[JP movie]Akanezora

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JP movie rank of 2007 Rank 44in 120 titles
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Masahiro Shinoda Yamamoto Ichiriki
Tatsuo Suzuki Akimasa Kawashima Taro Iwashiro MizunoKeniti Tetsuo Segawa
Masaaki Uchino Miki Nakatani Shigeru Izumiya Kazue Tsunogae Masanobu Katsumura Takeda kouhei Hosoda Yoshihiko
Miyu Yagyu Takashi Tsumura Kenichi Ishii Renji Ishibashi Baijaku Nakamura Shima Iwashita Naomasa Muraka Murasugi Seminosuke Takahiro Azuma Ryota Yoshimitsu Takashi Ito Toshiki Ayata Yukiko Tachibana Hayashi Kazuyoshi Asakura Erika
Japan Released:2007/03/31(Sat)
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2013/04/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
In recent years, it does not rely on the seen sword fighting (although there are violence scenes for a while), the hero is a tofu craftworker with one piece of historical drama.

Craftsmen in period dramas are stubborn and single-person nature are often treated positively, but in this work their eyes are also focused on disadvantages.
Eikichi who came to Edo from Kyoto starts business without saying hello to Kajiro who is a neighbor venue who sent out his store. I do not feel bad.
Earlier in the latter half years have passed since the past year and the eldest son Eitaro caught up in gambling gagging.
But his father went along with his younger brother and sister into the world of craftsmanship (= only do what he likes),
Eikichi can not say that there is no responsibility because he is throwing himself into the world of human relations between merchants.
Etsutaro's feelings will be quite different in people who are experienced working people and those who are students.
It is awful scene that Fumi, who became a wife and attracted by Aizuchi 's clumsy straightness in the first half, shoulder to Eitaro and explode anger to her husband.

The Edo people in the first half were advised by Kajiro when the taste of Kyo Tofu failed to adapt and stalled,
In the development to be taken over by the Etaitaro's gaming debt in the second half (Although it seemed to be the main character at the beginning) it is convenient for him to come in, although Kajiro touches Eikichi's tofu and he In recognition of the straight personality of the character, it is tolerable to personally because the scenes that understand that Eikichi kept protecting the essence of the tofu shop that he was supposed to manage was originally supposed to keep it.

Although the original might have been nice, although the sharpness was weakened, the emotional overflow cast was also stable.
Particularly acting two actors of the leading actor Uchino Seiyang. Eikichi of the main character tries hard to the last though he dies leaving the last 30 minutes.
Absolute model is absolutely an iron of Nembutsu of "Hissatsushi"!

2008/01/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 4184
It is the original work by Yamamoto Kazuaki, winning the Naoki prize. It is so-called human nature.
At the beginning, I think that CG of Nagashiro bridge is fairly strange, it seems a fashionable time historical drama, I think that it is a straight-ahead humanity situation drama full of old-fashioned emotions. So, truly Eikichi (Uchino Seiyang) and Ohumi (Nakatani Miki) are very good people, their efforts are fruitful, their tofu stores become prosperous business. Of course there are various obstacles, but they are helped by various people and get over it. It is almost like that from almost the beginning to the end, and this is also the reason for their virtue. Because the rogue of the villain (Uchino Sanyang) is even attached to the viewpoint. On the other hand, Hirataya (Nakamura Ukyugaki) who plays the rogue scoundrel is very impressive. I'm pretty good at a rough scoundrel.
It is unsatisfactory that their hardships are not too hard. It becomes problem solving easily. The eldest son, Eitaro (Takeshi Kohei) 's debt problem also has no upset tension, it will be solved somehow. The fight between Eikichi and Omi is more terrible than that. The expression of Miki Nakatani at this time is horrible. When you are doing so, the male side will become mostly madder. Indeed, her stable performance is quite a key point in this work. The rest is the tradition. However, it is inviting wry smile that the character is comic strip too much. It is a dirty hero as it is. Uchino Uchikichi's performance of the Eikichi and the proclamation is good, and there is no sense of incongruity, but the impression of Eikichi is thin, and the boss is as mentioned above. It is a little disappointing.
It may be because it is a drama-tailored script, but it's not enough to watch it in the movie. The town of Edo is also very artificial. Although it is beautiful, there was no tasteful air in this work.