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Shigeru Shinohara
Niisan Takahashi
Shunsuke Kikuchi
Mach Humiaki
Toshie Takada
Osamu Kobayashi
Tadashi Nakamura
Japan Released:1980/03/20(Thu)
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2016/06/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44336 Host:44389 Browser: 9081
A mysterious piece of music that exists between "Showa Gamera" series and "Heisei Gamera" trilogy.
It was also the only gamera that was made in the 1980s, and for that time it was somewhat somewhat like a "special effect" that gave me a subtle impression. "Why did you quickly recover here?"
It is a strange work edited together with the drama part by patching every scene of the past series all, like Gamera, and finally it is a feeling that it ends with "What was this isnt this?"

Well, there are a number of surreal images that do not know what is happening, such as "Kokkame" neta, "Space Battleship Yamato" neta, and so on. In a police station that seems to have been in front of Kameari Park, there are strange and realistic scenes of kids at the time such as children asking "Are there both?", "People in this era are still doing turtle turtles I do not think that "I thought of it.
For Yamato, Yamato fly with an angle, whereas Gamera does not change position at all. I do not know if it's a screen process, but it's pretty unnatural at the time of 'live-action + animation', so the image itself is quite unnatural in addition to that.
I do not know why "around that time's manga and animation stuff" is entering abruptly, it is a sudden way of entering, feeling that adding something as a "Baka movie" of this work is not affected at all even if it erases it I will do it though.

After that, it was also one of the surrealness of this work, "Shamefully transforming pose" and "Being too embarrassing after transformation".
People who are coming to protect the earth from peaceful stars, "Peaceful star is a rule that weapons can not be used to hurt other people" and those who can not use it without anything, it is shaped to interact with them But if you are not good at that part, it may be the conscience of this work.
In the meantime, since I am about to do it as a decent drama for the time being, if the drama of this work was normally diverted into Showa's "Gamera vs. Nancharara" in the Showa era, at the level seen normally Let's see.
However, I guess whether this will also be buried in one of the strange promises of the monster movie "Aliens older sister will come out for the time being".

Anyway, for children to see on the screen, it may be said that "a lot of battle of monsters are seen and plenty lucky," but there are few Gamera's new shooting cuts, and we are trying to boost the drama strangely It is inevitable to make a subtle evaluation with the gap with the place.
There are many places to think why there is such a strange parody, and there are times when I'm not good at gag scenes but there are times when I say "What are these guys?" It is unknown).
Originally Gamera is the first in the universe monster ....

Evaluation is "very bad".
More than anything, in my case, I saw Kore just after seeing Zigra, so I got "I saw this a while ago!?"
Because of that, it is unnecessarily extraordinary excitement because the depiction like "gamera battle fighting live broadcast of nearby children" looks white.
Whether it was not even possible to locate it, even the background of the real place is synthesized, even if the scene is poor, even the scene riding in the car is synthesized. Special effects were TV level.
Well, it is a low budget fool movie, so it is not so strict, I think that it is an evaluation of this degree.

2014/09/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21982 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
Although it was somewhat nice feeling from the DVD jacket, as the impression I saw, it was contents that seemed to have forced the special effects program of 1 story 30 minutes and forced it into a compilation.

Even though considering that it is a work more than 30 years ago from now, the level of special effects seems to be lower than that of the same period, and the synthesis when the Gamera is flying big city is no longer I was uncomfortable with Haribote, so I could not feel the impression very much.

Another three sisters of good guys also seemed cool and it seemed cool and it was a charming aspect that I did not notice until the boy who liked Gamera told them that their cars had been erased However, with respect to the bad buddy sister is deceived badly by the boy's lie, in the final game of the battle with Kirara at the end of the game, in the case of a fight against Timan, his own feet may be hurt by his own gun and this It was about a moment when I doubted my eyes and rolled back, but honestly I was terrified by the fact that it is not suitable for invasion of the earth.

Throughout the story, it was a comical taste, but the tempo was also bad as it got tired of watching it in 15 minutes, even though it was fatal and simple entertainment work even during gag.

Evaluation is "very bad" I will assume.

2013/05/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16693 Browser: 3437(Mobile)
It is a gamera extra edition that depicts the activity of Gamera that knocks down a bad monster who is the hand of an alien and a grasshopper.

Is it not amusing at the time of the title?
"Space Monster Gamera".
Did Gamera be a space monster? Why and what kind of setting do you try to appreciate the specifications of Gamera as the Space monster? ... There is absolutely no explanation for Gamera as a monstrous monster, and it is a dearth normal earth monster. (Omit impressions during appreciation) ... and after all, Gamera is a space monster. Is not it burning at the time of the title?

The alien trio led by Mr. Zhu Zhu is performing hard so that it will be a shameful transformational pose with a good momentum and it is too embarrassing to put it in a mirror where I transformed it and it looks painfully painful except for Ita costume. It is terrible sorrow.
"I do not even have the possession or fighting of weapons by regulation" saying that he came to defend the earth ... what did you come to the earth after all?

I am picking up the Gamera Battle from my past work, but I can not use it anymore. Although I will acknowledge my efforts to keep trying the new filming drama part and the past special effects cut with power technique, the effort is tied up, but the color is overly different and unnecessary sense of discomfort.
Since my head is getting hurt at the time of writing this evaluation sentence, can I take a headache medicine? Please wait a moment, I will calm down soon. Please give us feelings.
Oh, Tortoise connection forcibly, Mr. Ryotsu from "Kokkuri" came out! What do you do for us, exciting (a little expectation). Children surprised and jumped up 〓〓〓'This is really a boys' jump!' I'm sorry, I'd like to drink headache medicine, so can I just stop for a while for DVD?

Mr. Mach Zhu, in the last, to the hero's boy "Come, Come on, you are an alien!" ... Ikinari What are you saying? Certainly in a broad sense, it is an alien in the sense of a really magnificent scale, but that is a child of a genuine earthling person as that. I wonder if you've tried something cool and cool - cut words in the last, this ....

After seeking a good place, the performance of the hero's boy was shining so much that "worst" is avoided.
I was trying hard as it is a boy! I do not remember even the boy 's name even though the content was too much content ... I'm sorry boy (boy, boys idle).

Although it is a favorite development in a taste manner, it was a work of a sense that it is "painful" rather than "dislike" because it is full of feeling made too much. But after all the boy was doing a lot of hard work (so the boy is good already).

2008/03/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1401 Host:1251 Browser: 8090
It is unusual to be a compilation in a movie.
Gamera's battle scene was boring as it was all I saw long ago, and it is a part of a new work ....
It was a work that was reminiscent of "different for children" and "childless" are different things.

Rating: bad

2008/02/26 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19676 Host:19692 Browser: 8090
Certainly Gamera is also black and white at the beginning, right?

I can not say anything because Gamera has not seen any works in full .......

Unlike Godzilla you seem to have seen a child's side from the beginning?

Did you remember Gyaosu?

"Mach civilization" is looking like a funny superman ... ...

I only remember it!

I would like to see if there is opportunity.

2008/02/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29109 Host:29026 Browser: 4925
While being parodied full of "Farewell Dozira" "Space Battleship Yamato"
The tragic end that Gamera challenged the Space Pirate Ship and became a tangle was terribly unbalanced.

2006/04/29 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
Both of these turtles were out, they did not notice (sweat.
A doujin movie that I do not believe was made to see it as black history.
Originally "Space Battleship Yamato" or "Ginga Railway 999" is not Toei?
Have you taken permission?
I feel that it would be possible to make a true movie if there is money to clear copyright issues ....

2006/02/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20475 Host:20531 Browser: 5234
Works that I have no choice but to laugh.
Of course this is a laugh in the sense of losing my smile.
It was a work that fused the animation cartoon and animation cartoon stuff with such a big monster, and made it strange shape.
It seems that the image of "Jiggle" is still produced by Showa Gamera's last work yet.

It seems as though it became the Daiei version "Godzilla vs. Megaro".
Although I buy the playfulness of the contents of that movie, I still think that it is impossible to escape the framework of phantom work, rare works, and because there is no budget, this part is too much. There were also a lot of images of past use pastime.

Some people will be angry that "There are no curriculums or cultural festivals!"
I thought that it would be imaginable as to what would happen if it became such a strange work because of the lack of budget, but at the time of publication, the monster was becoming a falling child of the age (same period "Ultraman 80" was also so, it was not possible to recall the monster boom), Daiei was bankrupt at that time, I think that I was not seriously making it.

There is resistance also to put this as a gamera series, and it seems that this work has created jinx that Gamera will drop stock at the final work.
It is similar to Heisei's "3", even though it was good to be "1" and "2" that much, it made me feel strange and disappointing.

However, because it is a gamera, we can prove that there is an advantage that we can create works with more flexible thinking than Godzilla.
However, it is in a bad form.

The gamera of this work is a setting that the green turtle has grown, but it is unsettling whether it is not affected by "small braves ~ GAMERA ~" in a bad meaning.

2005/10/20 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3760 Host:3869 Browser: 4184
I can not save salvation full of use "my company has no money".

I feel like I'm motivated by the video I saw. I have not hurt anything like an alien triple or costumes. Gamera also fell.
It is the ultimate evil example of rolling out with the heritage of the past that it is outrunning, rounding out the thing that got rid of gold from wanting to make but rough constitution although I want to make it.

But when I saw it, I did not notice that Ryotsu was out. Also Mr. Akatsuka of Bakabong did not participate in this?

2005/09/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11756 Host:12096 Browser: 7573
It is the highest masterpiece of "Gamera" series for me.
The special effects scene of the past monster army corps sent from the Zanon are scenes where the past images are reused well and the scene in which live action of Kazutoshi Shimotsu of "Kamatari Park Kamari Park preflight place here" appears Is the best linking with the scene that reads the juvenile jumps that appeared), scenes such as the animated "Space Battleship Yamato" and "Galaxy Railway 999" and other strange tastes are plentiful monsters.
Super heroine to be Mach's Mr. Zhu, I think it is fun to see the confrontation between Kirara and Gilge.
Space pirate Zanon There is a place which the influence of SF animation such as the space ship Zanon number which the captain of the star captain rides, it was interesting.