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Ri Sojitsu Kawamura Genki
Norimichi Kasamatsu Ryo Sugimoto Taneda Youhei Tsuyoshi Imai Joe Hisaishi Ogawa Kumiko Kuma Shinji
Satoshi Tsumabuki Eri Fukatsu Masaki Okada Hikari Mitsushima Sansei Shiomi Mansaku Ikeuchi Ken Mitsuishi
Kimiko Yo Hisashi Igawa Suzuki Matsuo Yamada Kinuwo Hanae Kan Yoshiko Miyazaki
Nagayama Kento Kirin Kiki Akira Emoto
Japan Released:2010/09/11(Sat)
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2014/01/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15030 Host:15288 Browser: 11092
People may kill others with just a trivial thing.
However, even though that person is not really a bad guy, there are many worse guys in the world.
I felt such a thing.

However, if it says this work in a word "escape of love"
I think.
However, it was just being drawn as thin, was not it entirely blurred content?
Perhaps, it may be that the content was too deep to know.

Although it may be good as a theme,
It was not a work entered into it.

2013/11/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16515 Host:16546 Browser: 5386
The man who committed the murder case and the group movie about the victims.
It is drawn here from the viewpoint of young people that it is as close as possible to "modern", "I can be satisfied (even if it can not be understood) (because it is actually)", "Maybe this human being I can sympathize with myself whether it is such a mental state "or such feeling that there was such reality in the whole ... or the like feeling.
I also thought of seeing "no one knows", but society just like that. It was a very good movie.
I also understand how to shoot, I am thoroughly feeling a sense of life. Something in the house was seen while thinking that "Oh, my friend's house is like this" or "My grandmother's house looks like this", at the same time it was able to imagine even the smell, and originally "handsome" Actor who should be "Beauty" too is also feeling thoroughly taking the pores of the face visible and feeling so dirty.
The appearance of this wife's husband tree looked like "Ikemen's atmosphere" also had a bear, and I was sending out an aura that seemed to be "Oh, it might be a criminal" indeed.

In other words, it is a group image play of people involved in one case, but I think that each viewpoint was good.
First of all, the murderer, Shimizu Yuichi, was a sorrowful character that originally had a gentle heart, but the weakness and shyness got hurt and suddenly committed murder ....
As for what, I was greedy with regard to women's relationships, and while having a feeling of consciousness to the partner, there was also an image that somehow preceded libido.
It is also realistic, I feel that it was consistent with the character image of "dating site murder" that tends to be in actual affair.
Usually I do not have a rich emotional expression, so that's why I am addicted to something like a dating site, and it makes me quarrel with a person who uses a dating system with a light feeling. No, I was still fine at that stage, but the motive for the victim ... was too sad.

Mr. Masayuki Mai, who escapes with him, was the only standing position visible in the bird's-eye view of the incident, almost unrelated to the murder case, but in her case she is usually an ordinary men's clothing clerk, but actually she is a dating site It was a good and fun character that balanced the "back face" that makes use of something.
Indeed, there is a certain part if it is told that "There is no persuasive power to love Yuichi" because of an escape from a trivial encounter, but considering a case like "Stockholm syndrome", there is also a feeling that it is not a liar again after all.
Unexpectedly, there is likely to be news saying that "The murderer has been encountering a woman while she was escaping" and there seems to be news that seems to be said, while understanding such news, "Understanding what kind of feelings you are doing such a thing ..." You can imagine the appearance of an adult who seems to be unable to do it.
However, I think that it is somewhat understandable that the feeling of depicting "unusual hope that humans who send ordinary everyday desires" was good. I did not understand "Crazy clown" something long ago, but I was able to convince you to watch this movie.

Masuo Keigo is already a real scrap, but no ... There are such college students really.
If you enter the university, you can see as much of the surroundings that people are talking about watching the dead news. Perhaps I think that it is such human beings regardless of their brains.
Well, this funny place is anywhere "real DQN".
I know the scene caught by the police only about the audience, but I was crying for "Mamaku !! Mama !! Helpful, Mommy !!".
But, only in front of my friends, I will strengthen and speak as if I could afford it.
Even when I was caught up by the survivors of the victim, I was tempering, but when I was hanging out with my colleagues, I was talking as if I was strengthened again this time and I was able to afford it.
I do not understand this feeling, do you? Either when I was hurt or I was scared, "I was fine and w" is prevalent.
Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake, at our high school, "Cool appeal at the time of the earthquake" became a big fashion, but I feel that somewhat resembles there. Somewhat, in front of the surroundings I wish to strengthen ... I guess there is something like a spirit. For the time being, the surrounding people ended saying "I'm sorry," even though I thought "this is really funny". Somehow, because I also remember it. I also do.
Although the circumference of this Masuo is also making a big noise, I am wondering "Oh, this guy is unscrupulous" or "I can not keep calm under such circumstances", but no one else It is air that it can be done because it is really a group.
The thing which is making a fuss in a family restaurant seems to be "not afraid because everyone is there."
I thought that place was also real.

Victim. Ishibashi Yoshino only appears in recollection, but this is also a realistic bitch. The hero of a mobile novel or a writer ... It was a character that embodied contradictions as they were without noticing why an avid reader did not realize.
This guy has a boyfriend, but he does a dating system. Because reason sexual desire can not be suppressed. In short, play.
While talking brightly with girlfriends, let's talk about the story of three people who cease to be two people. Even if the other is not that easy, I will invite you to agree.
Even though she has such a personality, many people have recognized that "my boyfriend is one step". Indeed, she thinks herself as "a girlfriend to her boyfriend" perhaps.
Again, it is recognized as "Kuzu woman" "Bitch" if it is sympathized with the criminal side, but if it is from the surrounding human being (survivor) it is filtered, after all it was "the boyfriend was ecstatic Girls '' perception.
Personally, it was scenes where her father was watching the video when Yoshino was still small at the time of the funeral. Yoshino flowing in this scene is a genuine girl who is not a bitch. After all it is very painful. If you see such a picture, the viewer will feel sympathy and her father will not be able to "turn back" (it will be no more possible to deny the perception that "Kano is an encounter bitch").
Since then, my name is Yoshino, but my father is a good man, so it feels like "I took it from my father's name" indeed. Then when she was born, she and her father who delighted with it and gave her the name of her daughter from her name come to mind.
It seemed that it was a device for not giving perfect compassion to the criminal.

It was an amazing story from the point of view of Yuichi's grandmother Shimizu Fusae.
A salesman from the beginning is actually a fraudster and noticed that he was being deceived an outrageous amount.
The interesting part of this side story is that it is something that she really seems to be "highly sociable grandma" when you see only the opening part. It is not an act of being an old man who is deceived by fraud, but among the large number of elderly people who sell medicine, I am showing it to a grandmother who is especially sociable.
The elderly people who come out here, I do not realize that everyone is "being deceived". The salesman side also skillfully fades and shows it like a good man. This is a fraud feeling.
I thought that the murder was the subject of the subject, so I thought that there was a "suspicious feeling" (it seems as if you saw the drama "TRICK" as a deadly feeling), but I did not think that a fraud would come out .
Then, she says that Yuichi 's raising parents, and it seemed that the attack of the mass communication was terrible anyhow. No, the depiction of the press was good ... I guess.
If this is an example "If you do not protect anyone", car chase will be started chasing the bus from the next car shoot, car passengers will start, bus passengers will say "Girl !! Family of Murderers !!" I guess it will be.
But since people who follow bereaved families have done it is a natural thing, it is rather real. Everyone will not take the attitude of "beating the bearer bereaved family!" Okay, I guess if you like an old woman with a good reputation like her. Even his son Ashara could make friends at school.
She was a muddy life corresponding to the form of "living anyhow" or "living in any difficult situation".

Yoshio Ishibashi was a different position from her (the victim's father), but he was also real.
Anyway I'm going to hit the surroundings, but somewhere I can not depend on it. I saw quite a bit of anger around a man who told a bad mouth at my first funeral, but when I was a wife, throwing a cloth and holding a chair around that time ... feeling , "It was such a feeling when I was really angry ..." It was a real acting.
I'm full of anger, so I do not know well why I am angry.
So, I already grab the neighborhood softly and throw it anyway. However, I think that it is in the state of "not angry with my wife so much" as I reconsider just before hitting.
The theme that is demanded in this work is spoken from his mouth, and it must be a very important character.
His funny thing is that there is not enough time to turn his anger against "the criminal".
He does not know the circumstances of Yuichi who is the culprit, but his anger goes to Masuo rather than Yuichi. After all, I do not want to admit that Yuichi who is "a man whom my daughter met on a dating site" is a criminal and I do not want to admit such existence itself.
So, the real culprit is already tabooized in him, and Masuo is the target of attack than Yuichi. It is not a murderer, but it clearly came out that his behavior seemed to be anger that resulted in the death of his daughter.

That's why I sympathized with Tsuruta Kiki.
Probably, even if Tsuruta Kiki is told, "Who?" He is certainly not called his name.
In the group who was masuo and hanging up, he was dissatisfied with the story of Masuo explicitly.
I do not know if he liked Kanno or simply had sympathy, but it was a position that I can really sympathize with. He is the most human being, "He who can sympathize with young people" is not he.
He is "the girl I know is dead", but when you look around friends, you are just stupid. There is a groove somewhere with Masao who can not think about anything about the person's heart at all.
I'm hanging in, but probably in his case, I think I started with a failure saying "I made friends in the new semester, but they were terribly unpleasant people."
I do not know the setting, but maybe their encounters seemed like that.
"High school and college" seems to be miserable because "one" tends to be miserable so much, so now, there are people who say "toilet rice".
So, once you are hanging out, they can not beat a fancy with them even with scum. When I turn it off, there is isolation next time. There is already an atmosphere that makes surroundings "ring", a group that is hard to belong to other groups, and probably this man is shy enough to not clearly express his opinion.
While holding stress under such circumstances, I felt like a man who hangs with them as usual.
Finally, I met Keiko who is the bereaved family of the victim, but finally was finally given the role of "listener" here and it finally became one of the hero?
It was exhilarating to diverge in the form of "breaking down and threatening the glass table of the neighborhood" to the extraordinary anger of Masao who teaches him or her daughter's Kanno after the death of Yoshio. I really like this place.
Clearly, it may be cowardly not to beat the masuo with a wrench. A guy who does not know his feelings seems to be "Sitty on hitting things", but I could sympathize this act personally.
It is in a state where anger that can not be suppressed without violence is accumulating, but I can not translate a person with a wrench.
It may be "cowardice" to destroy things around here, but it was "real".
The scene where the surroundings that saw this action was overwhelming with surprises was something the best. I was barking all the while until a while, but once the air in the battle became uneasy, after all I could not help being silent.

Is this about impressions about each person?
And then the whole impression.

The nature of man in this work is depicted as hard.
Suddenly human beings suddenly change like a reversal trial series. In that game, gag elements are strong, and the criminal's deformity also leads to catharsis, which approaches the game clear, but recently it was sold in "drama" or "movie" in "drama or movie", and suddenly human attitudes You change yourself or not.
I hated it all the while and I thought it was a lie (it was just like I thought so even at Akutagawa's "Rashomon"), but it seemed quite good that the back and front of the human being of this work was quite good.
Even the two main characters who used a dating site on the back with a serious face do not change their personality and facial expression when using that "face of the back", rather, "that is also good" It accepts with an attitude of approxi- mately reserved, becoming a bad guy while shed somehow ... It is a nice place for this movie.

After all, is it "evil"?
Kwai Tai protects the murderer for love, and Yoshio can not recognize the evil part of Yoshino.
In the end, Yoshio talks about "to love people", but it seems to me that it will lead to "evil" after all. Because, I interpret the evil of other people conveniently and forgive it.
Yoshio is loving affection for Yoshino, but if you go to Yuichi you will condemn Yuichi without touching the bad places of Yoshino, and for those other than Masuo, "love" for someone is a person It is in the inside.
It seems to me that it is interesting that it is directly connected to the title "bad guy" as it is.

However, what I thought through the whole was long regarding "Yuichi and Mitsuyo's love depiction".
Although the movie itself seemed interesting as a group image play, these two romance descriptions were sandwiched everywhere, and this is also long.
Furthermore, I feel sorry that the two people living on the lighthouse living ... ... had something strange fantasy. Just because the story so far was real, I wonder what "I spend days with two people on a broken lighthouse" ....
Even if I had been alone, I felt somewhat talking about a story like a myth like fantasy like "Only here is the world of two people".
Moreover, it was quite disappointing that the descriptions of these two people were skipped, and it seems disappointing that there was a part that was not easy to sympathize because there are many cases where the important scenes are crisp too.

Although it may not be a social school, I think that there were also making making it so personally, and I think that it was quite a good work.
In the movie, it is rare for me to imagine setting up and putting in each person so far, but it is rare among themselves, but each person is realistic again, easy to empathize somewhere I guess because there was a part.
Evaluation is "very good".

2013/11/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 348 Host:184 Browser: 7861
I think that the performance of each actor's real actor was enhancing the quality of this movie.
The story is also a heavy theme, but we were able to express frankly the bad guys who lurk in real society as they are supposed. There are many things that I am irritated because it is only appreciated,
I feel bad feelings.
It was funny expression, but in the movie it was unusual to see a life-sized villain.

2012/08/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
[good point]
A real and raw character.

Contents that do not easily affirm the murderer.

The expression of Yoshino who appeared in front of his father as a ghost (?).
Makishima Hikari, I'm doing good acting. Is it also due to this work that appeared in "still alive"?

[Bad point]
Choose who to watch because you are not making characters that can easily empathize.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Human" from the perpetrator, the victim, from the stakeholder to the third party is drawn on the theme of the murder case which actually seems to be happening.
The mass communication and the Masuo neighborhood college students of the Chara school college students are particularly unbelievable, but the authors and the staff of this work are the ones who wanted to draw the society in which these people are making a difference in their sickness.

Dating site, frequent e-mail exchanges, human relations being digitized mainly by young people.
Of course, the clumsy type such as Yuichi and Mitsuyo, which is not good at socializing,
Maiko and Yoshino also have lots of friends and darkness inside the showy type.
Rather than the latter, refusal to face it = rebound from extreme and aggressive behavior
(Feel the part you do not want to acknowledge in your partner) suddenly take out.
That is why the action of Yuichi who carries sin alone on behalf of her to interfere with her in the latter half of Yuichi and Godai.

Although there are many kitsui parts for viewing, for workers who are over high school students, they want work through the eyes once.
We can become a party to this work anytime .... With "good" than "very good".

2011/12/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 5379
Shoichi Yoshida original novel is made into a movie. It is never a sympathy and convincing work. I just feel anger and sorrow.
First of all, all the characters are disgusting guys. I was amazed at the fact that it is a very pessimistic work that is not a cast and production like empathy to someone. Shimizu Yuichi (Tsumaki Satoshi) is a childish killer. Mamoru Mitsuyo (Fukatsu Eri) is a woman who stops his / her own self in Yuichi from his own feelings. Keigo Masao (Masao Okada) is a man with just a mouth and no contents. Ishibashi Yoshino (Mitsushima Hikari) is just looking and cheerful and a real black daughter. Shimizu Fusae (Tree Kimarin) is a weak grandmother who is fooled by fraud. Yoshio Ishibashi (Akira Emoto) is a father who killed her daughter and hurt her anger in all directions. And all of them are performing spectacularly for those disgusting guys. It is wonderful to have a good performance that irritates those who are watching.
A momentary love story appears on the surface and you can feel the painful cry of those involved in it, but what they feel for the "important people" and what they talk about , It spreads in what we do in the story. There is a danger similar to hatred as well as affection. The action of Yuichi of climax is felt as trying to hit and shuffle love and hate unflagging against Godai, including himself.
The line of the light of the light scene of the last scene that was issued as a word of aggregation of those who do not cuddle is full of anger and sorrow somewhere. It sounded like the anger and sadness of the director over modern society where people who prioritized personal value somewhat increased.

2011/11/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43659 Host:43543 Browser: 11755
Of course, "the bad guy" which is also the title name, it is a hero Shimizu Yuichi, it is not an indulgence of the crime committed, but the weakness of the heart,
Indeed he did so in that the "weakness of the heart" went wrong, committing sin from the anger of being victimized by the victim. Even though he descended to run away as a result, despite his "weakness of the mind" being well drawn, such a mind was well drawn, but even though he was a poor person with the unfortunate birthplace such as being abandoned by his mother, he was a poor person think.

Rather than him he saw those around him who could not be helped. The woman of the victim was faintly pronounced and was a typical one such as abusive against the hero, scattered abruptly, and the tributaries who cheated on her grandmother and bought health food were also the best Ya. The mass communication is a mass communication,
I wanted to be interested and parasitic on my grandmother (an old man driving a bus that caused them to crack down was saying "GJ !!" or I thought that the drinking was going down)
Treat themselves as bad guys in the middle. However, it was Masuo of Chara man who did not have the most salvation.

I can understand the feeling I felt like I was talking to the victim, but I wish I had patience and put it on the street, not inside the mountains.
As a result, he made the cause of the murder, but when I was asked to listen to the police as a reference person, I will expose a lot of fatigue,
I was laughing with victims and father who was angry at insulting the victims and made fun of it, I was watching it, - I had a weapon,
It seemed like I felt it was not worth killing - even if my father told me something like "I want to live like that for a long time", I will show no color of reflection at all ........ Tsuruta should not have destroyed nearby objects, at least they should have struck a face on this face at least.
Those who bought health foods eventually did not return money to my grandmother, they would have kicked out without hurting, but this grandmother would have been a poor person more than the hero.

Actors' acting was good. Even when I was on terrestrial broadcast the other day, the moment that Mr. Eri Fukatsu won the award was also being broadcast. Mr. Akimoto Arimoto, who was the father of the victim, probably the best performer shined. No matter how much she is a cute daughter, she is killed,
The anger and regret insulted also by Masuo who made the cause was transmitted so painfully. A valve to Tsuruta, "There are too many people who do not have important things in the world today" (reluctance), etc had a very heavy weight, too. I think I was eating a half-hero combination.

It was his "gentleness" to prevent strange doubt by rolling and it seemed that Shimizu showed the heroine hit when he was pushed by the police at the end of the story, In conversation with a taxi driver, there was nothing to say.
Mr. Masuo et al. Mentioned above, "Some bastards that did not cross the line" also existed, "Some people are unable to kill themselves in the world,
It would not be helped even if they crossed the line by committing murder for such people. "On the other hand, I understand that there was existence worth as" teacher ".
However, there is always a thing that catches on Masuo and treating to the submarine. There was something made me think, and it was a movie that was difficult to evaluate in a certain sense, but is it "ordinary" well?

2011/11/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 4895
It was wonderful.
It was a movie and I felt the real pleasure of movies.
Although I felt somewhat long, I did not release it for the second and a half hours, so it seems to be going to happen in the future development, but since the mental state depictions of each character and viewpoint are drawn carefully and realistically, I can emotionally transfer each I felt that my heart was disturbed or being kept being excited and fun.
I do not understand the truth of the incident and there is no twist, but I thought that my heart is ups and downs and excitement so much with such a deep content that such a fascinating story.

Even if it seems to be a good person in the face whether it is the face of the back or the inside, actually thinking like this kind of stuff, it is a really good person.
In the general public it is treated as a bad person but it is casting a contrast that it is really a bad guy ....
But the only thing that does not capture the line of view of the main character (culprit) side is that the murder is absolutely evil and how much daughter is the worst person, if you try it from your parents it is the beloved daughter and the criminal is a bad guy It is not anyone.

Because it shows such victims it will cast it even more intensely.
Whether the hero is a bad guy or not.

The main character also had reasons and was left behind by the family environment and mother, and absolutely mothers will come back but the adults around did not believe in anyone and did not believe them .
The spiritual side and the unreasonable and selfish personality of the woman who was the victim overlapped and was killed.
Perhaps this woman was also despised as a cheesy woman riding anyone's car in front of him, and because of his eight hits, he got a violent stroke to the hero, but as the hero tried to get on the car I also refused.
This kind of flow is natural, so the line passes and the incident itself is simple but realistically fun.

In the general public, even if it is treated as a bad person the only one who understood the inside of the hero is the light Taijin Eri.
Ehira Fukatsu's characters are calm and asking for someone, but after all, Tosu Kisato 's acting is good, even if it is such a murderer, it has given persuasive power to favor.
I really thought that this man was not a bad person together with Fukatsu Eri.
It is a small presence that is quiet and looks far away and it seems like it will disappear if I suddenly do but it stops for those who stop in the eyes because it has a tremendous atmosphere and it stops and it is Fukatsu Eri Because it is a person, it gets attracted to the hero.
Faced with objective viewpoints, Fukatsu Eri is a man who is involved, maybe that he or she liked to be a murderer, it happened that he was a murderer, but stopped the hero trying to self-run and told to escape together Eri Fukatsu from the thing may also be a bad person in a sense.

It is not only the viewpoints of these two people but the grandmother who was doing the substitution of the mother of the hero, the father of the victim, the man who was kicked off the victim's woman and dropped it from the car was often portrayed ing.

The teacher that grandmother believed is actually a vicious dealer and he takes money he saved for his son who is the hero.
But my son has become a suspect and I win the muffler I bought for my son and come back to recover the money.
It is better to show it at the same time as the victim's father's mind shows it, so it makes me think a lot, from my grandmother a gentle son, even a victim or a perpetrator for a child In the behavior that thought of, the parent is strong and shows in the serif of the victim 's father, but the importance of having important people.
Even though the hero also encountered Fukatsu Eri in the same way, even though he committed a murderer, he was to blame others for his partner's bad, but he came to blame himself for meeting himself.

Conversation (serif) was something unexpected and interesting, and places where there were no cleanliness and no parenthesis were also good, and the victim's father told his wife in a common pattern, "You are bad because you have not properly seen it" I hit it, but I realize that it is a mistake.
The bad guy is the hero, but if he corrects the former, the man who kicked the victim's woman is bad and the victim's father goes back for it (at that time he does not know the real culprit yet).
The man is drawn as the worst man eternally, so I think that it is natural that I will be retaliated, but I will think about it on the verge of justice, "Do it, laugh at the father desperate for the dead daughter and daughter Let's live forever "and let's go home as it is.
It was a word that remained intense impression and probably thought that it was not worth hitting, perhaps, the man gets miserable unnecessarily, and if he hits it, the victim's father becomes a perpetrator, but a man is harmed I can keep going as it is.
Because I do not hit him, it's like a hard word with emphasis on serifs.
When I hit him, the absolute speech cheaply became cheap and I felt more pain than being beaten with eyes like seeing a poor person when looking back at the moment as I was looked down in the future life.

Actually, each person's performance was wonderful, and Mikushima Hikari was also a good acting person - I thought I thought that Mr. Mitsushima Hikari was about to float and I thought it was still too long (assuming Mitsushima Hikari is a hero's work Although it releases an intense personality, it may seem to float when turning to a supporting role).

Fukatsu Eri also had good bed scenes and nude, and the trees rare forest and Mr. Emoto Akimoto gave a good taste.
To be honest, Fukatsu Eri got an actress prize, so I thought that Taisuke Tsutsumi was not good, but it was better for Tsumaki Satoshi at all.
There may be a large number of people with Tsumabuki Satoshi, but I personally want to raise an actor award for Tsumaki Satoshi.
Eri Fukatsu was also doing well because I was doing intense the bed scene more than I thought.

I think that there are various interpretations at the end but there are two things personally think and doing it because it does not make a complicity if it says in a simple place It is that it accepts it even though a woman understands it but that is not interesting, Because there is a prefix saying "I am not a man you think", (Others are also said to give money when they first make an etiage or just being deceived from a female sister There is such a scene) Until the hero thinks that she could not believe her.
That's why I was trying to kill her, so I thought that my mother would leave it behind, so I will kill (or take it) as long as it is separated as much as the first incident.
I thought that she was only deceived from an objective viewpoint. (She thinks that there is a conflict, though there is a desire to revive and believe a word that her sister told her mind)

That's why it ends because it does not come out last hero, and it makes me think a lot and is interesting.
Who was the very bad guy The hero is casting as if it was really a bad person, and even if it says anything without finishing it as a myself, it does not change to a murderer, so I guess whether he passed through the bad guys until the end.

2011/05/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9885 Host:10061 Browser: 11272
There was no bad person.

If you raise "evil" strongly, the rich Asshole who made the remote cause of the incident (although it can only say so) to the victim's bitch (if there was not the last action, a virtuous heart and a dependant heart strongly a pitiful woman) , He is the most saved being in this story), "education (or no education)" that they raised respectively.
But both the victim's parent and the assailant's grandmother are "good people".

It is difficult for a person to grow up as a "person who can remember the feelings of others" (may be paraphrased as "good people"). That's a terrible thing.
In the above meaning, the man who is the perpetrator who plays Satoshi Tsumaki and the heroine who plays Fukatsu Eri are also "good people".
No, the man has confessed to the heroine "I met you and it became painful for the first time ...". I changed the guy "I did not feel anything" to a man whose heroine is "able to remember the heart of others" ("good man"), and thereby the man is labeled "bad guy" You are aware that you are in existence).

A sad story. However, it is never a so-called tear-drop thing. The original is wonderful, the director is wonderful, the actor is wonderful. A real movie.
Mr. Tsumabuki Satoshi, who played in a man and woman who wanted to escape from there somewhat from the workplace and the warmth of the warmth, but also actor's performance of convincing Montreal's best actress awards complained I can not afford it.
I have no choice but to compliment.
The connection to the last cut and the expression of the two people there, especially the performance of the eyed eyes of Tsumabuki Satoshi, can not be said anything.

Evaluation is extremely close to "highest" "very good".

Postscript "Defining good (good)" is difficult. However, I felt that the bus driver who calls out to the grandmother of the perpetrator who plays the trees, "You are bad! Not sure what to do!", That is "good (good)".
(If you were searching for [bad man, serif bus driver], the above mentioned things were written more clearly in Amazon's original book review, you feel the same way)

2010/09/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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A bad person. I have not read the book, I do not see the movies so much, so it is a shallow impression, but forgive me.
Because I am not familiar with movies, I can not evaluate that it is a technique, an acting, a script. It is my impression to the last.

Yuichi plays his wife husband Tree and Fujitsu Eri acting in the lightning showed the men and women struggling with dark bases that can not be imagined from the role shown by Magic Hour. Yuichi laughed only once during the work, I thought that Mitsuyo will take me out of my home and workplace every day going back and forth from a straight line, I love murderers without knowing so. Men and women who continue to escape just because they do not want to wake up from their dreams.

Even though escape is catastrophic, if anything you've ever been in love to protect him, everyone will sympathize. I remember hesitating to put a label on bad guys and Yuichi.
When Yuichi pulled the Mitsuyo into the car at the beginning of the escape, despite I thought "Wow, the lowest, this guy" in the end, I was being empathized firmly in the end. I think that it was a truly performing act of a woman who knew love that continues to run away with a tough, but one more day of Fukatsu Eri, heavy one of the silent Yuichi, one person.

What is evil? Is it a dating system itself, or is it a young man misunderstanding that there is nothing to lose by not having important persons, or a mother who threw away the child, worried about his voice Whether the victims who pushed over Yuichi who was overwhelmed by extortion were not bad at all or whether the massacre waiting while stalling while waiting for the comments of the murderer's mother, the judgment there is left to each audience. Because good and evil is relative. So it is necessary to have a public opinion saying that there are laws and bad guys. But I saw clearly unpleasant things, beautiful things, things I want to cherish. I want to take care of it myself. It is contrary to ending = common wisdom .. but the ending is not told until then. It was honestly straightforward for me who knows that it is idyllic but likes happy endings.

But it was a good movie. Was funny. Just a little stronger just before the candle burning in the darkness disappears Memories of a beautiful scene that burns like shining .... Let's treat it as a name scene in me.
Depending on the generation we see, there may be different perspectives.