[JP movie]Aooni

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JP movie rank of 2014 Rank 119in 122 titles
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Kenji Kuroda
Yuji Nagamori
Anna Iriyama
Kenta Suga
Shou Jinnai
Furuhata Seika
Japan Released:2014/07/05(Sat)
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2016/04/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11536 Host:11351 Browser: 8754
[good point]

[Bad point]
Semantic unknown (Especially nothing remains, even if you see it) Blue Demon glows unnoticed in vain

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The original game has seen playing movies etc.

If you know a little bit of the game's ghost, I wonder if he's reproducing that scene?

I'm not scared when asked if I am scared? Ending songs are a bit of an impression ...

2015/07/04 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14402 Host:14374 Browser: 4721
It's only a little over an hour, but it makes me think it's long.

First, although the game seems to be the original, if you do from the one that does not play the game, there is a difficulty with accompanying it because it is not well understood the world view or the base.
It goes forward like normal, and why do you need to play a game? What is the game itself? If the entrance part is not explained, initial view is only meaningless.

Well I can understand that the game itself was made by a boy and it was done in a form like a curse, and although Tsujiki matched even if there is no explanation, was he wanting to get back with the game? Was there a goal spot? Because there are no sides knowing the content of the game, it becomes a curse work rather than just a game.

And most of all, I do not understand the existence of the key demon of the liver.
What is it?
I do not have any idea what kind of things I wanted to do and what I wanted to do, it is just a sign that only gives fear.
That's why I can not empathize, and I can not fear if I do not know what it is.

I have not even appeared in the game of a boy who showed up at the beginning in the beginning, what it is going to pursue for purpose, it has become a title with the feeling that it came out suddenly and it should be centered on Koitsu, I only seemed to be a floating presence.
I do not even know even whether it is a monster living in this building or a demon in the game.

Still the story was meaningful yet because the truth or the truth was fairly reasonably strange that I did not put on the worst.
Because the truth is the center, it is unnecessary to see the blue demon as a good existence.

First I could not help my little brother, but I got over the game, but it was quite nice to be able to face the end and help boys to clear the game.

The boy refuses to help saying that it is all right and the girl will go through without asking any further questions.
After that the homicide happened and it is regret that there is a responsibility that did not advance one by one before this hint continues and regaining it leads to message nature.

It's just a screenplay until it reaches that truth It is not a level that you can see very well, so it's messed up and it's messed up and there are unnatural conversations and connections between unnatural scenes, I can not pull it off.

I think about this kind of work, but the actor who is doing my best is nothing but miserable and I do not know who it is making for.
Nobody gets better.

I think that it is a work that was quite talkative about doing it quite often with CM, but it was only a minor work which is placed with only one pote in the corner by rental.

2015/03/19 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23872 Host:23708 Browser: 5173
While the medium itself as a Japanese horror is becoming the only work of the style going on stepping landmines to make me think it is "doing deliberate?", This is not exception as well as making a bad thing It was a thing only visible. It felt like going to Z grade to the last. I think that it will be understood if you look at the poster.
By the way, the original game is not yet played.The original novel is unread and it is about recognition that "There was a guy who was playing about high school days around the middle school age," but the hide as a movie is transmitted well even if it is not done Approximately the direction and screenplay are Gudaguda.

Well, AKB.Kageta Suga starring, after all I do not know staff, unknown casting It is understood at the time of an informal movie, but the barbecue actor is also quite a lot, the set is overall cheap.
I do not think about budget for some reason why someone who expected somewhat can see something from the first scene where we do game programming outdoors ... (why do I do a personal computer in such an unnatural place You are ...). There is no place to come out that strange field and hall.

Even if you talk about it, just keep escaping from a funny blue guy without knowing the purpose and reason after entering the hall, it is not funny with none of the stories. So, as a viewer, "What are these guys doing?" State. Eventually almost all of them died "I remembered the solution!" So it was "I had a dream that was the end!" End.
Over the course of an hour to remember the first Deus. Ak. Makina fluffy solution I suggested, I will exercise it without any conditions, including ending, "What is this movie Was it the state?
Perhaps this movie can be solved in three seconds ... is not it? There is no need to spend time doing that solution.
To solve the mystery on the way also, since Kenta Suka understands that it seems to be all escape methods, it is just a getaway play in the state of "game played by a human reading a capture book". In the first place, no one can understand that it is a puzzlement factor at first look (I knew it for the first time in the evaluation of the other person).
People who come out are not as interesting as Z class horses tend to feel like they are "bullying and bullying bullying".
The disappointing fellow thought that it is somewhat likely that the protagonists will be saved by the monsters when they were trying to kill the heroes with a little disgusting person as far as the last one ... somewhat I thought as "Wow ..." Sane It was exactly the same as "Moth Man Mossman" I saw in the afternoon road show before.

It is useless no matter how dead it is.
"Darkness just before eating" 〓〓〓Only death scenes like "Dokat, Bakki, Guusa". Even scenes where blue demons come up are almost all things that fear does not convey.
Normally the blue demon comes out, the actor shouts loudly, just being done.
Moreover, the speed of the blue demon is also fast, there is an error to follow even if it stops and stops and talking, there are times when there is an error or why I do not follow it for some reason, and it moves according to the main character's convenience It was a feeling.
Even in the final stage, there is also a place where you can walk out and walk off the neighbor who is eating.
The most terrible thing in the death-directing direction is that nearly all of them are calmly deposited even when I saw the first corpse of a human being eaten by a blue demon. There is a red object like an internal organs, but one who threw up is one person. All are thinking afterwards calmly afterwards.
What kind of nerves are these guys ... and. There are no human beings who make hysterical noise.
Thanks to that, I was not afraid of it at all.

Evaluation is "worst".
I have hated hoping for harsh things, but as I thought, this was also as bad as I expected (lol).
It is amazing to say that there is a second round of this ....

2015/02/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2568 Host:2386 Browser: 12723
* The blue demon of the game is frightened on the way and frustrated, but I have seen about 3 playing videos.

I will tell you the impression that I finished watching this movie in a word.
"Such a terrible movie was released to the public ...?"
I feel it.

Apparently the novel version I do not know was original, and the characters 4 games I had played +
There are two original characters that are not in the game.

Separately it is OK to put original characters ...
Tampering and handling of the original character is just terrible ~.

Hiroshi seems to be watching the radio which seems to be thinking at the beginning, what it is supposed to be, and because of the circumstances of the story or something disappointing to a decent character from the middle.
And sacrifice to make use of the original character ...
That's funny? It was a hero, Hiroshi.

There were scenes in which Takuro and Mika were drawn as being hateful in the game, but it is overkill indeed.
Especially Takuro was amazing as if he had failed trying to make a character like Kiriyama of Batroa.

If it is not a character, it is supposed to be a horror movie for the time being, but the blue demon who attacks by opening his mouth is feeling as if he is watching the poor shark movie gradually.

As a result, the story is terrible ....
The process is boring with the development that it sees from the beginning,
Time to go back ....

For a stranger to say, the game called Aoki is surely a character killed but although it is a game that escapes from the station while solving a mystery ...
I thought that there was no necessity to be a blue demon as long as I saw that punch line.

Evaluation is worst. There is no part to become a story, so it was painful to watch extra!