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JP movie rank of 1981 Rank 21in 22 titles
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Masahiro Shinoda
Haruki Kadokawa
Seishi Yokomizo
Kunio Shimizu
Setsu Asakura
Joji Yuasa
Takakuwa Tadao
Keiichi Uraoka
Hideo Nishizaki
Matsunaga Yoshinori Masao Nagai
Takeji Sano
Takeshi Kaga
Hideo Murota
Masato Furuoya
Kayoko Kishimoto
Yutaka Nakajima
Sayoko Ninomiya
Sen Haea
Toru Takeuchi
Saga Zenpei
Ujiie Osamu
Kusama Shogo
Toshie Negishi
Jun Tatara
Akira Nakao
Juzo Itami
Renji Ishibashi
Shima Iwashita
Japan Released:1981/10/03(Sat)
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2017/01/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25514 Host:25710 Browser: 9784
It was Kaneda Kosuke movie played by Takashi Kaga.
Although it was pretty late in Yokomizo's work, it was a filming of "evil spirit island" that seems to have been made at about the same time as the release of this movie, but if you think that the first half is "getting interesting," it is getting boring beforehand, Indeed it is a piece that the deficiency of production power stand out.
Kanosuke Kodaichi's original work of Masashi Yokomizo itself should be interesting and good tempo, but why are there so many boring works that are surprisingly why in the picture? I feel like I was making miraculous balance equivalent to Ichikawa Kunono.

Well, this time John, if you think that it is a work of lyrical atmosphere with the introduction saying recalling the past incident triggered by assassination of Lennon, unlike that "eight horsemen village", the relationship of this story is thin, It was a difficult point that the Beatles element was meaningless.
In general, the composition of such a work, the person who remembers the story for the first time may be a key person of the case or a person who grows through Kaneda Koda, but for this work go out first and last It is just incomprehensible content that Mr. Kuru Koda valley does not play such a role. It seems that important settings in the original are also being cut.
Moreover, the theme song is not the original song of the Beatles in the current DVD version. There is not a lingering finish in Pacimono song of unreasonable feeling Bari Bali in that last ... ....

So, as the character's make-up like such a hero symbolizes, the unnatural scene change which is only to say that the original editing was totally bad was noticeable abnormally, and as a result there is no sense of urgency of the story as a result It was this demon island.
Kindaichi is surrounded by a group of wild dogs in a hut to escape in the outdoors for some reason in the next scene for some reason such as escaping in the outdoors in a stuffy state but a crucial scene to break the situation is not drawn at all There was something, but even the climax can not do anything similar to this and that Kanedaichi will be saved ... ....
The tempo of the story is also rather bad, although although there is a depiction that should have impact such as erotro and hints in a certain sense, they are quite painlessly depicted, so it was indeed impressive.
Even a sort of adventure element was somewhere heavy.

Takashi Kuroga itself has a merit that it was comparable to Kanadeichi, but I thought that it was somewhat serious or hard.
I wanted a place to be able to make a comedy a little more, and although it is close to the slimming image of the original, successive actors are rounded and have a more friendly face, so I got a pretty slender and scary obsessive impression.

Evaluation is "very bad".
According to the work, Kaneda Kosuke's movies and dramas will be bored if they misrepresent their way of showing.
Originally there were Erogro elements, but it was unusual to have drawn Erogro up to this level up to here, so there is something extraordinary, but the fact that it was boring indeed has a difficulty in composition and editing.

2013/01/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22874 Host:22731 Browser: 9931
Original unread. It is also known as the theme song of "The Beatles" "Let It Be" and "Get Back", but since I was watching the DVD version of "Sound renewal edition" this time, which one Cover songs are also used instead of original (Wikipedia for details).
"Get Back" is a person who can listen, but I exclaimed "Let It Be" which is too aggressive to arrange. Let It Be "which is not a Beatles fans collecting themselves as" Let It Be "was a favorite piece of music," Even if you use a cover, did not you have a little strange artists? " I was outraged - a quiet talk.

Although this work can be curtained in the man 's memoirs form called Mitsugi Goro, Goro himself is not a key person involved in the main line, neither is a type character who drives the story, and also Kosuke Kaneda Switching to subjectivity and developing drama, I felt that Goro's monologue who became an industry man (?) At the beginning was floating meaninglessly.
Kaneda-ichi of the very heart also suffered from an occulting nightmare (it seems to be "well-known" by the person himself, it was such a setting even in the original?), Although it notices the truth of the incident, it must be " I received a different impression from the traditional Kaneda-ku statue, or to forcefully develop inference as "I can only think so!" Especially in the latter case, even though it is not a detective of the type that you inferred reasonably in the beginning, I felt a sense of incompatibility as if to mention an emotional claim without ever.
In the climax cabin cave scene, in addition to something odd, there was an aim to fuel Kanedaichi 's sense of crisis that was hunted down, but the effect that the screen turns to darkness will be inserted, but if Kore is "8 o'clock! Reminiscent of the opposite effect totally. Kim Daichi was saved by expediting the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓eeling like "I just moved momentarily", the case also resolved ... What is this?

Mr. Kagayashi's role of Kaneda Takeshi of Kaneda's role is to be able to evaluate reliably, but although the impression of "too young" can not be denied, it was a privilege and it was a privilege and it was an ant, Tomoe dormitory Shima Iwashita 's acting skill of Mr. Iwashita was so overwhelmed that it was overwhelming (when I saw it in the past, "Ale" which I thought only as an erotic scene was a switch for dragging the real criminal on the stage stage this time I noticed for the first time viewing ...).
Making a model of a leisure land that was destroyed after the incident resolved, or Maho of a kimono that stunned with astonishment (implicitly suggesting tracing the same fate as "the real culprit"), a mikoshi of a prison shrine that was thrown offshore ... Although there are quite a few favorite scenes, it is regrettable that it ended up in what was only fragmented as "pros".

Aside from the fact that I set the Beatles in the theme song of this work, John at the beginning, Goro's monologue involved in assassination of Lennon, etc., as well as targeting the attracting of young audiences as well as someone in the upper part of the Beatles generation I feel like the production conductor of this work ... w) is an element that has been suddenly added afterwards with "private feelings." In thinking so, I can also convince the tig hug of introduction and main story ... well It is a way of looking at it, though.

2010/05/08 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
"Evil Spirit ... ... the night crowing of the nue is horrible ..." It is a CM that is just my trauma with a keen sense of mind.
According to my older brother, it seems that this time was a little Kanedaichi boom, but I thought that it was a Japanese horror without knowing at that time.
However, Japanese movies with strong CM impacts have lots of losers, much more Kadokawa (laugh).

At the beginning was started in the city center of 1980 and I thought that it would proceed like a Shochiku version "Hakkatei village", and a trading houseman Goro was encountered in the Showa 40s when he became enthusiastic about the Beatles with the news of John Lennon assassination broken. A story reminiscent of the incident that I did.
For the Beatles' songs that only know about "YESTERDAY", I do not understand the meaning of blending Yokondo's work and youth of this era.
(It seems that it can be evaluated properly if it is a little more generation)
Although an original unread but a character named Goro was on the story, it did not look so important.
Although it is an island where the existence of Heike's soldier is told, there is no particular feeling that the current grudge like "Yata Tomb Village" is alive.
I did not feel the impact, strange nature of the killing scene as much as "dog shrine" "hospital slope", and was not it great that Iwashita Shima acting as a culprit of a double personality was amazing.

However, it seems that the weakness of the description which is thought to be the twins of the former pref., The forcing of Kodaichi's inference over the crime did not seem to have lived so much.
Personally I felt the most disappointing among the Kaneda-ichi works I have seen so far.