but this is not a sense of immediate crisis.
The damage that the human being is pursuing is hard to be transmitted, and it is a completely unknown talk if it is a single body.
Although they are the main characters who guess "I hate the energy that human made," the story was not almost touched afterwards, and since it hit the nuclear power plant in the first half, now Godzilla is no longer Godzilla and Godzilla is air.
In the first place Godzilla is almost weakened and can not fight back, it is weak.
Even so, it is obviously a miscellaneous CG and Godzilla floating only halfway over the surface of the water is attacked by the SDF (obviously CG) with a missile of CG, so it is immune to power.
It must be said that this battle scene is too severe. Godzilla half pickled on the sea surface is a painting that can only be thought of as even better in the VS series even though times are era, and today it is a thing with a feeling of incongruity that it seems that even vocational college students seem to be able to make it today did.

In the second half, by the invasion of the aliens, the interest of mankind no longer faces better than Godzilla.
However, there was no such scene that the alien got direct dialogue (since the alien does not have a body, it is impossible), so it did not change as a monster eventually, it was hard to say that it would make the drama excitement.
The setting of the Godzilla Prediction Network is almost not taken advantage of, and the characters begin to do strange things.
When trying to go to help women in the building to be blown up, the hero who decides to leave the mummy taking in a building that explodes with a mummy. There is only interest interest. His data will not be useful to defeat the enemy after a while.
Just watch the battle of Godzilla and Olga, including the SDF, with a standing view, with only a detailed commentary inserted.
Moreover, even if a fireball flew, he kept staying there without any doubt, looking dazed even though there was a little girl, and at the end Godzilla came heading for a desperate escape.
This flow was no longer an area of 〓〓〓〓〓ag.

Olga and other enemy monsters are not very cool either, but the design of Kore was made for the purpose of honoring the Godzilla of the United States ....
It is reasonable, but it is already American-like anyhow.
The range of movement is small, and even if it collides with Godzilla frontal, it feels completely impressive. The sound when fighting Godzilla is like "peck", and it is a lost smile. After all I guess I can not move if America is not CG ....
It is useless to design for the purpose. Is not Godzilla conscious of America's thing too much?

Last, too, Godzilla wins this briefly, and suddenly it turns into a scene where Godzilla destroys the city.
The reason why Godzilla came was not saying "Revenge", was it? It seems that it hampered energy so far because it hated energy so far ....
Ultimately, I began to speak calmly about comical commentary about Godzilla somewhat and ended saying the radio conclusion that "Godzilla might be in their own mind". What do you want Godzilla who just killed Abe Hiroshi pinpoint?
In short, Godzilla is badly enduring, but I do not know well why Godzilla did such a thing, there is only a thrusting impression.

Evaluation is "very bad".
I wonder why it will not be the worst ... but why does it feel better than "worst" somehow?
The backdone's deca Godzilla is cool (but it looks like Mohawk from the front ... w) and I think that somehow the original atmosphere itself was made.
What is it like the 90's, what is it ... the last work of the 90's, it is a form that spans almost the 00's.

2012/04/30 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16691 Browser: 3437(Mobile)
The new era of Godzilla, the first stage of the Millennium series. It is Godzilla's 23rd "Godzilla 2000 Millennium" that depicts the battle against the mysterious UFO over Godzilla Cell Organizer G1.

"Godzilla 2000 Millennium" ... This sense of excellence I was pretty bad feeling from the stage of Samui title, but it responded to the expectation that it is splendidly bad feeling. No, you do not have to respond to such expectations.

It is neither disgusting nor dislike if it is said that the mind to criticize or deny against the start of a new series from the Heisei series in just a few years is said to be disgusting work.
However, first of all I would like to say that although it is resuming in a couple of years, despite the departure point work of the Millennium series, there is absolutely no preamble and no explanation of the situation "only there are things that are there!" Godzilla appeared with an Ichinari fishing boat in it, attacked Ikinari Nemuro, and the hero who witnessed the raid was saying "I hate the energy that human beings produce" without any grounds for Ikinari "It is a known Godzilla, so now Godzilla It is unnecessary to explain the basic specifications of the projector? "An unfriendliness to the audience on the side of the producer who just said that, discomfort against sloppy.

Moreover, even the basic explanation that should be based on the new setting "Why do we hate the energy that human beings create" is completely through, so we will eat Oita Kebory from the beginning.
If I say that mystery can be solved after a while, it is not such a thing and UFO comes out and it is not a setting explanation. That UFO itself, I can say that I can not activate without solar energy but I can fly in Tokyo at night, let's fly to the beam and I am doing a big success!
I do not know.

If it works hard only on the special effects side, it will be saved, but the destruction scene is synthesized whole battle.The battle is bad tempo "Yokkoshurogo." UFO is not a CG rather than a CG but rather a miniature synthesis at the animation level I guess there was not any sense of incompatibility yet? Rather, I can not find any inevitability that this UFO must be represented by GC by all means.
I think the appearance of Godzilla's design is really cool. I think it's cool, I'm sorry. I thought about the actor who entered into the costume properly and shaped it? I felt like being made not carefully about 'movement' because I was only taken care of the apparent coolness. It's obvious when you see Godzilla's actions, and it seems to move awfully. So Godzilla's movement is hard and awkward.
I think that this is a mistake of the staff who did not care about the suit sucker who is in the inside, This is ruining the cool form of Godzilla of the corner. I think that it is not suitable for at least battle.

By the way, at the ending, Godzilla destroys and destroys it like Ichinari Tokyo crazy again.
From the beginning to the end I am caught up in the idea setting and it is a writer who does not understand the characters and Godzilla because I do not understand the characters, so I wonder what the producer wanted to tell the audience what the hell.

In addition, we call Godzilla "G (Gee)" in the play, but if you only hear it with your ears, you will want to stop it as "grandfather" as it sounds. To be honest I think that it is not a cool design at all, so I wonder if Godzilla is good as usual.
Opposing Space Monsters Olga also sounds like naming, but I do not understand what this means too. Olga = It is meaningful to become complete, or a good sign, but if you do not incorporate Godzilla's cell organizer G1 (naming like health drinking water rather than cell on a long time) It will fail. Because there is this monster, there are no signs that it is a lot of confusion due to great confusion. I do not know the meaning at the naming stage.

In addition to the Tsukkomi station full loading, Godzilla 's barking shock cracked the car' s windshield and flew to the main character blown off and blown away by glass and struck directly by glass Melo was totally unscathed or taco - shaped aliens Well ... what did you do? (Laugh).

I tried connecting various elements like Godzilla but I do not say the parts do not mesh.
If so ... I agree. I purchased a lot of high-quality ingredients. You can cook delicious food if you combine these with such things?
Petep! Mazu! That, that's strange. It was a work of impression that it was impossible to prepare delicious cuisine although we used a lot of high-end food. Certainly high-class ingredients are also important, but without spices and seasoning I think that delicious dishes are not finished.

2011/11/26 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11785 Host:11552 Browser: 9929
I do not know which one the producer is facing.
This is a frank opinion on this work.

As for the story, Godzilla appearing in Nemuro appears in Tokai village and starts from the place where Millennan sleeping with UFO awakens at the seabed.

Damage expands due to salvaging UFOs sunk to the bottom of the ocean, Katagiri and Shinoda who is toppled by Godzilla and Olga,
Millenian etc transformed into Olga by Organizer G1 collected from Godzilla, etc.,
The quality of the video has improved to the extent that it is not comparable with that of the Showa era, but it is getting stuck in the story by expanding the wrapping cloth.

The deciding factor of the evaluation is that the person in charge abandoned the concept of Godzilla = natural disaster by tidying up the action principle of Godzilla with "revenge".

Considering the contents to Tokai village "worst" is not attached.

2010/02/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8516 Host:8503 Browser: 9671
Until a while ago, it was a movie I liked quite a bit, but my opinion changed after seeing it for a long time.

[good point]
Huge feeling typified by Nemuro attack scene, composition with power, making cut.
Even in this other scene it is good to have a gigantic feeling consistently in composition.
I do not like the design of a monster, but if you look objectively it can affirm that it changed according to the times.
New weapons of the SDF are also good ideas.
It was fresh that the two leading Godzilla geeks (I interpreted this way) are the protagonists.
I think that Mr. Hattori's music is one of the best in the Millennium series (Oshima Michiru is impressive ...).

[Bad point]
The way arrowhead CG is made is terrible. It is the lowest level CG that can be seen in major movies (and it is 99 years!?).

There were many coarse parts in special effects. Synthesis is terrible here and there. The composition is bold, it is more conspicuous. Especially the scene in front of Shinjuku station is the lowest.
And monotony of the battle scene in the second half. There is not a brawl that is boring as it is watching so much. Especially the directing of fighting scenes is not professional dullness (To see also Megagiras, Director Suzuki is not suitable for monster battle ...?).
Moreover, the sound effect when hitting is "PASHI" or "BOSCH" ... did the sound staff do seriously?
The weapon of the SDF listed in a good point also faded out in the second half and there was no tone. why?

The main part is also terrible. Perhaps the script writer himself did not know what he wanted to do.
We simply knock on the invasion of the alien by descriptive and crisp words, and we do not understand well. What is an organizer ...?
It is nice for Godzilla to fade out on the way. After that, the center of the drama is a mysterious disk UFO ... I do not care if there is no appeal.
I do not know if the hero's casting matched the character, but it is too plain. Acting is not good. Hiroshi Abe is also getting fucked.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The Nemuro raid scene is wonderful. In terms of this scene, such as composition with huge feeling, cut splitting, comparison with humans, I think that it will enter the name scene top 10 of Heisei monster special effects.
But then ... after all ... Because of the quick treatment Sci-Fi and the main part are too coarse.
There is also a fresh part instead of a special skill director, but it seems that there are many parts that are rather not engaged. Screenplay is too cruel in this volume.
About the heroine I do not feel so bad. Than at least sticky after the next work.
I wish it was naturally showing presence to children who are easy to be criticized.
The ending that makes Shinjuku a fire ocean is good.

With various "bad".

2009/06/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29583 Host:29357 Browser: 3419
[good point]
Does it just take over the setting of Godzilla ...?

[Bad point]
Godzilla's design.
It was disappointing seriously for this.

Enemy monster without sense.
It is not strong at all, how about being divided.
I think I could have done a better fight as well.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Looking at this, "Oh, Godzilla is over ..." I became sad.
(There were some favorite works in the Millennium series though.)
Evaluation is "very bad".

2009/01/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17001 Host:17025 Browser: 6302
It is the first work of the third period series of the pronoun "Godzilla" of the monster movie.
At the time of the aired movie "Heisei Gamera" was in fashion and Godzilla was not very felt but since the thought that the monster movie must be Godzilla was strong in himself, so the restoration of the Godzilla movie after a long absence I was excited at heart.

Although I was content, I felt that it was interesting so much. Since Heisei Godzilla King gigola had little composition of Godzilla VS human beings, I was pleased that this time it extruded it to the front to some extent. However, it was disappointing that I felt it was hard to feel that the progress speed of the movie itself was late.
The bad point is a good point for the reasons mentioned above, but one thing is that Godzilla 's molding has become more violent and aggressive, so that it is a dark hero trying to defeat humanity for the revenge of the same family than before It is cool that the color is even stronger. Another thing is that the destructive ray of Godzilla has always turned red and that the power has been further strengthened than before by requiring a charge. If an enemy monster Olga or even a UFO hits directly, it will catch catastrophic damage so that catharsis can be felt one by one. It was also very cool that the destroyed light rays were emitted at the center of the ending in the city center and it was shot and radiated that the city became a sea of 〓〓〓〓〓ire with a single shot.

As the beginning of the new series, I was able to do so fairly so I will assume the evaluation is "good"

2008/09/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3266 Host:3176 Browser: 6287
[good point]
Godzilla reminiscent of a daunting dragon.
Ending song. I could sense the mystery and evil.

[Bad point]
After all it is UFO and Olga.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

84 Godzilla like Godzilla vs I wanted humanity to do it.
I made a lot of it if I made it.

2008/08/30 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6794 Host:6761 Browser: 8090
Originally scheduled to be restored from the beginning of the 21st century, the pros and cons of 1998 "GODZILLA" raised a voice that the fans wanted to revive "Godzilla of Japan", the schedule was raised , New release for the first time in 4 years since 'Godzilla vs Destroya'. Suitable for the beginning of a new series, Godzilla has been revamped with a more refined design with more emphasis on the dorsal fin. In addition, the alien Millenian and Olga that it became a monster appear. Major raid points are Nemuro, Ibaraki, Tokyo.
Emphasis was placed on how humans oppose Godzilla, which is a natural disaster like earthquake and typhoon.
Attention to the powerful image composition is seen, CG is also used effectively.
But overall I felt like a childish movie.
It comes out only in Olga and its Olga is also a dog.
I did not know what I would like to appeal after all half way also how to end.

I feel a sense of incompatibility overall.
Evaluation is "bad".

2008/02/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29109 Host:29026 Browser: 4925
The appearance (existence) of Millennian seems to have been hidden to the public.

"Godzilla" It seemed like Godzilla resurrection work as in 1984,
Since the emphasis was also placed on Olga (Millenian), it is regrettable that the element of "Resurrection of Godzilla" has gone down. I saw the absorption of Godzilla of Olga reminiscent of "Drask of Masked Rider ZO", likewise changed to the third form, Godzilla in the body expected to escape with whole-body lighting like the Heisei series .

2008/02/01 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24001 Host:24076 Browser: 6520
Personally I can not help saying it is inferior to the VS series.

Taking a strange real route, the "force" that should be originally expected of Godzilla has been lost. It takes time to shoot a heat ray, and the SDF also feels a bit cool. The battle with the Olga is also unsatisfactory.

Is not it so much that you are asked if you are seeking real as much as Heisei Gamera?

I think it is a work that has become halfway halfway. With this
It can not be helped even if it is said that deterioration of the VS series.
Godzilla is just about impossible.
Evaluation is "very bad" I will assume.

2007/05/29 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12733 Browser: 2989(Mobile)
Godzilla "Natural disaster" is only done halfway drawn way too much. The theme or something unnecessarily draws out charm as a monster. "If you want to make Godzilla again by seeing Hollywood Godzilla (from the theater pamphlet)", it would be a source to carefully portray that Godzilla. It is more severe than "vs Mothra" which was treated as a supporting role.

As Shiro Sano got dissatisfied, Kashihara Kanji Screenplay can not make full use of the characters. Probably less than Kazuki Omori of "vs. Destroya".

After all, Millenian has no fun as a character at all. There is also a problem with how to lift the last battle, Godzilla is eaten.

Although the CG increased, the fusion with reality is the lowest level as a special effects movie in recent years, as opposed to a lot of budget. It is a ridiculous paradox where you can see decline, not progress, that video quality drops since the vs series. A series of interesting images.

Roughness is noticeable, roughness is conspicuous, childish straying.

2006/06/02 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29700 Host:29758 Browser: 4184
We were also looking forward to it with the resurrection since "Godzilla VS Destroya" ...

No longer I have not seen Godzilla series since this work. Every part 1 and 2

Although I saw a work of this, this work is not "Godzilla". The Hollywood version "Godzilla" is better.

2005/12/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50322 Host:50307 Browser: 4184
[good point]

The focus on Godzilla 's cellular organization, organizer was probably a strange point.

The directing surface was also good. The scene that attacked the Tokai village at the time when the nuclear accident happened and the day was shallow was good and bad, the impact was strong. (Although the name of Mt. Tsukuba appeared in the dialogue)
A certain huge flying object was also awfully creepy and would be excellent in design.

The actors cheated the performance of cold - hearted characters who burned obsession with Mr. Hiroshi Abe 's overwhelming Godzilla. There was also a good performance of Mr., and the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓onflict with the hero was also drilled down.
(However, Mr. Shiro Sano may not have existed much.)

[Bad point]

Well there was not anything in particular.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It seems that a certain film director, also a Godzilla fan, was also acclaimed, but I think that it was a ryosaku that he found out the price he saw certainly. Evaluation is "good" on the "very good" side.

2005/09/30 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13007 Host:12807 Browser: 5234
Even if you look at it yourself, it is because it gives only the impression that "I entered the production without leeway" because it has become a work that can only give a rating of "bad".

Originally the US version was bad news in both Japan and the United States, so the voice saying "Godzilla does not have to be created by Japan" is pushed down by the voice saying "Japan must not be created" and the oath at the time of "vs Destroya" (taken until the 21st century Godzilla It is not a meaning and meaning that the important Godzilla will appear anyhow. Regardless of grabbing Godzilla cells (Organizer G in creation) from a new perspective, the content was too poor.

It is impossible that Godzilla attacks Japan because the energy of the economic activities of human beings makes me angry Godzilla and the punch line that the alien Millenian aimed at the power of Godzilla because he was aiming at the power of Godzilla does not make misunderstandings was. Although Godzilla was manipulated by the alien was "big war" and "total advance" (there was a time when Gamera was also manipulated by a bylass), he said that he had the power to pay off the alien control There was also insufficient explanation.

The misfortune of this work will also relate to the fact that the interest of the monster movie has been transferred from Godzilla to Gamera by Heisei Gamera series. The real depiction of Gamera and the sense of speed with a good tempo completely outpaced the Heisei VS series, so it seems that Millegozi seems to have a strong sense of being seen as "Nokonoko". It may be that Godzilla's place has already disappeared at this point.

Since this work, the Millennium series has become patterned to be cleared up in the case of the first sequel of "Contents that denied the existence of the VS series, as well as after the second work." Milegorge itself is also not fascinatingly fun and there are a lot of people who thought "Junior who became Godzilla! It goes without saying that "Mega Girass", which was a remarkable actress for the middle-aged actress of the following year, is more awkward.

There were few attractions in Godzilla's Nemuro and Tokai-mura raids scene. A sloppy management at the nuclear facility in Tokai village was revealed in the year when the movie was released, it became a big fuss that three people were killed, and it seems to have proved mistrust to the nuclear power industry by chance .