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Furusawa Takeshi Shimoda Atsuyuki
Shinichiro Inoue
Shiina Yasushi
Yukito Ayatsuji
Sachiko Tanaka
Tokusho Kikumura
Yamazaki Kento Ai Hashimoto Yoshihiko Hakamada Ai Kato
Japan Released:2012/08/04(Sat)
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2015/02/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7371 Host:7353 Browser: 7859
Watching at movie distribution site "hulu" without previous information, original unexamined.

I had a bad feeling from the beginning.
Girls in the hospital's spirit room, and somehow wearing eyepatch,
I thought that it is a setting or depiction that "people of the hand" seems to like it anyway, this is a light novel original.

I do not say it with prejudice that such things are original,
Entirely depicted and set up is white and handling is light even if it makes a person's death.
Even though I do comforting the spicyness of the popularity of the popular class who became the origin of the case by putting a life size doll in a live action, I feel bad (even though I think it is disgusting with animation)
In my classmate 's Poemy until knowing the truth of the rule, I think that behaving not to behave like a bad meaning, my self - narcissistic style is coming down and I am irritated.

Besides being permitted to do training camp which is meaning unknown by the teacher '
There is also no OB that has been exposed that the classmate was killed even with Sakakibara Tatsunaga or his own self-
Or was he going to a juvenile training school at the time of the murder?
There are other scenes that there was anything and overall lack of explanation or lack of depiction is prominent, is this neighborhood explaining in the original?

It is also a bad metaphor for "not there" revealed in the middle stage,
If I understand it, I can only have the impression of "Oh, yes"
It was fun if there was something else coming from there.

Although grotesque descriptions are doing loudly,
Because the screenplay is a script, there is no such thing as vividly remembered as a masterpiece horror.
Gro depiction is also a thing with a screenplay.

I know I am bad I saw without looking at previous information.
However, I will bother to film the original thing movies so I want them to be found somewhat in non-fan groups.

Not only the bad points but also the music and the production are quite solid as it is, not even bad for the whirlworking even though it is deep even if it is described as a groo depiction.
There is not much cheapness that you can see at a glance that it tends to be a subtle horror of this hand.

There is a sense of slightly forced killing among the students at the training camp but the "phenomenon" which motivated the bullying problem is in the back and draws the uneasy feelings of the students exactly from the beginning and the relationships of the unstable classes from the beginning So it is surprisingly persuasive and realistic to depict the system of this type of "hands are the most scary people" who seems to be pleased with these hands, so it is pretty well worth the visit.

Even if he was a cast, he had worked quite well for his young children and Masaki Hashimoto's role as Sadako Hashimoto When I saw it in 3D it was a wonderful little girl who seemed to come out to a creative horror like anything. I did not have a very good image Although I thought that the behind-the-scenes behavior of the early stages was "somehow", I was looking at it unconsciously, but after reviewing the middle stage I was regularly playing a lovely girl and reviewed it.

Elementary school student ~ I think that as a movie seen as a child seems to be a talk of a story with a friend about junior high school students, it is a passing score.
If it is a generation before age, it is a type like "school ghost stories" series.

"Good" as the movie seen by the children considered as the main target,
However, if it is said that adults can also enjoy the movie "very bad"
However, there was also sharpness in the talk and there was also a good place so "bad" with a stop.

2013/10/31 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4936
It was a terrible work.
Regardless of animation it is a terrible achievement.
It was a work that I felt painful to watch, being watching in the movie for a while and getting irritated.
However, after watching such a work, it is also important to watch such a work as a comparison target occasionally as a comparison object, when watching other works, occasionally it is important to watch such a work, for which reason it was worth it.

Although I saw all the animation for the time being, although I did not remember much content, I remembered the setting slightly, but since there were plenty that I could not understand even if I saw it, the first seen person did not understand the translation more I think it will be deaf.

I do not know the original but if I try to organize the contents of the animation within two hours it will be tough and it will have to be saved considerably and I can understand that it can not be helped to describe the contents or the contents.

So it is common to change the settings or to become a movie story, content, or summarizing method, but even if we take that into account, it was the worst movie.

First of all, I wonder what I will bring to the center, but since it is a movie that I have to show as entertainment all together in one work, unlike an animation that talks go on talking about individually, even more horror or tempo I had to show it with good merit.
But the early stage is insanely slow motion, whether you tried to draw along the story of animation or the original, first-looking people and movie-loving oneself will get bored first.
Since I have to summarize that content in two hours, in that sense I think that the tempo and expansion will be faster so I'm sick of it, where the neighborhood is a bad name Japanese movie.

If this is a foreign movie, an incident will occur in the first 5 minutes and it will attract it and it will be the beginning of transformation, and in about 15 minutes we will generally end the explanation of the setting.

I was still wondering how to show the part of the explanation of that setting, but since I was watching anime, I still understood somehow but I do not know the person who saw first visit, I think that it is meaningless and ties I do not feel like I do not feel interesting about the world view and rules as well.

In the case of animation, certainly there was something like the explanation of the world view or the rule first, I think that was good.
That's why I feel like I could get in.

Because there was not it, the early stage progressed without knowing the reason, why did not tell to the hero, why girls are treated as not being treated as having no meaning or something meaningless and girls are not treated as such It may not notice even I was aware.
Even if there is an explanation of the rule on the way, it is difficult to convey why it is such a thing, and if it is this it feels like a contradiction and a setting full of holes.

I wrote that saving depiction and modifying settings is unavoidable, but somewhere to summarize it into a movie is related to the sense that leaving this work halfway and not drawing it I did the worst thing.
Why did the girls first go to the spiritual room, did they have a doll, what was the meaningful speech of the girl's mother Who saw only the movie will not know at all.
I would be angry if I had not watched anime, it would be a fatal flaw as a movie and if I could not draw it I should omit this scene, setting.

Even if I omit it, there is no problem, I think whether there is a problem in not being able to make the original scene by saving it.

Although there are many opinions that animation or original is a mystery work rather than a horror, since it is a movie, it should have put effort into the way of being killed after all and should have devised.
Especially for the first-time viewer I pay attention to it and want to see the scaryness and grotesque there, but I think that the sombreness there is the biggest disadvantage of this work and it is not sense.
There is nothing to be afraid of, nothing like a final destination.
What I'm trying to do is final destination but it is not done.
Far away rather than attracting you to attract there, it has cooled down.
There was nothing unnatural and crazy how to go there.

The way to shoot the camera was too childish.
There is no face up at this time and I can not produce shocks or surprises, so I do not feel tense, fear or dust.
At that time I do not know the setting to see the color of death, so I think only what I do is doing something strange moya in the up of my eyes.
There is really no sense.

The teacher fell down and the spoon sticks too much, and it is not exactly that a girl runs and fly a rope.
If it is a thin thread like a piano wire at the speed of a motorcycle, I do not know yet, but too much reality is too much and nothing is transmitted.
I thought that even such a child would not be fooled.
At best it could have broken my neck and there would have been fear of being over there.

I thought that I could not think about it because I could not do anything more devised or gaudy.

After that, he has a reputable heroine Hashimoto Ai but I think it certainly has cute and roles (visual).
Just acting was okay.
It was impossible for me to embrace empathy, and even in a tense scene, it was a cheapness as it did not convey tension and fear in light performance.
I did not find the atmosphere, and I could not feel the charm personally.
Although there may be things because the manner of talking like a bar is also a role, a good person puts emotion on it and puts out a character even among them, but in the case of this person it is just feeling that he is just tracing the sentence Characters and emotions were not transmitted at all.
In the case of animation, it may be that the voice was nice after all, so it may have been good to make a slightly amused voice.

Personally, I was concerned with girls with shortcuts who were fired by fans rather than Ai Hashimoto.
I wonder if it was a good harvest to watch.

2013/10/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16515 Host:16546 Browser: 5386
A live-action version of cartoonization, an animated novel "Another".
The first thing I thought was "Why movies ...?"
Once it is a novel it will be rolled upwards and downwards, so I think that it is obviously inadequate (as it will be about a two-hour choi or at most a cinema) or, in other words, Vimyo in particular It was an atmosphere.

First of all, it was impossible to make it possible for the novel tricks that were possible with novels, cartoons, and animation through filters called actors.
The secret no secret hidden things that you saw in the original work "I do not know from the point of view of the hero" are clearly revealed.
Although it is also a movie of "GOTH", it is regrettable that if you look at the movie 〓〓〓original as a result of revealing the real name of the person, the enjoyment of the original will be halved.
Besides, I am sorry that the way to hide the hint and the viewer's blind spot was omitted owing to the absence of "the number of desks ~".

Moreover, it was regrettable that the story will proceed with only two people who are truly unkind.
I mean, since the face of the actor is similar, I can not see the appearance of "individual" ....
If you do not distinguish something like a hairstyle or something, they all look exactly the same.
I can not clearly remember the face of Teshigahara and others ....
Well, compared with the original, only anime and manga were involved too deeply, but ....

Narumi Hashimoto Love was cute.
It was not a mysterious atmosphere, but there is not much need to remain in that atmosphere separately. It may be better than being strange to reproduce too strange.
Charming and pretty sounding was a bit painted in the delusional scene of animation, others were feeling like a dark pretty girl who is flattened but the sound of this work is slightly more realistic.

Gore depiction, well done well with PG 12 ... well enough.
Scenes where an umbrella sticks in the neck, scenes where a spoon sticks in the eyes, scenes where a neck can be taken.
It is now that the unreasonable death attacks it only now, but after all there was some kind of hints and the scene to die was good.
Especially the scene that the umbrella sits at the head of the chairperson is a way of killing like a casual stacking.

Although there was a little short, there was also a slightly steep part, but it seems that it is normal as it can be done.
Although it did not have any problem to see it until the end, real photography was a difficult work because it is not "image of character" or "there is a narrative trick" ....
What I wanted to do was Gore depiction or horror depiction.
Even if ..., it may have been variously done in the midnight drama as much as 6 stories at most.
Evaluation is "ordinary".

2012/08/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49829 Host:49772 Browser: 5345
It's full of spoilers

[good point]
It seemed quite impressive and like things that classmates became suspicious and battle loyal due to the tape Sakakibara had had, it was thrilling.
Regarding climax, I think it was better than the original.
The way to end "phenomenon" was better than the original one.

I think that it was successful to cast Ai Masaki to Ai Hashimoto.
I also thought that "I was" when I saw the animation drawing by people of Izumi Akazawa, but I think that this was just right for role and looks as well.
Chigusa sensei is also good feeling.

.last scene.
No doubt Chigaki who was struggling to stop the "phenomenon" resurrected as a dead ... It was ironic and it was good (lol)

[Bad point]
Sakakibara and Misaki became a good feeling in the early stage, but I did not need this .... It was good until Misaki opened my heart to Sakakibara, but the feeling that I was going to bring it to the deployment ahead was bad the tempo of the story.
I thought that the way to switch scenes was a step later. (A series of scenes until Sakakibara does not have anything, especially because Sakakibara is wondering why Misaki does not exist)

A middle - aged man in the dark room was stabbed by a spoon in his eyes and was dead, but I did not notice at all that he was in charge. There was no explanation either.

The date was reflected at the edge of the screen, but when I looked at it normally I did not notice it first and I could make it stand out more.

I think that it was really bad about the early stage.

When raised to others

Chigusa sensei is almost air. Sakakibara, Miyazaki was a character that will cooperate ....

Reiko who plays Ai Kato. It is good as an image at all though .... It is a pity that the mystery element of the biggest work now has been destroyed from the beginning.
Even in the scene of the house, I think that Mr. Reiko was able to differentiate himself from "Reiko sensei" and "Reiko-san" by vice-minister only.
I do not dislike movies.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well it was fun. It was pretty childish when I looked at the details, but about the early stage was really bad (lol)
Because the thrilling development of the climax was good

It was terrible for people to die (this is a compliment.)
The neck or spoon is stuck in your eyes ...
Well PG - 12 So it is good at all

Evaluation is good.