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Other media: Literature:Avatar written by Yusuke Yamada
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Yuusuke Yamada
Ai Hashimoto
Rikako Sakata
Naka Mizusawa
Sano Kazuma
Otani Mio
Kayano Masuyama
Fumika Shimizu
Taku Suzuki Drunkdragon
Yoko Oshima
Kenichi Takitou
Youichi Nukumizu
Konno Mahiru
Japan Released:2011/04/30(Sat)
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2014/03/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5682
Although I saw the original novel first, the point which was different from the original was also a live-action movie version which was noticeable anyhow.

In the original, the residents of other houses prevented the ambulance by car, the father who had the possibility of being saved also died, and he did not die, despite serious illness for several months in full reign However, in the live-action movie version, it was because of Awano family, this time it was sarcastic that my father died for the same reason for the same reason.

It was the same as the original that made the killer who was a bullying bull keen to kill the Saionji Temple and others using the hero who was increasingly runaway, but before the hero again Awano came again The figure of the confrontation of "Bullying VS vs. bullying child" such as appearing and winning was more obvious. However, on the other hand, Saionji was sister with Awano and her sisters, and it was not specified clearly that he was bullied by Awano, and Awano himself was also known as a "chain of revenge". Next time I thought that I would kill the hero, it would have been "skin of good side" because it became a form to receive a fight by the father's thing.

Mr. Mizoguchi who was a school teacher was also killed in an effort to drop out the hero,
Fashion is "immutable". It can not be said that it does not change at first. Even if it's a weak Japanese like that, it was betrayed by Matsumoto that should have been made to the cadres after all, but it is somewhat complementary than the original though it is class B but overall I think The news was seen. Evaluation is "normal" on the "good" side.

2014/02/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4721
The perfection degree was high with works that seemed to be just idle things, parody works, B class works or unexpectedly solid works.
There are shoveless when you look at games like horror or there are thrusts, but the essence is not there but the contents of various women are stuffed up and it is stuck firmly there It was gathered together.

It is definitely connected to a single line and what you want to do is clear, and if you do not know it it will simply be a boring piece.

The best sight is set as a work as it begins from the beginning with the confrontation of the two women who came out first and the last also ends with it, and it is a woman's vengeance or a woman's obsession, It is a pride that I want to stand on to want to stand on or it is a pride that I do not want to lose, and it means that it is dark. It was a terrible and scary place than an ordinary horror.
In addition, since avatar is a dress change doll, it is a woman's psychology that she wants to make it cute, and whether she is a work depicting a woman or not even if it is shaped like a fashionable next big fashioned one thought.

Even with an irresistible relationship that made me stinky, it seems that the woman 's world is scary, or even if I'm reborn I do not want a woman to be born, the troublesome difficulty has been transmitted.

That's why there are collective psychological things, but since it is a feeling that the woman's world is drawn extremely, you can understand it from the view point so that there is content of various women so that it has persuasive power and the line goes through and personally I was convinced.

It was good to show how well I was making it so hard that there was a bit of a painful place but I did not pull out my hands and it was brilliant that the cuts that made me think that the avatar was finished than the last murder is brilliant, Since it expresses the fear of the woman who has drawn, it also has a punch line as an avatar so there is a single axis firmly and the work is perfectly settled.

Even if it says anything, the actress team is wonderful, I am making it hard so I thought that there was something like that but I thought there was something different from other idol works.

Just because the actress team is good, the reality and the richness increase in the work and it makes me think carefully as if I upgraded the level one step.
In terms of monetary value, it is cheap to make it as much as any other idol work, but it looks like a proper work.

Hashimoto Ai was also good, but Rikaku Sakata of rival Rika Sakata and Nago Mizusawa of Aiko Hashimoto 's aides were also wonderful.
Among them, Nagiko Mizusawa was attracted by masterpiece acting, there was crazy performance, line of sight, expression, expression and power, and it felt crazy and it was spectacular.
Hashimoto Ai to this time about 15 acting very unlikely to be 15, the place to change to a gaudy child from a plain child to a gaudy child was amazing and it was a setting like shaping, but there was persuasive power.
I took a mole and made up my makeup so I thought that it would change so much.
It was very beautiful and there was a dazzling invisible to 15.

Hashimoto's love was also good and attractive, but I felt that Mr. Mizusawa Nago even swallowed that Hashimoto's love.
Speaking of Mizusawa Nako, it was a sailor suit pretty girl who was swinging the sword with his second work by Ganz, so I remembered it, but not only the action but also the acting was wonderful.

Besides that, Rakako Sakata also liked acting actress with good looking face, though I thought that it was acting, but I thought that these actors are not only love for Hashimoto but also for these two actresses.

Then there was Mr. Fumihisa Shimizu of the pervert mask and Reuna Noh of Noama, and many young actresses of necessity were out.

It was also a good way to show directions as having the last suspense, and it was an unexpected bargain if I thought that it was a parody work of a mere Hollywood movie avatar.

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