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JP movie rank of 2005 Rank 104in 112 titles
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Character/Setting-1.67(Very bad)3
Graphic-1.67(Very bad)3
Story-2.00(Very bad)3
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Yuu Koyama
Toho Nihon Helarud
Shusuke Kaneko
Mizushima Rikiya Yoshiaki Kawaziri
Yamamoto Mataichiro
Yoshitaka Sakamoto
Yoshiya Obara
Syuichi Kakesu
Taketo Nakamura
Aya Ueto
Yuma Ishigaki
Chiaki Kuriyama
Jun Oguri
Kazuki Kitamura
Kenichi Endo
Kai Shishido
Taku Sakaguchi
Shoichiro Masumoto
Kenji Takechi
Shunta Fuchino
Ai Maeda
Toshie Negishi
Toshio Nagasawa
Shigeru Kouyama
Reiko Takashima
Mikijiro Hira
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Japan Released:2005/03/12(Sat)
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1. https://www.amuse-s-e.co.jp/azumi2/ (Translation)
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2015/08/02 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 112 Host:90 Browser: 10210
Kuriyama Chiaki (acting as a bad actor) Having looked at the movie after seeing it, the last treatment is too bad.
As the story goes on, that sharp looks bad expression little by little, releasing a bow. A gap of facial expressions when defeating.
Even though I killed while, the expression when I joined Azumi with a flat face. There was something that Mr. Kuriyama 's performance gleamed a series of flow to that. But there is not a good story about the battle against Azumi from there.
Suddenly he defeated the three passengers and the escort, and was asked to Azumi "What's wrong," and said, "I killed you" and it is white. Kozue attacking against Azumi "say it is a lie" saying "That is my mission!"
Battle scenes are "Bun. Bun. Zash! ... Dosachi"
Just a moment, and it ended with a blow.
You can jump or swing a sword to a big swing and you will not feel like Azumi is accustomed to battle anyway. (I do not think it is necessary to take Kozue's second attack with two angles.)
In the fight between Azumi and the enemy, I can not deny the most digestive competition feeling.
However, as myself of Mr. Kuriyama, I saw both the good and evil expressions (the face I decided before my death was the best) on the ponytail that extends to my back, the only thing in the enemy is decent In the end, I made a final appearance, "In the end of Chiaki Kuriyama, this is the end of a villain Kuroyama Chiaki", I opened my eyes while clapping a sword from a white thigh that I crossed, and showed a figure that was overwhelmingly delightful I think that Mr. Kuriyama who acted at full power could save it.

2013/05/29 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42404 Host:42435 Browser: 9931
If you like the original, what kind of face do you watch this work?
This is the word that came to my mind while watching this work.

The story begins with a scene where an azumi and a bunch cloaked into a cliff by being chased by ginboans.

First of all, the ninja who escort the heavenly ocean with black coffee in the daytime, the man of the Sanada family who should be obstructed, has no monitoring of Tokugawa and is free to go out the table,
There are too many Tsukkomi places that can be said to be fatal in the work of this hand.

Besides, there are many surprises that can read the point early as in the scene where Azumi and silver horn encounter the appearance of Kozue,
It was also conspicuous in the case of killing the character of actors like the sky which turned into Iromono with a strong V - cine color dialogue with a fight between Azumi and the sky.

What is more fatal than anything is that it was useless level even if the play of the protagonist was called "radish".

2013/05/01 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22455 Host:22403 Browser: 6425
[good point]
Hiramune 's era drama aura.

Kuzue's role Kuroyama Chiaki 's good performance.
Originally it was the same level as other youngsters, but I played shamisen,
The gap when showing the true nature of shinobi is intense.
In the previous work, I am doing a firm job of exiting while I am the only surviving except Azumi.

Did you see somewhat only the battle scene with Tsuchida?
Although it was a special effects movie rather than a historical drama. To the director only the director.

[Bad point]
Contemporary Utano Aya's contemporary child acting.
Because the latter can not express the latter, it should be a hero who has two sides of "girl with beautiful face" and "killer machine", so the former will float extra.
This time, Kuriyama Chiaki played the two faces well, so the starring radish first stood out.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As usual from the previous work, Azumi Mansee works.
Kozue who killed while exquisitely surprisingly stuck in front of Azumi fought and was defeated.
As soon as the six waves that had been talking cartoonist rampage confronted Azumi, weakened.
The scene where Masayuki Hiramata who plays Masayuki Shinji and Shin Kamiyama acting Shimane Koyo opponent is confronted with the main actress acting solemnly, forcing the story to talk to Azumi and connect it to Rasubato is sick.

The golden horns & silver horns like the face number exchanged in the previous work look like faces in the Yankee who is acting on the battlefield which is acting more than the opposition party who lives in the world where the gruesome was destroyed, and the face is similar to one another later Just like a silver horn and romantic love and thin.
(Originally, the main work itself was not dug up the character in the previous work)

Works that get angry when they are stepping stones as there are people who are trying hard to raise the quality.
Like the previous work "in the worst".

2009/09/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32099 Host:31923 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
The story is simple and its contents are thin, but each deployment has an action scene and a point of view and the tempo is good.
The scene which jumped off the cliff first was slightly bad, but how to shoot and show the camera in the action scene was good and it was spectacular. There are also variations and do not get bored.
Although the story has an opportunistic point, it is well summarized well how to end.
In the scenes which were especially good, the director 's place where the fellow who traveled all the while will die has been drawn.
And I thought that depiction in a series of screens of Azumi and how to show it is okay to notice that Shun Oguri died.
I borrowed it properly but I think it was good to see.
You do not need to think too deeply and deploy quickly (because the way you take the shots and the action of the camera is good) There are two hours but there is a refreshing feeling as it passes by quickly.

2009/01/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47704 Host:47765 Browser: 4184
I wrote the same thing in the evaluation of the previous work, but the enemy is weak.
It is not a rogue group at first, it is a soldier trained accordingly, so it is uncomfortable to be killed as much as it is.
The six waves that seemed to be strong by the rampage were also disappointing and Kozue was also easy.
Only the Tsuchida wounds a wound to Azumi, but after all it is about that.
Also depiction of Masayuki Sanada is also terrible at the end.
It was not good for fluffy to uselessly destroy historical figures.
Like the previous work, bad points stand out, but there is nothing to see, so the evaluation is "normal".

2007/08/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 5979
Although the story has been nicely summarized this time, it is simply not interesting. It will not be interesting again.
It was a work that made me think in a way, as to how many actors' subtle and halfway facial expressions were many and what kind of feelings they had.
Despite having a good actor, I have not done good acting. Since it is possible to make decent works such as "Death Note", please do not take pictures of idle-focused movies.

2006/09/20 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52459 Host:52448 Browser: 4184
The original itself, a dark story, mad enemies and cheap enemies are not a thing that can make a good rating for compliments, but the second edition of the movie version was useless.
Unfortunately, the sword fighting scene was only about the cruelty of the upper face, such as the two small fish characters being drawn to the eye,
It was crappy and could not be seen. The actors were also NG at the time they were cocking in modern languages, but Ueto Aya is still popular
Even if I could forgive 50 steps, I was wanting more people in the cast that occupied the side. What was acting properly was Miki Hira,
Reiko Takashima, Shigeru Kamiyama each degree.

Kozue is a good actress though that person is a good actress, but Kozue is a castor, I thought that it was a pretty mealer at Ueno Koka's crowd, it was slashed by Azumi as much as it was killed,
I did not feel its existential significance. While being killed by such .........
It is too short to be floated (bitter smile). However, both Mr. Rokki said that it became a fatal deduction element, but this time bigger thing Masayuki Sanada can not tell the other Azumi again,
Moreover, for the actor, it is that it has done an endless end that was cut off and cut off an important face next to the life. Although historical fact does not matter how much I say, although he was as impressive as his sons were told as "a person who is more than one side of the back" .........
Kato Kiyomasa of the previous work personally has not much hope, but Mr. Masayuki and the handling of Mr. Miki Hira of casting were extremely unpleasant. In this case, Kaneko directed "Fukuda Kimitsuo of the Japanese movie world"
Although it may be overwhelming if it says it is. (Bitter smile)

Although Mr. Koyama of the original also has a degree such as "There is no favorite work"
Anyhow cheesy, it was a 4th era feature film. Well, as mentioned above, the acting of a part of the actors was good, but since it is inevitably impossible to easily defeat the person in history, it is taken as "worst".
After all, the historical drama can not be a young actor .......

2006/09/09 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40863 Host:40829 Browser: 7142
Since it seems that the director is different from the previous work, I have expected it to have improved by only 1 micron and I tried to see it.
... It was useless.

Cast-like, while thinking that while Azumi remains unchanged like the previous work, I used it again, did not you? Oguri Shun .....
Even Odagiri Joe, who had been acting as a mischievous character with some character as a kiwamono character like the beautiful woman of the previous work
It was impossible to understand that Oguri gave Oguri a second chance to say that SHINOBI revealed insufficient performance.
After all it is not easy to reconfirm that it is impossible for young actors to be a historical drama (rude authentically, but w) ...

Despite the fact that some veteran actors are trying hard to raise the quality of the air feeling of the work, all young actors are fluent in modern languages 〓〓〓〓〓....
Director, I think I'm giving up completely around here, right?

Regarding the performers' costumes as well, I tried collecting kimonos of today's sense with no doubt Temporary roughly era Dramatic sense of incongruity. The sense of the costume is also a problem, but the responsibility of the director who finally allowed it

Even with some sword fighting scenes, I think that it was better to use the more stunt if it was so bad.
Camerawork is cheap and it is cheap, while the dramatic bombing scene is diversified although it is cheap, the neighborhood was the same as the previous work, but I thought that I was watching it without knowing the director's profile, "I guess it sounds like a special effects drama in a bad meaning ... crappy "
I finished watching movie and watching the staff introduction in DVD image privilege Surprised this director, Gamera and Ultraman Max, they seemed to be from a special effects field ...

From the casting to the camera work as usual, the sense is old-fashioned and cheesy for anything

Finally, the scene I thought as "this director is the best ..." is the last in the scene after Mr. Miki Hiraji was slashed by Azumi and the expression and aura of the scenes, plays Masayuki Sanada with a powerful speech turn What was the special makeup given to that face after it was cut down to the biggest place I was?
I do not think that putting such a cheap slashed trace on the face of a big actor .... Well convinced? Miki Hira Mr. Mirai Hira Mr. Miki Hira's presence up to now is ruined w
I do not know how it was in the real samurai world, but because this is a historical drama, I do not show the actor's important facsimile machine "face" Do not you think? What

Well, if it was a thing finished in a cheesy movie so far, it was enough to admire it in reverse.
Please do not take any historical drama yet. Seriously think so.